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  1. Geoff101

    Seven 7 grill for Westfields ?

    I've got a metal 7 logo if you want it? It's just sat in the loft. buy me a beer and I'll stick it in the post. Geoff
  2. Geoff101

    Pair of indicators

    Pair of new standard indicator units. £5 plus P&P.
  3. New and unused twin cable throttle linkage for Weber DCOE. The pack has been opened but it's never been fitted and as far as I can see, all of the bits are there. They're over £100 new, so how about £65 plus P&P? Details here: https://www.dellorto.co.uk/shop/car-accessories/linkage-kits-accessories/lp4245-dcoe-twin-cable-linkage-kit-fully-adjustable/
  4. Geoff101

    SEW shocks

    Should work now Adam.
  5. Geoff101

    Bit of a tidy up

    How much for the wishbones inc P&P please?
  6. Geoff101

    SEW shocks

    Had Protechs on both of my cars and been very pleased with them.
  7. Geoff101

    Various parts.

    Thanks John but I've bought Gary's now.
  8. Geoff101

    Various parts.

    Would you sell the regulator seperately please? If so, how much posted please?
  9. Geoff101

    Few bits

    Could you let me know the price for the filter/regulator please.
  10. Geoff101

    Narrow body fuel tank (independent suspension)

    Still available...
  11. Geoff101

    Brake Master cylinder 1992 Westfield narrow

    If it's the one on an angle, from memory I think it was from a MK3 cortina 1.6 non servo car. They are consequently quite rare. I got one from a chap up north somewhere but I don't think I still have the details. I have my old one but it needs new seals.
  12. Geoff101

    Narrow body fuel tank (independent suspension)

    It's available if you would like it istinton.
  13. Geoff101

    Narrow body fuel tank (independent suspension)

    Yes but I was waiting for someone to come back to me after they had measured up. I'll chase it up.

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