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  1. Gary, your car looks ace. I'm not in Sussex, but just the other side of the Hampshire/Sussex border in Hayling Island
  2. I hired a limo the other day, cost me 300 quid! They just dropped it off and handed me the keys and left. I couldn’t believe it. 300 quid and nothing to chauffeur it.
  3. @franco2141You probably already know this but you do need to have the ignition on - just trying to eliminate the obvious but possibly overlooked.
  4. I run a Megajolt ECU and there could be several reasons for the Megajolt not talking to the computer. Most probable is that you have an incompatible USB to serial converter. I have found the Keyspan USA-19HS to work reliably but they are quite expensive. Fortunately I can just borrow one from the stock we have at work when I need one. The other thing that might be an issue is that I think that the software version you have installed on the computer has to match the version of the firmware in the Megajolt unit itself. Did you get a CD-ROM with the car or did you download a version from the website?
  5. The hinges you have used are for attaching the doors or sidescreens to the windscreen pillars. I've not built my car so no idea if this will cause you any issues compared to using any other type of hinge but I can't see why it should. You may just need to buy another set of sidescreen hinges if you want to be able to put doors on.
  6. @Martin Letts - AO Hampshire and Isle of Wight I'm not on Facebook, but am a localish owner - Hayling Island.
  7. One other thing to check is that the crankcase breather isn't blocked. I had lots of smoke coming out of my exhaust when idling with a hot engine. I replaced the canister thing on the side with a plate with an elbow in the middle of it that connects to the catch tank. This was on a 2.0 Blacktop Zetec.
  8. Hi Jerry, Hope the chap you have coming can sort you out. I'm by no means an expert as evidenced by the fact that my own car was off the road for 18 months whilst I tried to sort out an issue with smoking at idle and when setting off from idle resulting in big clouds of grey smoke leaving traffic lights! I had similar thoughts to you - that I shouldn't own a Westfield - and decided to take it to a classic car garage for them to have a look at. It turns out I'd fixed it myself as whilst it was off the road I removed the breather box that is on the side of the zetec engine and just have an elbow from the side of the engine piped to the catch tank. If you are also getting grey smoke when idling and revving it may be worth you checking that your crankcase breather isn't blocked. Also, when I went to Tom Airey he swapped jets for free so as Kevin suggests if your current set up is close you could just take it to him rather than swap parts out yourself. Ian
  9. The actual choke and jet sizes you need will be dependant on many factors. The following page has some good info on Webers. http://www.dvandrews.co.uk/ At the top of the page is a download button where you can download an application that can calculate a baseline of settings depending on engine size, where in the rev range you want max imum power to be delivered and if you want to tune for power or flexibility. Trouble is the application is quite old and doesn't work on modern PCs - at least it is not working on my current PC! Back when I had a Crossflow I used this application and ran it a number of times with different peak power RPMs and tuning for either Power (P) or Flexibility (F). The settings below are all for a 1660cc engine so won't be 100% applicable for your 1600cc but should give an indication of how jets etc. can change for the same engine depending what you want from it. It should also be noted that chokes generally come in even numbers so although the output from the application indicates a 31 is optimal in column 1 either a 30 or 32 would have to be selected. However, this can be accommodated for with correct selection of the other jets and a good rolling road operator/carb tuner will be able to make the best of the compromises. I would say that if your current setup is close to what you have been advised to purchase then I would just get your car on the road and get it to a rolling road so that it can be optimised for you current engine. They will often have jets available to buy there and then and although they may cost a bit more than if you bought them elsewhere at least you know they are the correct sizes for your setup. Given that you are in Fleet I would suggest paying Tom Airey a visit assuming he is still working and not retired. http://www.aireytuning.com/ Have a look at what sizes you have and post the results on here. Then I expect someone will tell you if this is good enough to get you to a rolling road or if anything needs changing before then.
  10. You might want to check what you already have or you could end up ordering some of the same parts. The most expensive parts are the chokes. You should be able to read the number that is stamped on the front by looking down the trumpet. To check the sizes of the other parts you need to remove covers etc.
  11. There used to be a Hants and Wilts group but I never got around to going, partly as I'm at the eastern side of Hampshire and the meets tended to be over at the Hants/Wilts border. There is a specific Hants/Wilts forum http://wiltsandhants.proboards.com/ but it is not used much at all partly due to the AO stepping down. Apparently there is a Facebook group but I'm not on Facebook.
  12. from an ex-Pompey boy now in Hayling Island.
  13. Back in 2010 I attended a conference as part of my job called Drug Delivery to the Lung. One of the speakers was Karen Pickering, the swimmer, who has asthma. She said that in order for her to be allowed to take asthma medication she had to prove she was asthmatic. To do this she had to run around until she had an asthma attack. Whilst this is pretty traumatic it does at least identify those who are genuine asthmatics.
  14. I tried selling this engine mount rubber on ebay but no-one seemed to want to buy it so now I offer it to club members for free, just cover the cost of postage. Not sure what it will cost but probably about 3 pounds. Size wise it is 75mm in diameter and 35mm thick.
  15. I tried selling this cork crossflow rocker cover gasket on ebay but no-one seems to want it so now I offer it to club members for free, just pay for the postage which will be about £3.50 I think.
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