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After choosing a career that didn't use my Mech Eng degree, I've been getting my engineering fix by tinkering with cars, bikes and kitcars for a 'good while now'  :-)
My first Kitcar was the (ahead of it's time) 'Raffo Tipo 12'. Then I was one of the first XTR2 customers (finally letting it go in 2012) and more recently I've become a fan of modifying SEights. My mission being to evolve it towards it's ultimate form and to keep it ahead of my Caterham obsessed buddies  ;-) 

I currently have a 2007 FW with a tuned 5.0L V8 now pushing out over 375 bhp and 415 ftlb.

It has a Dry Sump, T5 Gearbox, Big Rad, Big Rear Brake Conversion, AP Front Brakes, Nitrons, LSD, lots of carbon, lowered floors etc etc

I also have a Global GT1 (R1 powered race car) and a twin car trailer. So I take them both to trackdays and enjoy the contrast between driving the two..

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