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  1. Chester 

    i will pm you later to sort out a bank transfer if that’s ok.

    Regards Dave Spooner.

  2. Dave Spooner

    Windscreen Wing Mirrors x 2 - SOLD

    First dibs please.
  3. Mitch These have VW240 stamped on them so I would say they will not fit the Sierra uprights. Somebody is going to have a bargain. Dave
  4. Mitch Are these calipers Golf or Sierra fitment? If they are Sierra I will take them please. Cheers Dave
  5. Dave Spooner

    Various Parts comming soon

    PM sent regarding the Omex 200
  6. Dave Spooner


    PM sent
  7. Dave Spooner

    5 3/4" Black Headlights with Crystal Lenses - SOLD

    Gary You have a P.M
  8. Dave Spooner

    Zetec Raceline Sump for Sale

    Dave You have PM
  9. Dave Spooner

    parts for sale

    PM sent
  10. Dave Spooner

    Westfield Padded Seats Wanted, Black/red

    You have PM
  11. Dave Spooner

    Zetec 1.8 130ps

    You have PM
  12. Dave Spooner

    More Parts for sale

    PM Regarding fuel tank
  13. Dave Spooner

    Hood and frame

    You have PM

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