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  1. Still for sale, price reduced to £350. Derek 07885 874031
  2. Westfield SEi all correctly registered on a 1972/L plate so tax exempt and has a years MOT. Ex-Paul Pocklington, Richard Abraham car. ST170 engine on Jenveys, VVT delete, Kent race cams, Pectel ECU, rebuilt with new shells and ARP rod bolts in 2017, Raceline sump, lightweight flywheel and paddle clutch, reputed 195 hp. Quaife 4 speed and 4.1 diff with LSD. Caged full cage with sticker. 7x13 Team Dynamics Pro Race with Avon Turbospeeds with lots of tread. Bodywork was all new in 2010 but has got a few marks, previous owner hit a cone at a sprint and the nosecone and one rear arch have been repaired to a reasonable standard but not perfect. Also got a cut out where a previous exhaust exited over the chassis rail through the side of the bonnet. Works fantastically as a fast road car, still has a hillclimb/sprint suspension set up so rides bumps well, is also quicker than almost anything at a trackday. Needs to be sold so £8000 for the car or can include a Brian James single axle trailer, straps, jerry cans, wheel clamp and any spares I can find for £9000. Call Derek on 07885 874031 or PM. More and better pics can be emailed. Located near Chelmsford, Essex
  3. Derek182

    Carbon fibre bonnet bulge

    Definitely sold to 1960dave, thanks for the interest
  4. Derek182

    Carbon fibre bonnet bulge

    Provisionally sold to 1960dave
  5. 2 Allycats 7x13 with 205/60-13 Yoko A048 tyres, backspace is about 108mm and tyres have 3-4mm tread. 2 Allycats 6x13 with 185/60-13 Yoko A048, backspace is about 105mm and tyres have 4-5mm tread. All in great condition, don't lose pressure, all balanced and ready to use. £400 collected from near Chelmsford, Essex More and better pics can be emailed
  6. Derek182

    Carbon fibre bonnet bulge

    Carbon fibre bonnet bulge, 21" by 21" by 2.5" high Never been on a car but had a few flaws when bought and has been scraped in storage I can email, larger better pics £40 plus £5 postage
  7. Derek182

    Lap timing

    I've been doing trackdays on and off for 25 years, early on I used to time with a handheld stopwatch on my lap! At that time we were still told not to but everyone seemed much more relaxed about it, I enjoyed seeing if I could improve my times as the day went on while still remembering it's just a trackday not a race! These days I definitely wouldn't time, the penalty is immediate exclusion from the day and given that it's not a cheap day out plus the day off work it's not worth the risk. Of course if you are in car videoing you can check your times later and I did recently see an instructor (not one employed by the TDO) telling people he was timing his pupil using something on his phone!
  8. Weber Alpha ECU and loom for Zetec on carbs, including ignition modules. Used this on a 1.8 Zetec which ran 185 bhp with a ported head, Piper cams and weber 45s. £150 plus £10 postage or collect from near Chelmsford, Essex
  9. Derek182

    ZZR tyres

    Hi Rob I have a set of 4, 185/55-13 and 215/55-13, they are advertised in parts for sale on here, didn't sell straight away so are on the 5th page! Not sure what compound they are, if you know where to look on the tyre I can check. Would want £160 for them collected from near Chelmsford, Essex, although I am heading to Ipswich one evening this week. Derek
  10. Derek182

    Post sale garage clear out

    I'll have 1 of the ST170 plug cover badges if still available, sending PM Thanks Derek
  11. Derek182

    Zetec Silvertop Raceline sump

    Now sold
  12. Derek182

    Zetec parts, cam cover, ARP bolts

    Cam cover sold as well!
  13. Derek182

    Zetec parts, cam cover, ARP bolts

    ARP bolts sold

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