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  1. Crash test dummy

    Willans 3 point road harness. Unused.

    Supersport harness. Manufactured in 2015 E2 approved, bought new by me and never used. It has a 7/16" bolt fixing on the shoulder straps rather than the usual snap hook fixing and the mounting fixtures are in the optional stainless steel. £40 plus the postage of your choice.
  2. Crash test dummy

    HANS 6 point harness. SOLD

    STR 6 point HANS only harness. Very nicely put together with lightweight alloy adjusters. Has 7/16" shoulder strap mountings with 8mm lap and crutch mountings. With a little ingenuity the lap and crutch belts could be 7/6" too. FIA approved - well in date (expires 2022) with hologram in place. Very little use - I bought these to tide me over while I waited for a set to be made - not crashed or damaged. £60 plus the postage of your choice.
  3. Crash test dummy

    Fuse for relay 12v supply

    The current draw of the relay coil will be less than 500ma so the cable you need (and the fuse to protect it ) can be very lightweight.
  4. Crash test dummy

    Fuse for relay 12v supply

    If you are energising the relay coil +ve direct from the master switch then some sort of fuse would be a good idea but 15A is way over the top. 3 -5A should be plenty.
  5. Crash test dummy

    Fuel Pressure

    Carbs. They get a bit grumpy over 3-4psi. Normal is 1.5 - 2psi.
  6. Crash test dummy

    Denso 40A Compact Alternator

    Plenty of these about at decent price on the Bay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KUBOTA-40A-BRAND-NEW-ALTERNATOR-REPLACING-NIPPON-DENSO-TYPE/132696853238?epid=1124716800&hash=item1ee5594af6:g:Dv8AAMXQPktQ34JY However there are lots of variations of plugs and mounts so do your research. What about getting yours repaired. It will only be the PCB/rectifier that's been fried?
  7. Crash test dummy

    Aluminium Flywheels: A cautionary tale

    Yep. As soon as you start to go away from standard you will experience issues even on a road/track car. You just need to accept it as a consequence and factor it into the running costs.
  8. Crash test dummy

    Bonnet Air Filter - Cut Out

    Consider going for a taller filter. It may not help the power (depending on your trumpet choice) but it will probably look better stuck out the side of the bonnet.
  9. Crash test dummy

    XE Cam cover Baffle Needed if dry sumped?

    If you have blanked everything off then you don't need the baffle.
  10. Crash test dummy

    DTA ecu power

    Light bulb moment!
  11. Crash test dummy

    DTA ecu power

    Can you get to the multi pin connector on the ECU to check for power and earth?
  12. Crash test dummy

    DTA ecu power

    Have you set the connection to Com1? Normally it will give you an error message if you haven't though. Sometimes I find that it prefers to have the programme running before I turn on the ignition. Alternatively there is a "Connect to ECU" command. Have you tried that? Have you run the engine? Is the ECU deffo getting power and earth? With just power and earth connected it will register in he software without any other sensors being live.
  13. Crash test dummy

    C20XE management advice

    If/when you change make sure that whatever you get will be fully upgradeable to injection (and as many other toys as possible too). It will help when you need to scratch the inevitable itch and if you ever need to sell it on with or without the car it will help too.
  14. Crash test dummy

    C20xe ht leads recommendations

    I had a custom set made by Magnecor for £70 delivered.
  15. Crash test dummy

    C20XE management advice

    If funds are an issue there are a few systems like this on available: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20xe-c20xe-ignition-system-autograss-rookie-H-H-nova-corsa-16v-8v-Vauxhall-gte/323224281397?hash=item4b41ab2135:g:-08AAOSwgBNasLHF Just search for "C20xe ignition". You can run an XE on carbs very happily with this set up.

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