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    Westfield drivers are the PTR cannon fodder!

    Actually kids who are very good on a PS3/Xbox etc, do not fare well. Its also just a physical as karting. And when di you get to kart around Marina Bay? But I now realise you are all rather scared of getting whipped.
  2. So now I politely have your attention, last night the Lotus 7 Club hit PTR in Horley, and we were invited to discuss the perfomance of the WSSC members who also recently visited. Upon such review it was suggested PTR should hold an inter car club event, (so we can demonstrate the superiority of driving as well as the old aluminium vs. canoe thing ;-). So are you chaps up for it? We would be looking at 20 members from each club for a session of 45 minutes driving, probably on a Saturday night. £45 each though we might get a discount. If you have no idea what I am on about, Google "Pure Tech Racing"
  3. Fat Arnie

    Let the bun throwing begin

    Someone drew my attnetion to this thread, and as a member of the Lotus Seven Club and an ex Caterham owner I'm probably qualified to offer an opinion. The two individuals on Blatchat to make disparaging comments on the link earlier in this thread, namely Cannonball Bob and Seven Up! are people without much of a life unless they are picking on others. Anominity is the order of each and every day in their life. Every club has its to$$ers, here are two of the Lotus Seven Club's finest. I'd ignore them. I belong to the Westfield Club and the Lotus Seven Club solely because I wanted to sell the salvage from my car. I don't generally post here, as there is a better selection of idiots on the other side. That said, their are some good friends over there too! So I joined two clubs to increase the exposure of the fact I had wares to sell. I'd say the same about the other peron mentioned in the thread and his Gites.
  4. Plate Type ZF diff with 30 degree ramps mod (reduces understeer) by Road & Race Transmissions. KAM Differentials 4.444:1 ration CWP set. It has the driveshaft fittings for a Caterham (holes not flanges) but this is easily addressed. Phil at RRT reckons its worth £1200, but to make room in my garage and as a Credit Crunch Special I'll take the first proper offer of £1000. arnie[at]the-webbs[dot]com or 07710 526739
  5. Set of CR500's Front: 175/55 R13 / Rear: 205/55 R13 mounted on 7x13 and 8x 13 Minilite lookalike rims powdercoated all over in satin black. 5-6mm of tread. One rear has a very (weeks to go flat) slow puncture. £450 arnie[at]the-webbs[dot]com or 07710 526739
  6. Fat Arnie

    Arnie Webb's 300bhp Vx engine

    Mr Ashwick has specifically asked me to keep quiet on this one.....
  7. Fat Arnie

    For Sale on the Dark Side

    I know this is a bit borderline on the posting rules, but these are some special parts from a special car and are being offered (especially the engine) at a fraction of the cost to build from new parts. Some here may know K2RUM met its maker recently, and whilst the chassis will be retained and stored to be rebuilt at a later date, there is the 300bhp VX engine, the sequential gearbox and the 4.4:1 ZF LSD for sale on Blatchat. 300bhp VX Engine Quaife Sequential Gearbox 4.4:1ZF Diff If you would like to know just how insanely fast this engine could make your car, ask WSCC member Paul Ashwick.
  8. Fat Arnie

    Fallen in love with another car!!

    I'd sell my Caterfield (Westfield/Caterham hybrid thanks to Paul Ashwick) for less than half their asking price. Mines faster too!
  9. Fat Arnie

    Fallen in love with another car!!

    A well qualified statement from an expert in such executions:
  10. Just to let you all know the 4 Counties Car Club continues its regular meets at the Hedgehog Inn at Copthorne in Surrey every last Wednesday of the month at 8.00 pm ish.... That means this coming Wednesday 30th July. The 4 Counties Car Club is dedicated to lightweight track and road orientated cars which are not based on a saloon car, unless they are very special. (so don't turn up in an Imprezza!) Kit cars you'd find on a track are welcome, especially Westfields. There's great food, a good beer garden and a large car park for tyre kicking, story telling and all the usual banter. Perhaps we'll see you there?? More info, maps etc at: www.the-webbs.com/4counties/4counties.htm
  11. Fat Arnie

    A Club Meeting tonight - Gatwick Area

    No, absolutely not.
  12. See this here! All invited.
  13. Hi, Just to let you know the 4 Counties Car Club is starting regular meets at the Hedgehog Inn at Copthorne in Surrey every last Wednesday of the month at 8.00 pm. The 4 Counties Car Club is dedicated to lighweight track and road orientated cars - the kind of stuff Colin would have approved of. At the July meeting we are expecting a 300bhp Honda Supercharged Elise, various Caterhams and a bunch of other exciting cars. There's great food, a good beer garden and a large car park for tyre kicking, story telling and all the usual banter which used to occur when this was an area meet for the Lotus Seven Club. Perhaps we'll see you there?? More info at: http://www.the-webbs.com/4counties/4counties.htm

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