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  1. DanDud

    Denso 40A Compact Alternator

    One million pounds
  2. DanDud

    Oil cooler sizing

    Lots of info on the Think Automotive web site, ring them if you need any more they are very helpful http://www.mocal.co.uk/products-oilcoolers.html
  3. DanDud

    New London ULEZ

    Its all b*****k*, my daily driver s2000 is in the highest RFL bracket because of its emissions (£540 bl**** quid this year!) but yet theres no charge for the LEZ. Suss that out. The westies also exempt. a 2009 Duratec, Madness.
  4. DanDud

    TRACKDAY - Anglesey June 7th Javelin

    Top day Great pics Ad! I need to re-mount my camera, vids too shakey but got some great ones of your drifting around Ad! Done a quick edit:
  5. DanDud

    Vibration Free

    I've used Vibration Free for an engine bottom end balance, it ran very smoothly and would certainly use him again when needed. The price was around the same as others at the time.
  6. DanDud

    TRACKDAY - Anglesey June 7th Javelin

    Booked on
  7. DanDud

    Mickmade front splitter sold

    It is, il get a pic over to you tomorrow.
  8. Got a mick made front splitter that I bought from him new up for sale. Offered it up to the car and the carbon weave is different in direction and its a different colour to my carbon nosecone so decided not to use it. Its still in the original box, cost me £127.50 delivered, after £115 posted. Can get a pic tomorrow if required. Cheers
  9. DanDud

    Bits for Sale

    Is the red screen fillet for a wide body? If so and your happy to post it il have it.
  10. Didn't know anything about that Dave. edit - Google has answered it now.
  11. To throw another tyre in the mixer, i run Yoko A021's (13's) on the road instead of 888's, find them awesome, more than enough grip for the road and they cope well on dry trackways surprisingly well too. They have managed 2 wet/damp trackways, 2 dry and maybe 1000 road miles, still got a few mm left in them.
  12. DanDud

    Cadwell Park May 2nd

    Love to but no can do with work, shame as i love Cadwell. Cheers for the heads up Russ! Planning on Anglesey in June though!
  13. They asked me to cut the grass honest!
  14. DanDud

    Side screens/Doors

    Ha, suppose I could have a play with it to see if its workable, what you after for it?

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