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  1. thanks for the refund. all sorted now.
  2. Looks like mine was not refunded either. Dropped you an email.
  3. Ciprian

    13" or 15"

    It has to be 13s init? I had the same dilema and went for 13s w 888s.
  4. Bit of a long shot, but I'm after a jack for a single seater ( formula ford ) ? Also need some low chassis stands. reasonable condition to do the job please for at least a season.
  5. Hey, they should introudce KERS in motogp too!
  6. I take it you lost the battle Matt, the Scottish contingent losing another car. Best of luck with the sale!
  7. cheers mate, i'll get back to you. so far, i've bought a car with a running engine and am thinking to have one built for spare. will see how that pans out.
  8. Closed for maintenance. Will try again later. Cheers
  9. went to see it on Friday, good film. Shame we were sat 2nd row from the front as we got in late....
  10. Not sold yet, last chance before it goes on fleabay....
  11. I have one of those Helfreuds one, good piece of kit!
  12. the more reading i do the more complicated it sounds to make a conversion from a standard car to a FF1600 engine. basically most of the engines on road cars have been modified one way or another, making it almost imposible to make the conversion back on the cheap.
  13. that engine that didnt sell on ebay is not commercialy viable to be made into a FF engine.
  14. will keep an eye on turbosport, good tip! i'll have a word with the guy on ebay whos engine did not sell.
  15. Im after a standard crossflow 1600 GT engine that i could use for a Formula Ford car. Would be looking to get it profesionally rebuilt by the likes of Bold. Priced depending on state and running order but the engine needs to be standard. What have you got?
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