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  1. Kevin Wood

    Brake Service - Brian james A series

    Not sure about Brian James parts but if you get stuck for any parts, I can recommend Southern Trailers in Four Marks, as you're relatively local. I had an issue with brakes on a glider trailer. Shoes were unobtainable and they got the original shoes re-lined for very reasonable money.
  2. Kevin Wood

    Small Alternator - Power consumption calcs?

    Yep, allow maybe 5A for the ignition system, a couple of amps for a carb fuel pump, 5A each for the headlights, and a couple of amps for the other lights. Maybe 10A for a rad fan if it's a powerful one, although that'll only be an intermittent load. Adding injection will be perhaps another 6 to 8 Amps for a high pressure fuel pump. I think you'll be fine.
  3. Kevin Wood


    There was a Lomax towing a small teardrop caravan at Stoneleigh this year too. In many respects, I wonder if there's a point. The driving experience will have to be much more sedate with anything on the back, at which point I wonder why you wouldn't be in a tin-top instead. You can also fit a tent the size of a small teardrop caravan in the boot box of a Westfield without compromising on the driving experience, and this is certainly my preference when touring. You would have to be careful where the loads were transferred to the chassis on the Westfield. As said, the diff box is already known as a weak point, and most production car towbars extend forwards of the rear suspension to transfer the loads well into the vehicle body. I suspect you'd want to do the same, and fabricate a structure that extends forwards to the transmission tunnel. I suspect you'd get away with it happily unless or until the unthinkable happened whereby the insurance companies would have structural engineers and expert witnesses poring over your modification. At that point you'd need to be sure you got it right.
  4. Kevin Wood

    MOT passed but slight play in steering rack

    Thinking about it, I have a spare rack, so might take it apart and have a look. But, this discussion has reminded me of another point regarding steering feel. In the recent hot weather I've noticed that my car's steering tightens up noticeably in hot conditions. It'll be fine at the start of a journey or, for example, on my morning commute when it's relatively cool, but, after a few miles in the afternoon heat the steering tightens up to the point that it defeats the self-centring effect of the steering. I was wondering if this is due to tyre temperature (currently running Yoko AD08s in 195/50/15) or either the rack, the steering column bushes or maybe even a ball joint getting tight in the heat. I need to do some investigation next time it happens, of course, but just thought I'd mention it in case anyone else has had the same issue?
  5. Kevin Wood

    MOT passed but slight play in steering rack

    I'd be interested in this too. Replacement racks aren't too expensive, of course, but it seems a lot of metal to scrap for the want of a few bushes if they can be refurbed easily.
  6. Kevin Wood

    Propshaft output/damper ring removal

    There's plenty of leeway in the sliding section of the prop to take up the new length, I'm sure.
  7. Kevin Wood

    Propshaft output/damper ring removal

    I'm pretty sure my car has the rubber coupling without the metal cup. I think you just need to unbolt the rubber coupling from the gearbox and replace it without the cup.
  8. Kevin Wood

    Chassis repair

    It now depends what category of write-off you have as to whether the car can be repaired and put back on the road, or you effectively need to rebuild it with a new identity and go through IVA and registration.
  9. Kevin Wood

    Chassis repair

    If you can avoid a write off, the factory will supply a replacement chassis in exchange for the old one, bearing the same chassis number, so you can rebuild around that chassis and avoid another IVA, registration and so on. If it's written off as unrepairable (cat A/B), this option will be closed to you, so you need to negotiate with the insurance assessor with a view to what you want to achieve..
  10. Kevin Wood

    Still seem to be overheating

    This indicates to me that the water flow through the rad. is insufficient - so water pump / thermostat / excessive bypass flow / possibly an airlock. If the engine is struggling to stay cool at idle when stopped, the limiting factor is usually air flow through the radiator, so you get very little temperature drop across the rad. while the thermostat is fully open and there is lots of water flow. I would try blocking off the bypass flow from thermostat housing to water pump. You should get sufficient flow through the heater (this is basically the setup I have - heater matrix as the bypass flow). The heater matrix also has a bit of resistance to flow so, when the thermostat is fully open, the radiator should take the lion's share, as we would want. Also, IIRC, the bypass port from the thermostat housing is blanked off by a plate on the back of the thermostat to shut off bypass flow then the thermostat is fully open. I'd double check that this plate is there (often a cooler thermostat is fitted which lacks this plate) and also that the bypass pipe is attached to the correct port on the thermostat housing. For a quick check, though, clamp the bypass hose to stop flow and see if this changes things.
  11. Kevin Wood

    Chassis repair

    If the damage is limited to the front section, Westfield will replace the chassis section forward of the scuttle with new, and I think this would be your best bet if you're doing a DIY repair. Looking at the distortion on the bits we can see in that photo, I doubt much of the front section is still true. Of course, it may be bent further back than this, in which case they are right that you need a new chassis. You'll need to remove the scuttle, bodywork, engine and gearbox and the ali panels forward of about the dash area for them to make the repair. However, if it's an insurance job, I'd angle for a new chassis and factory repair. I think you have to balance this against the chance of an insurance write-off and / or the turn-around time for a repair. If you're not bothered about either, then see if you can get a factory repair authorised. Otherwise, you might prefer to so the stripping down / reassembly yourself (maybe negotiate some cash with the insurance company to cover your time, as it will be much less costly than the factory option). The factory will turn a round a chassis repair quite quickly IME so you might have it back on the road before the summer's out...
  12. Kevin Wood

    Swirl Pot or Baffled Tank

    It's true that it could build more pressure than ideal if the return got blocked, but I think it would just run very lightly loaded if the outlet was unrestricted. It's designed to pump a smallish volume into a "load" of 3 BAR or more, without any restriction upstream it would just pump a slightly higher volume and raise very little pressure. In doing so, the internal motor would be loaded much less heavily, so it would probably be quite happy.
  13. Kevin Wood

    Swirl Pot or Baffled Tank

    I don't see why you can't use the in-tank pump as a lift pump to the surge pot if it can't easily be removed. In this case, don't put any restriction in the return from the surge pot to the tank and it'll just pump round this circuit at low pressure. Alternatively, take out the in-tank pump and have a look at it. It might be straightforward to convert it to an "out-of-tank" pump and just lengthen the pipe that drops down to it to the bottom of the tank.
  14. Kevin Wood

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Chanteloup? Brings back memories. MUST go back there next time.
  15. Kevin Wood

    Denso 40A Compact Alternator

    Ahh, good point. Not familiar with the Denso alternators but if they are 3 wire the warning lamp circuit is less important, but they do then need a switched +12V feed which would have to have been added to the Westfield loom. Given that there are issues with the warning light circuit, it would be worth checking this too. It's not impossible that it has been damaged or its' fuse blown during the "incident".

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