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  1. Geoff101

    Narrow body fuel tank (independent suspension)

    It's available if you would like it istinton.
  2. Geoff101

    Westfield SEiW 20XE Vauxhall

    Weekly bump...
  3. Geoff101

    Narrow body fuel tank (independent suspension)

    Yes but I was waiting for someone to come back to me after they had measured up. I'll chase it up.
  4. In keeping with the recent tradition of the entire Oxfordshire group selling their cars, I need to sell my car. This is a temporary abstinence whilst I deal with an inherited Austin Seven that, erm, needs a little work. I solemnly promise to by an SEight just as soon as I can, which is what I really want! I will be remaining in the club if only for the amusement of the local members as I deal with the above. Anyway - on offer (currently here only) is a 1993 chassis widebody (very wide actually - see below) with a 'now becoming quite desirable' 20XE vauxhall lump. I bought the car from a relative about a year ago and have been steadily improving it since. I haven't finished yet so there are still some bits that need sorting but it's still a very usable, reliable, quick car. Here it is at the North Oxford group meeting last wednesday night: To offset the 'needs a bit of tidying', it has some nice bits fitted as follows: Westfield widetrack front suspension Procomp supplied Protech dampers all round with suitable springs. Image split rim wheels (expensive). Westfield Sport Turbo seats - bought new by the previous owner and setting him back the best part of a grand. Original sports seats (custom leather covered to match dash & carpets) are available with the car. The sport turbo seats sit you a little higher than the originals which is fine for me (5' 9") but you might prefer to swap back if you are tall. Bespoke custom interior with leather trimmed carbon dash, custom made carpets (showing a bit of wear) and nice Momo Team 280 steering wheel. Stalk controlled indicators, headlamp flasher (like a proper car) as well as the horn (like an 80s car). Westfield supplied 4 pot front calipers with drilled and grooved discs. Nodiz mappable 3D ignition management with TPS Long range fuel tank. Having come from an old narrow with the filler half way up the tank, this is brilliant. When I picked the car up, the fuel gauge didn't work (I didn't know) and it ran out of fuel. I got £50 in it! Details as follows: MOT - July 1st. Nothing sinister in the timing, just the pile of rust Austin is arriving on the 30th June so I need space. It if really bothers anyone, I can try to find time to stick it through a test. Loads of paperwork including the original build manifest, service and parts receipts etc. Chassis / Bodywork: 1993 SEiW chassis with Westfield racing green 'kit' bodywork and yellow nose band. Detachable arch tub with wide arches fitted (see point 4). Mileage is approx 22K. I had to change the speedo last year at just over 20K and picked up a complete used set from Tim Reid so it's currently showing just over 7K. You can send the new one off to ETB to get the correct mileage put on it for £40 if you wish. Widetrack front suspension Unusual widetrack rear suspension - bit of a mystery this. It's not an SDV as far as I can see (they have different uprights, shafts etc) but the rear wishbones are about 50mm wider than standard which means the wheels fill out the wide arches with no spacers. It seems to have been built like this new as the parts list has wide arches shown, but I haven't seen another like it. I spoke to Mark at Westfield who thought there may have been a widetrack rear option available at some point. I'm not convinced that it has any great benefit for the handling, but it sure looks cool. Protech dampers all round supplied by Procomp. When I bought the car, it had standard length (14") dampers on the rear which were too short given the wider track. In consulation with Procomp, I fitted the Protech 1" extension top mounts as well as stiffer springs to account for the higher angle. It now rides and drives a whole world better. RAC roll bar fitted. This means that there is no boot box cover other than an elastic net but... black non braced roll bar supplied with car and matching green original hinged boot box cover. Also included is a softbits boot bag which only fits with this arrangement. Side screens (fitted) Hood and frame supplied but it doesn't fit over the RAC bar so can't be used on car as currently configured. The lower bar supplied doesn't have the frame fixing points so you would need to make a simple L bracket to use it. Engine / Drivetrain: The car has the early and much preferred version of the 20XE (later C20XE) that has the Coscast head, better pistons etc. I have no evidence to suggest that the engine is anything other than completely standard internally. I only have a receipt for the supply of it when the car was built. Twin Dellorto 45s NoDiz Pro 3D ignition management with Vauxhall coil pack, Weber TPS, standard crank sensor. I fitted this last year. It has a map in it that I did myself but might benefit from a rolling road tune (see 'to do' list below). Stainless manifold just welded beautifully by Ryan Edwards Exhausts as it was showing hairline cracks on two of the header welds. It is now sound and should be good for many years. Stainless custom link pipe by Ryan Edwards Exhausts (a short piece of exhaust art). Wunoff repackable silencer I just fitted the 8V windage tray / sump gasket so now it no longer leaks. This is a common mod unless you enjoy cleaning up oil. Cambelt and tensioners changed a couple of weeks ago by me, using the correct special tensioning tool. Type 9 gearbox. Rally design short shift gear lever kit. I like the feel of this but it rattles annoyingly at certain RPM. Sierra diff (possibly the viscous LSD but you'd need to check) with Lobro driveshafts. Westfield 4 pot alloy front calipers Standard sierra rears but amazingly the handbrake works quite well. New 82 degree thermostat fitted over the winter. Recent oil, filter and plugs. So what still needs doing? The car would benefit from a rolling road tune to sort the fuelling and check ignition map. It runs well enough as is, and I've been going to work pretty regularly in it but I think it's running a bit rich. I fitted a fuel pressure regulator which helped but there is now a bit of a hesitation when moving from the idle to pump jets on occasions (mostly when cold). I haven't yet got round to buying a gauge to check I have the pressure regulator set correctly. The ignition map is safe but there might be some gains from having it done properly. This was my next spend if I was to keep it. The bonnet went for a fly down the road on it's own when the previous owner forgot to do the catches up. As a result it is scraped all down the right had side above the air filter cutouts. It also has a big star crack in the middle. It doesn't notice much once you are 10 feet away but looks untidy close up. A couple of the chassis tubes in the usual areas under the back need a bit of work with your choice of POR 15, hammerite etc. It's only cosmetic and again, I just haven't got round to it yet. Likewise, the rear wishbones are original and could do with the same or re powder coating. I haven't had the geometry checked since I changed the rear suspension. It doesn't drive badly but you might want to do this if chasing lap times. The rear tyres are really, really old. I think 1999. Considering that, they are in amazingly good condition with only very slight signs of perishing in the bottom of the tread. They have loads of tread on them so I've been too mean to change them yet. The front has newish T1-Rs on so a pair to match those for the rear are only about £100 or so. Slight gearbox leak - I removed the speedo drive and fitted a blanking bolt when I changed the instruments so it could be that. Rear seal was changed at the same time so hopefully not that. Probably some other stuff that I've forgotten or don't know about. It's not a new car. So there we are, a hopefully honest representation. Probably not the best marketing but, I hope, in the spirit of the club. I'd prefer the car to go to someone that knows what to expect. So how much then? Really nice wides with this engine are now north of £10K, so I hope an asking price of £8250 ...is fair and reflects the balance of having some nice expensive bits but needing a bit of finishing off. The car is located near Bicester in Oxfordshire. You are most welcome to come and have a look / ride / cup of tea. Message me on here if interested please or 07421 019086 Some pictures: Wide ass: Bonnet damage (looks worse on photo): A few others attached (child only included at right price):
  5. Geoff101

    T1R tyres

    Following inspection, I didn't take the 195s so still available if anyone else wanted them.
  6. Geoff101

    C20XE management advice

    I've put a Nodiz on mine along with a coil pack to get rid of the dizzy and standard coil. It works very nicely so far (been on there about a year now) and is compatible with the standard Vauxhall 60-2 trigger wheel. Their instructions can be a bit wrong depending on the age of your c20xe but I can help if required. Comes with a loom, programming software and even a dash app for your mobile. I also found the support from Motorsport Electronics to be very good if you ring them up. It has the benefit of being much, much cheaper than some of the alternatives including Omex by the time you account for the loom, programming setup etc. The downsides so far were the instructions being wrong for my engine (an early Coscast 20XE), and the programming software was flaky at the time (has been updated since but I haven't had cause to use it). I also don't see how your TPS was affecting the mixture on a carb setup, but that might just be my lack of understanding. Having said all of the above, if it's revs related it sounds like a possible crank sensor issue. You say that you changed it but was it with the same type? Early ones came with metal body sensors which have a small plastic shim ring in the block. If you replace the sensor with the later plastic body version (which has a step in the body), you have to remove the ring from the block or the newer sensor sits too far from the trigger wheel and gives up at high RPM.
  7. Geoff101

    T1R tyres

    Could I have the 195s please?
  8. Geoff101

    C20XE Carbon Cam Belt Cover

    Great. If it will fit mine, I'd like it please. The easiest way to tell which type it is, is whether your cam belt has round or square teeth, or how many pulleys you have in total (including all the idlers).
  9. Geoff101

    Narrow body fuel tank (independent suspension)

    £50 collected?
  10. Geoff101

    C20XE Carbon Cam Belt Cover

    b*******. Missed it. If Oliver loses sanity and doesn't want it, let me know!
  11. Geoff101

    Windscreen glass replacement (wide body)

    I've had two screens cut at a local glass place. I just take it apart myself and take the old glass in for them to copy. It can be a bit of a pig getting the frame apart and the glass out though, depending how old and rusted in the screws are.
  12. Geoff101

    Gauges / Instruments for sale

    Racetech oil pressure gauges sold.
  13. Geoff101

    Narrow body fuel tank (independent suspension)

    Bump - offers welcome.
  14. Geoff101

    4 point harnesses

    I've got a pair of black Schroth 4 points with seatbelt type buckles and bolt on upper and lower mountings. £30 plus delivery?

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