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  1. I have a brise one on eBay at the moment
  2. sorry I missed this today something came up last minute fabulous weather would rather have been out in car than going what I had to do
  3. as title this starter is geared so spins twice as fast as a normal one it has the solenoid built in so no issues with fouling chassis rail this has just been reconditioned by Brise so is as new it has a 9 tooth pinion to fit a normal crossflow ring gear 110 tooth these are £295 plus vat £180 would prefer collection but will post located in the wirral can e mail pictures if required
  4. id like to know who was in the westy two up in front of you
  5. at least I can go to the day out tomorrow we'll see what condition the replacement is
  6. brise are sending me a starter they have built for me so everything should be good see if the different courier can deliver it
  7. that's if it's still there we'll see what brise come up with but I've made. few calls a do might be able to borrow a starter for Saturday if brise don't come up trumps
  8. tnt have delivered the item somewhere and left it without a signature brise have said they have told them to claim Nd brise reckon they only get 10quid per kilo as its too expensive to insureproperly brise are going try to get me something out so I can get there on Saturday but ultimately it's there problem and I want a brand new replacement
  9. may not be as to get here now as tnt have lost my starter unless brise do the right thing and send me another or at least one I can use for now
  10. sent my starter motor to a well known and expensive retailer for repair it has been repaired and sent back by tnt courier they say it's been delivered without a signature and tnt are speaking to the driver who allegedly delivered it my problem is I'm supposed to be going to the manc rolling road day on Saturday am I within my rights to ask the retailer to supply me a usable starter if mine can't be found before sat or a new one to replace lost item
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