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  1. Martin Don't be disheartened. Take on the challenge of seeing how close you can get whilst still scoring good points for D. Your scores thus far are good and you have a good chance this year. Think of the bigger picture. I won the championship from class E in similar circumstances. John
  2. Thanks Luke Now upto 7 Steve Simon Damperman Mick x 2 Andy Banks Luke W
  3. Folks, for clarity, this tuition does not involve anyone sitting in your car with you. The 30 minute sessions (which will take place during the track day) consist of the following: You will be allocated / choose a 30 minute time slot during the day A camera is fitted to your car. You then do a few laps whilst recording video and then come back in for review with the instructor who advises on where improvements can be made. You then go back our for more laps again being recorded and then come back in for further review with the instructor who advises again Repeat until your time has expired For those in any doubt, these sessions are being run by club sponsor Triple M Motorsport who run full days tuition of this format for drivers who compete at the highest standards and all rate the sessions highly. Triple M are renowned experts at what they do and are specialists at Blyton Park Any questions, please contact me via PM John
  4. No - the instructor just reviews the video with you multiple times until your time is up
  5. The organisers have emailed me explaining the reason for a delay. Patience Dixit
  6. We are still at 6 people. We need 10 to make this viable. Any more takers please? Please add your name here
  7. Still no official results from the organisers
  8. I am at Curborough again on Sunday 9th June if you are both swinging by
  9. Its impossible to judge spring rates without knowing the motion ratio of your suspension. Is it standard or wide track? A lot of people use certain rate springs just because others use the same, presumably from advice somewhere which may not have been correct to begin with. Get the spring rates wrong and you are fighting a losing battle with front / rear balance and grip before you even consider ARBs
  10. Events are not just run for our championship alone. Lots of other championships go to the same rounds. For the sake of a few quid, it makes sense to me to enter more than just one to make your entry count towards more than one championship. I see no point in avoiding one championship, especially if it is our own
  11. Best ask the organisers. 72 on entry list so far
  12. It has been unusual that not many experienced / faster guys have entered many events thus far which has somewhat exposed this rule. In seasons gone by, newcomers / slower guys (for whatever reason - no disresepct intended) would be surrounded by more experienced / faster guys and this rule would not have come into play. It is nobody's fault but it has not previously come into play as far as I know and therefore this scenario has not previously been noted. I am sure the SSOT will discuss and remedy this if needed for the future.
  13. Craig Spooner, Tim Pennington and myself will also be there. A rare (these days) double lapper as most seem to be single or figure of 8 layouts these days. Looking forward to it
  14. I would have been there if I wasnt committed to my wife's sisters wedding and her fathers 70th birthday. poor timing on their part
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