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  1. Kevin Wood

    cam follower zetec

    I thought the followers were all the same on the silver top, but it's been a long time since I had one stripped down. The difference in height may simply be that one is slightly more full of oil than the other.
  2. Kevin Wood

    Exhaust - Anyone want this?

    I'll keep my ear to the ground for anything around this way (Four Marks).
  3. Kevin Wood

    Speedo Odometer help please

    My VDO was playing up at this year's MOT and the tester just entered the mileage as "not legible". Only the speedometer function is actually required to work. I tend to put it in the airing cuboard over the winter and when I need the mileage for my insurance renewal.
  4. I fitted RDX Land Rover LED indicator lights to my front indicator pods. Need a little fettling to fit them in the pods but they might be a preferable option to using LED bulbs in the existing fittings. I actually used them at the rear too, for indicator and brake / sidelights. I'm very pleased with them.
  5. Kevin Wood

    MAF , Lamba, TPS... thinking aloud..

    As a first step, I would look for areas on light throttle where the Lambda is significantly lower than 14.7:1 rather than trying to lean everything off until it misfires. Remember that production cars with cats don't generally go above 14.7 as emissions will suffer. I think going much leaner gives you diminishing returns but can easily hurt drivability as, to get throttle response, you have to suddenly richen the mixture a great deal, and often the acceleration enrichment is hit and miss anyway. You can't hurt anything, though, so have a play and get used to it.
  6. Kevin Wood

    Zetec denso iridium plugs

    Standard Zetec plugs are platinum tipped anyway, so will take a lot of abuse and last well.
  7. Kevin Wood

    Heater rad

    I'm not sure what it's made out of. Might be steel or copper but it's the all metal one I used: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rover-Mini-1984-1992-heater-matrix-amp-Fairway-Driver-Taxi-ALL-METAL-NOT-PLASTIC-/292785676210?hash=item442b62dfb2%3Ag%3AQbsAAMXQmWdRHgM9%3Ark%3A40%3Apf%3A0&nma=true&si=vqfjmi6DOJvb2CIlM07BNucrQow%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 If anything the core is slightly less dense so not sure if it kicks out more or less heat. Could be that you get more airflow as the core is less dense but perhaps at a lower temperature. Anyway, it works perfectly and eliminates a couple of coolant connections that are prone to leaks.
  8. Kevin Wood

    Heater rad

    That looks exactly like mine. If you look where the pipes join the end tank of the matrix, there's a flimsy plastic flange that holds them in place. This is where mine was leaking but the core of the matrix was fine. If I hadn't already bought a new matrix, I would perhaps have tried some of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Classic-Mini-Heater-Matrix-Outlet-Pipe-kit-Stainless-Steel-JEP10008-rover-cooper/183198763098?hash=item2aa77f485a:g:2VcAAMXQ~TtRJ3ar:rk:6:pf:0 Just a thought in case yours is suffering the same issue.
  9. Kevin Wood

    So..............Tyres again..................

    I've been running these for a couple of years. I like them a lot. They cope with adverse weather without too much drama and are nice and progressive when reaching the limits of adhesion. Much more fun to drive on than the A539s I used before, for road use, at any rate. They don't wear too badly, either, but don't hang around so long that you'll never wear them out before they suffer from old age.
  10. Kevin Wood

    What's in a number?

    I had a summer job around 1990 working in the TV industry where they were working with 1250 line HDTV (analogue, without compression). The picture quality was absolutely stunning but I remember we had BARCO CRT monitor which we used as a reference. It took 5 of us to carry it out of the van and into the lab! The display technology has certainly come on a bit since then.
  11. Kevin Wood

    automatic gearbox

    Just a thought: It might be worth popping in to a local automatic gearbox specialist. They probably see the whole spectrum of boxes available and will have a feel for which RWD applications are nice and compact and have reasonably simple control requirements. I have a feeling the MX 5 setup will probably the best suited to a Westfield, though. This is all assuming you are willing to do a bit of tinkering, however. I'd say the chances of finding what you need already built and ready to go are quite slim. That's not to say you couldn't start with an MX5 based SDV car and convert to auto, or even commission someone to do the job.
  12. Kevin Wood

    automatic gearbox

    I remember chatting to a guy at Stoneleigh years ago who had a Westfield with a pinto engine and Sierra auto box so it has been done. He had also mounted a winch to the roll bar just behind the driver's seat so he could lift himself out of the car and into a wheelchair. Finding the donor parts for that conversion might be getting tricky these days, of course. MX5 auto as a donor is a good call worth investigating. Vauxhall Omega, BMW, Merc or Jaguar bits, perhaps? I have an Omega and whilst the box would probably require some fettling to fit the tunnel, I don't think it's hugely larger than my MT75. Many more recent auto boxes are digitally controlled, of course, which might make a transplant less easy. The interfaces to control an auto box aren't that complex and the Megasquirt guys were working on a DIY mappable auto box controller some time ago, though. http://www.msgpio.com/manuals/mshift/4L60e.html
  13. Kevin Wood

    Julie's Battle of the Odo's 2018

    I'm looking forward to an MOT where my VDO mileage display is actually working, so he doesn't have to enter "not legible".
  14. Kevin Wood

    Coolex Radiators Nottingham

    Yep, but by the same token, a closed system of water that contains some hardness can only deposit a small amount of contamination before it reaches an equilibrium and does no more harm. For those of us plagued by leaks, it may also help seal some minor weeps too. I always fill my system with water from my garage dehumidifier, as the tap water here comes from bore holes into chalk, but, as long as a system is not constantly being replenished, I don't think either water will do much harm. It's when you're constantly topping-up due to leaks that issues might start.
  15. Kevin Wood

    Plumbing routing.

    Yep, maybe you could find a "T" piece to insert just after the engine outlet that brings out a small diameter bleed hose.

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