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  1. It Almost Looks Like A Car

    Remote Oil Filter Set Up

    Thanks both. Antony
  2. It Almost Looks Like A Car

    Zetec engine fitting

    I had a zetec 1.8L silvertop, now 2L blacktop with mt75 box, thermostat housing has about 10mm clearance on chasis rail, but to reduce rick of damage I put much more solid engine mounts in. I have had them in for 10 years now with no issues, from QT Services, part number E1010 http://www.qtservices.co.uk/parts/land-rover-forward-control-101/engine-and-transmission/e1010-v8-engine-mounts_v8-engine-mounts.html Antony
  3. It Almost Looks Like A Car

    Remote Oil Filter Set Up

    Hi All, a bit of advice needed before getting all the bits.... After putting in my new engine in the summer, I want to put a remote oil filter set up on my Omex 2L Blacktop Zetec/throttle body engine, the existing filter is only just clearing the steering column and need to un-bolt it on oil changes. At the same time thinking of putting a oil temp guage in as well, and is it worth putting on a oil cooler? (I do a handful of trackdays a year, plus general motoring). My understanding is I'm going to need a Remote Oil Filter Head for new position of filter, a Take Off Plate (Mocol seem to be most popular) and Hosing, (plus oil thermostat housing and oil cooler if I go down that road). Presumably the best place for the oil temp sensor will be in oil out of the the take off plate? Does the new oil filter position need to be at the same height and orientation as old filter position? (ie: height on block and sticking out sideways). What is the best hose, braided or FBN Socketless Fuel/Oil Hose ( https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/s/oil-system/oil-hose ) and connectors ( https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/s/oil-system/oil-hose-unions ) to use? Is there any other advive you people have after doing this upgrade? Thanks in advance, Antony
  4. It Almost Looks Like A Car

    2L Zetec Cams For Sale-SOLD

    Bump...stil for sale
  5. It Almost Looks Like A Car

    2L Zetec Cams For Sale-SOLD

    Yes, still for sale
  6. It Almost Looks Like A Car

    Engine Mounts rubbing against Steering Column

    Bit of advice needed....put in my new 2L Zetec Backtop today, but been struggling with drivers side engine mount. My set up is Blacktop with throttle bodies, new 2L Blacktop mount form WF and collapsible steering column (the one WF supplied with cars on standard Ford induction in the Madness Kit in the mid 2000's that drops down to a uj joint then to the steering rack). Problem I'm having is that the new mount is touching the steering column when at the right height. But if I buy a fixed column is that not going to go across the oil filter making it alsmost impossible to change easily? What have other 2L Zetec owners done? Thanks
  7. It Almost Looks Like A Car

    2L Zetec Cams For Sale-SOLD

    Selling a set of genuine Ford 2L Zetec Cams. I have had these fitted in my 1.8 Zetec Silvertop for the last 8-9 years (about 13k miles) and have come out looking spot on. Along with the cams included on the sale is all the springs, seals, followers etc. These are the original ones that came with the cams and i did not use them in my engine as I kept all the originals in place. My understanding is that if you have a 1.8 Zetec 105bhp or 115bhp spec engine , these will give you about a extra 15bhp and the gain is only a few bhp on the 130bhp spec engine. After fitting them in my 130bhp spec engine I went on a club rolling road day and had a 5bhp gain. Obviously they are quite heavy, so buyer collect is probably better or i can arrange delivery at cost. I'm only after £25 for the lot.
  8. It Almost Looks Like A Car

    Zetec Fuel Rail

  9. It Almost Looks Like A Car

    Engine Mount Question....

    Thanks Chris, nor me, but was hoping the great WSCC brain would confirm!
  10. It Almost Looks Like A Car

    Engine Mount Question....

    OK, upgrading from a 1.8 Zetec Silvertop to a 2L Zetec Blacktop. Have read on this very forum and been told that the existing right hand side mount will not fit due to filter position on new engine. Have also been told that you can just place 6mm of spacers on the base bolts of the mount and that will solve it? Has anyone come across this solution? I have my doubts this is probably not the best option, but any advice please. And finally, looking at Westfield Cars parts page is this the right new mount I really need! https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/engine-drivetrain-exhaust/engine-fitting?product_id=1010 Thanks
  11. It Almost Looks Like A Car

    Plenum Chamber

    Bump...make me a offer before it goes on ebay
  12. It Almost Looks Like A Car

    Fan Belts - SOLD

    Bump...someone make me a offer!
  13. It Almost Looks Like A Car

    Various Sensors/Senders for Zetec-SOLD

    Selling selection of sensors off my Zetec 1.8L 16V Silvertop: Oil Pressure Sender (Pics 1-3) Ford Oil Pressure Sender (Not used on my set up, just plugged a hole!, Pic 4) Flywheel Sensor (Pics 5 & 6) Cam Sensor (Pics 7&8) All £5 each including delivery or £15 for all of them including delivery
  14. It Almost Looks Like A Car

    Zetec Fuel Rail

    Ford Zetec 2L Fuel Rail, All PIpes and 4 Good Injectors Included Will fit 2L or 1.8L silvertop engines £25 including delivery
  15. It Almost Looks Like A Car

    Plenum Chamber

    Westfield Plenum Chamber, Air Sensor and K&N Air Fliter - Used Condition £35 ono including delivery

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