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  1. Northampton Motorsport are kindly sending all the driver packs out for us this year. However, they are currently awaiting the T shirts from the printers. These are due to them on Wednesday 20th and will then be sending out the packs. In the meantime, drivers can use their club membership card if asked for a card at events and the absence of the stickers will be forgiven until they have been distributed. Apologies for the delay. Also, registration are still being accepted so if you wish to enter, please do not hesitate to do so John (on behalf of SSOT)
  2. Make sure you get your entries in quick to have a good chance of getting an entry. This event will fill up quickly
  3. Well done on making the effort. Hope it goes well for you. Good luck
  4. The entry list is out and it looks like a very poor turmout from SS competitors - only Simon Jones as far as I can see.
  5. Don't overlook this requirement if you are running a Lithium battery
  6. Well at least everyone now knows that they exist and what they contain
  7. Looking for a Race Technology DL1 data logger Must be in working order Thanks John 07971 576848
  8. This has to be mentioned. Always makes me smile when foam seats get a mention https://www.lotus7.club/comment/13499#comment-13499
  9. John

    Gearbox Breather

    Rather than tap a new breather in its feasible to fit one that uses a nut on the underside or weld an steel tube to the top
  10. John

    Spring sale

    2.25" dia 250lb x 7 inch sold
  11. In a previous life I got hold of a pair of second hand removable arches and chopped the outer 4 inches off them. I then cut the outer radiused part off my tub arches and bonded the removable arch outer to the under side of the remaining tub lip
  12. They look really nice. I had a 1977 yellow one until it got nicked which did over 50mph Good luck with the sale. They are well sought after so should have no problem in selling
  13. Are you sure on the years being 87 and 88? I thought FSIEs were from the 70s
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