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  1. John

    Wilwood Powerlite Calipers - SOLD

    They look brand new. Bargain for someone
  2. John

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    New regs are now in a new post here
  3. John


    On line entry is just a few clicks away here https://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/store/category/6-wscc-speed-series/
  4. John

    LDMC Awards night

    Well done Terry. Great night, superb trophies and some apt phrases: 'You get out of it what you put into it' 'We are not at school so only celebrate winners'
  5. John

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Was the wheel bearing free of play?
  6. At Christmas he was waiting for a fresh delivery from China. The boat had docked and the goods were on route to him
  7. Allan there claims so. Best to ring and confirm but he is a hillclimber and sells to competitors in our sport
  8. Martin. If its a lithium battery, it will need to be approved. Blue book page 153 Section J 5.14.9 5.14.9. If non lead acid batteries are used as the main vehicle battery, they battery pack(s) must carry the appropriate “EC” and markings. and be either a Standard Part or manufactured by a Motorsport UK registered manufacturer. The list of approved manufacturers is here https://www.motorsportuk.org/assets/batteryregistrations.pdf Reasonably priced ones can be bought from Allan at A and G Motorcycles - http://www.aandgmotorcycles.co.uk/batteries.html (other suppliers also exist) HTH John
  9. John

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    Matthew, Did you read my previous posting? Please accept that the situation is being reviewed and there is no need to post further regarding the issue. However, for the record, Novices, Newcomers and Mini Sprint champions are eligible for the overall honours as well so could win multiple prizes where as experts cannot. Hence the novice champion could also be say 5th overall etc and win multiple prizes (as per Simon Waterfall last season). The mini sprint championship consists of half the number of rounds to the full championship hence the logic there. However, we hear your points and will take them on board. The Draft regulations are exactly that and not final. Best wishes, John
  10. John

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    After taking on board comments regarding the awarding of cash prizes, the SSOT will be amending this to something more appropriate whilst still satisfying our valued sponsors and the views of those who expressed a change to the type of awards given out. The basic technical regulations will remain with the exception of a few minor issues which are also under review. We appreciate some of your feedback and are in the midst of taking appropriate actions. Please bear with us Best wishes John (on behalf of the SSOT)
  11. John

    Future use of list 1C tyres

    Jez - you only need a full cage if over 2000cc in specialist mod prod. You would however need a HANS device
  12. John

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    To be fair, Terry only took over as Competition Secretary on January 1st. As a result, the preparations for this season have been somewhat hurried due his lack of time in charge. Therefore please bear with us whilst the SSOT address some of the issues raised. The 2020 season will be much better planned. Promise
  13. John

    Future use of list 1C tyres

    Just to add to Terry's comments, he only took over officially as Competition Secretary on January 1st so there was little time to give notice of any changes for this season. The SSOT intend to give much more notice in future hence his raising of the subject now for 2020.
  14. John

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    We aren't enforcing it. Someone who no longer competes quoted it in this thread which brought it to our attention. Your thanks lie elsewhere for that
  15. John

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    I'm afraid that it appears he was not correct as this contradicts the blue book - Section J 5.14.4 (unless the event regulations that you entered under stated that they could be specifically removed) 5.14.4. With the exception of racing cars, or cars of Periods A to C, have headlights in normal working order with glasses of minimum 182.5 sq cm each unless SRs permit their removal

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