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  1. I started today... it's technically still the same winter, right?
  2. Is that 560kg with fluids and without people? As opposed to 560kg with a wet child.
  3. Is that a retro watch charger?
  4. I used the stuff from these guys: http://www.textiletechnologies.co.uk/automotive/automotive-heat-shields.html The area above the turbo is the coldest part of the bonnet (externally). Guess I should fit more!
  5. An owner on the RX-8 forum is selling his rotary powered Westfield: https://www.rx8ownersclub.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=147&t=79682 Hopefully the link works for non-members
  6. I'm sure revent could supply just a downpipe, a few guys on here have reported slow delivery though so worth scanning the forums to see what current speed is like https://reventshop.com/ Flyin Miata do a downpipe split in to two sections, with the upper cast to help with cracking. Shame it's north of $500, plus shipping and taxing I suspect a chat with most of the traditional suppliers could see them dig out a jig for a T25? They used to be really common so must still be something lying around somewhere. Skuzzle were going to make me a custom downpipe when mine cracked. I got it welded up in the end but that reminds me, I still need a snazzy new one before this one cracks again!
  7. Because of all of those requirements, the PDF only met one of them, partially *tongue in cheek, it's otherwise a valid point*
  8. Unless the chassis was like for like, would it need an IVA upon rebuild completion (assuming road use of course)
  9. Turbo, but kind of related... increasing the diameter of my exhaust allowed me to make the same bhp (well, 2 more) at less boost. I was squeezing 335bhp through a 2" exhaust until that point. Less boost of course is less work the turbo is doing and lower IATs. Unfortunately, it's not added any talent and I'm still desperately lacking there. Sounds good though, and that's more important.
  10. All problems can be fixed with more boost. That's a brilliant set up and will definitely bring it alive!
  11. That looks like a really good buy! I reckon that's going to be rather sweet once it's got a new ECU on it
  12. I've had the "wanting" to do that for ages, but when it came do designing it I opted to make it more generic and cover all household invoices and documents, with the cars being assets to track against. Because I'm always losing stuff, I also track what folder the hard copy is in, and where that folder is kept! I completed the data structures then got distracted and manually added a shed load of documents. Next task is adding the imaging part. I've got a strong background in document imaging, OCR and archiving so I will look to incorporate a function of OCR, but it will definitely be a gimmick in terms of value added vs time spent. Sounds like I might have to tidy it up so you can have a poke around! Just logged on to Visual Studio and found an abandoned project called Vehicle History Manager. Looks like it was a Universal Windows app - that will be why I got fed up and abandoned it then
  13. I'm currently running ET20 13s and had to fit +20mm wider arches at the rear. May also need 1.6 brakes, or 1.8 brakes with 4-pot calipers. If you've got those boxes ticked, or willing to tick them, these are a bargain!
  14. Job jobbed... that was a monthly petrol budget, right?
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