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  1. Geoff101

    SEW shocks

    Had Protechs on both of my cars and been very pleased with them.
  2. Geoff101

    Various parts.

    Thanks John but I've bought Gary's now.
  3. Geoff101

    Various parts.

    Would you sell the regulator seperately please? If so, how much posted please?
  4. Geoff101

    Few bits

    Could you let me know the price for the filter/regulator please.
  5. Geoff101

    Narrow body fuel tank (independent suspension)

    Still available...
  6. Geoff101

    Brake Master cylinder 1992 Westfield narrow

    If it's the one on an angle, from memory I think it was from a MK3 cortina 1.6 non servo car. They are consequently quite rare. I got one from a chap up north somewhere but I don't think I still have the details. I have my old one but it needs new seals.
  7. Geoff101

    Narrow body fuel tank (independent suspension)

    It's available if you would like it istinton.
  8. Geoff101

    Narrow body fuel tank (independent suspension)

    Yes but I was waiting for someone to come back to me after they had measured up. I'll chase it up.
  9. Geoff101

    T1R tyres

    Following inspection, I didn't take the 195s so still available if anyone else wanted them.
  10. Geoff101

    C20XE management advice

    I've put a Nodiz on mine along with a coil pack to get rid of the dizzy and standard coil. It works very nicely so far (been on there about a year now) and is compatible with the standard Vauxhall 60-2 trigger wheel. Their instructions can be a bit wrong depending on the age of your c20xe but I can help if required. Comes with a loom, programming software and even a dash app for your mobile. I also found the support from Motorsport Electronics to be very good if you ring them up. It has the benefit of being much, much cheaper than some of the alternatives including Omex by the time you account for the loom, programming setup etc. The downsides so far were the instructions being wrong for my engine (an early Coscast 20XE), and the programming software was flaky at the time (has been updated since but I haven't had cause to use it). I also don't see how your TPS was affecting the mixture on a carb setup, but that might just be my lack of understanding. Having said all of the above, if it's revs related it sounds like a possible crank sensor issue. You say that you changed it but was it with the same type? Early ones came with metal body sensors which have a small plastic shim ring in the block. If you replace the sensor with the later plastic body version (which has a step in the body), you have to remove the ring from the block or the newer sensor sits too far from the trigger wheel and gives up at high RPM.
  11. Geoff101

    T1R tyres

    Could I have the 195s please?
  12. Geoff101

    C20XE Carbon Cam Belt Cover

    Great. If it will fit mine, I'd like it please. The easiest way to tell which type it is, is whether your cam belt has round or square teeth, or how many pulleys you have in total (including all the idlers).
  13. Geoff101

    Narrow body fuel tank (independent suspension)

    £50 collected?
  14. Geoff101

    C20XE Carbon Cam Belt Cover

    b*******. Missed it. If Oliver loses sanity and doesn't want it, let me know!

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