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  1. IanD

    Speed Series Dinner

    Was great to meet you all Carlie. Its was a really great evening well done to all especially Howard (what a great speech). Thanks for all the handwork behind the scenes to arrange the night and the speed series in general. Looking forward to next year already. Ian
  2. This is great news Stu Will be good see you back in your old car. We used to have a few good battles but think that's when it was a little less developed So will it be A, C, or E. Ummm . Cant make my mind up either. Ian
  3. Just popped to the garage to get my paperwork. Thought I had better check I got the cover from redline its listed as a up-rated R500VHPD cover and has the code 72603R but i don't think that's a AP code probably a Caterham one as I cant find it on there website. The plate, I cant find the invoice for but do have the label from the box the AP part number is CP2257-9 Hope that's of some help. I know I spent ages reading into it and this seemed the best compromise without going full competition set up, paddle or twin plate. just cant for the life of me remember when i got it from. A search of Blatchat may help.
  4. Hi Simon I have been using a AP Clutch Cover and Plate that the Caterham guys recommend for engines up to about 220HP and 1800cc so moor torque. Not had any issues in the 6 years or so its been fitted. Think the numbers are 72603R (cover) and 72602R (plate). My memory is a little vague now but I am sure when I bought them i got the from Redline components Email: sales@redlinecomponents.co.uk Phone: +44 (0) 1883 346515 I am sure when I looked into it further they were actually ford fit parts. This is amusing you have a standard 1400 or 1600 size and bolt configuration type flywheel and not one designed for a 71/2" Clutch Ian
  5. IanD

    SOLD - Omec 600

    Its normally me that misses these things. Missed the GoPro today, Half doors several times over the last year. . Must have just been my lucky day today sorry. Its not all good though. I am still working (sort of)
  6. IanD

    SOLD - Omec 600

    It will be more work for the winter but what the hell. I will take it please. PM on its way
  7. IanD

    SOLD GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition

    Haha. I know the feeling Wingnut
  8. IanD

    SOLD GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition

    Ah too slow Second dibs please if it falls through with Paul. Thanks Ian
  9. IanD

    Speed Series Dinner

    Dave think your right. So it was just Reception I spoke to and he said there are no rooms left at all for general booking as they are all allocated to events and our allocation was full so need to speak with them Monday when reservations are open anyway. See how I get on if not will just book something else nearby. Oh and £99 was the preferential rate. Ian
  10. IanD

    Speed Series Dinner

    Ok thanks guys. Going to call them back. either he was confused or I was and he was quoting the WSCC rate Thanks
  11. IanD

    Speed Series Dinner

    Hi Dave Can I ask what you paid for the room? Just tried to book this morning and was quoted £99 but that was without the WSCC discount as the allocation has run out so he suggested i call Monday as they will probably just increase the allocation. But looking at this thread £99 is the discount rate so may just book it anyway Ian
  12. IanD

    Speed Series Dinner

    I'll be there with the other half. Sorry for the delay will get the application in tonight. Ian
  13. IanD

    Speed Series 2018

    What and end to another great season. Any of the 3 contenders would have been worthy winners, well done. But what a great result for Howard. Big Congratulations. I think even Howard thought he was the least likely to take the win but a brilliant drive on Saturday just about sealed it. Loved every event this year and the Shelsey event was a great way to celebrate 21 years. Have been really glad to be back again, Big thanks to all involved. And another final well done to Howard.
  14. IanD

    Return of Annually awarded trophies

    if you have any problems let me know. I am only in Chester and could pick it up for you. Ian
  15. IanD

    removing glue from all panels

    Would a Toffee Wheel work? Designed for removing stubborn stickers from paint work without damaging the paint. Worked really well on my van

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