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  1. John

    Cage for wide body

  2. John

    Blyton 2018, The photo thread.

    A few from my good lady wife Jane who informs me that for those whom did not know (me included), the pond at the entrance to the circuit contains a terrapin Plus some of some last minute teamwork
  3. John

    Blyton 2018, The photo thread.

    I didn't realise their were so many people taking photos - well done folks, some nice shots
  4. John

    Blyton 2018 Feedback

    From the sprint perceptive, very well run and efficient. Paddock planning was just about spot on. The evening gathering was a good idea to bond non sprinters / sprinters. I was pleased that at least one of our speed series sponsors came and joined in the weekend to show off their products and mingle with folk. The sprint was a few entries down on normal numbers but other reasons were to blame their such as events elsewhere on the same day etc. I am sure it will be well attended next year with some championship invites, advertising and calendar planning etc A big thank you for the BBQ chefs on Saturday night Well done John W and team
  5. John

    Blyton first sprint

    Good to see you taking part Ian. That's a nice looking car as well. I think Terry might have been after your Power Commander if you had one
  6. Probably but the club are providing a BBQ and chef. All you have to do is bring something to cook on it and drink
  7. I am pleased to say that Siltech Racing and Aerodynamix (some of our valued Speed Series sponsors) will be in attendance over the weekend including Friday to show off some of their wares and to offer advice / chat to Westfielders in general. Please have a look at their products and make them welcome
  8. I'm a narrow with wide track. Don't under estimate the hike in spring rates required if you change to it. The advantage is stability and the ability to fir wider tyres without fouling but the shock angles become quite shallow meaning stiffer springs required
  9. ...on behalf of Mr Bunn From 7:00pm at The Clock, Shardlow, Derby
  10. John

    Blyton 2018 BBQ Social

  11. John

    Blyton 2018 BBQ Social

    If you are judging numbers for the BBQ from the vote, do you have a mechanism to include spouses / partners / family members as well? I don't wish to share my sausage with my wife (on this one occasion anyway )
  12. John

    WSCC @ Three Sisters Sprint - 29th July

    As I recall from the recent past, there used to be an Aintree event on the Saturday and a 3 Sisters event on the Sunday in the same weekend. There is this scenario early in September but if it was repeated for other 3 Sisters / Aintree events it may add enthusiasm to make the trip worthwhile for others as the two venues are in reasonably close proximity to eachother
  13. John

    Aintree 30th June

    I have entered
  14. Sorry - no idea as I'm not going but most events are from 7:30 onwards

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