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  1. Crash test dummy

    Pair Nitron shock absorbers. - SOLD

    14" open length with 3" of travel before they hit the bump stops. Fitted with Nitron 150lb springs. In excellent condition, the bearings are all tight, no leaks etc. etc. I bought these new and I've had them serviced on one occasion too so I know their history but I'm not totally sure how old they are TBH, (maybe 5 years?). £300 plus postage of your choice.
  2. Crash test dummy

    M16 to Wilwood calipers

    The union supplied with the Wilwoods will be 1/8nptf (or 1/8npt) one end and most likely JIC -3 the other. The M16 has a parallel female thread which is probably M10 fine. You will need a JIC -3 union fitted on the end of your existing brake hose. The npt fitting supplied with the caliper will turn further into the thread with a spanner, it needs to be tight to create the seal.
  3. Crash test dummy

    Duratec to type 9 bellhousing

    You have PM.
  4. Crash test dummy

    Sierra v Cortina wheel studs

    I have their "lightweight" version. If you have the standard weight type then you might be OK but on the other hand................. It's on the face where the disc bolts to the hub. You can measure it there easily enough with a dial gauge on the four bolt areas and mine were 7 thou out from best to worst. That translated to a 20 thou run out at the disc where 0 thou is ideal and 4 thou is on the very edge of acceptable. It's easier to measure with the disc bolted up.
  5. Crash test dummy

    Launch/Traction Control potentiometers

    OK I will PM you in a couple of days.
  6. Crash test dummy

    Launch/Traction Control potentiometers

    I'll have to buy some parts in which might take a week but if that 's Ok with you I will do a couple. What colour knobs would you like?
  7. Crash test dummy

    Launch/Traction Control potentiometers

    No problem Dave and thanks for the PP. Could you remind me of your address via PM please. I'll get it done over the weekend and on it's way Monday.
  8. Crash test dummy

    Launch/Traction Control potentiometers

    I can make you one up Dave. What colour knob do you want (yellow, red, green or blue) and is £15 posted OK?
  9. Crash test dummy

    sensors for Dash 2

    This Bosch 0280130026 part is ideal for oil and water temps and is in the drop downs on the RT software so no need to calibrate. They are not 1/8npt though. The oil pressure sensor that Tony quotes is perfect for the job and again the option is already loaded in the RT software. Search for 10bar (or 150psi) pressure transducer on eBay and you will get plenty of choice. The temperature sensor cables from RT come with the required resistor already fitted and the price is quite competitive - or someone like me can make you some up. The oil pressure sensor doesn't need a resistor as it's a 3 wire so extending the fly lead that comes with it will be fine.
  10. Crash test dummy

    Sierra v Cortina wheel studs

    Check that run out.
  11. Crash test dummy

    Sierra v Cortina wheel studs

    They are both M12 x 1.5. but they do always seem very tight to me too, not just on Hi-spec hubs either. I usually put a 1/2" drill through the hole and give the splines on the studs a little tickle with a file to help. If you haven't got a press and don't want to break your bench vice use a wheel and four wheel nuts to pull the studs through the hubs. Works well with a long brace for leverage and a touch of grease on the wheel nut seats. Worth checking the run out on those hubs. I bought a set against my better judgement (I must have been drunk) and they are only fit for the bin. The run out on the disc mounting face gave me 20thou run out on the edge of the disc (about 10 times what it should be) and the diameter of the hub where the disc mounts was 0.5mm undersized so only the bolts were locating the disc. Not good. Check out also Adam R's build thread.
  12. Crash test dummy

    Wilwood Dynapro Single calipers - SOLD

    They are designed for rear applications really. The pads are not big enough for the front.
  13. Crash test dummy

    Wilwood Dynapro Single calipers - SOLD

    Only used for 1 season. Excellent condition. £100 the pair plus the postage of your choice.
  14. Crash test dummy

    Wilwood Powerlite Calipers - SOLD

    These calipers are a pair apart from the graphics. They are 1.38" alloy piston type for solid discs. I've only used them for one season so they are in excellent condition. The reason for the difference in the graphics is that I had 1 spare in the cupboard (new) and I bought a second later to give me a pair but unfortunately they must have changed the design in the meantime. When they are on the car it's not possible to compare the two easily so nobody ever pointed it out to me. £120 the pair plus postage of your choice.
  15. Crash test dummy

    Nearside rear wishbone

    Bermie means that you do need the little spacer. As standard Westfield will supply a 1/2 x 1/2 rod end with a wee sleeve that fits into the eye to allow a 7/16 bolt to fit nice and snug. The reason for this is partly tradition i.e. - they've always done it that way and mostly cost i.e 1/2 x 1/2 are a standard size and therefore easy and cheap to get hold of. Less so nowadays I think but still relevant. If you have Westfield supplied rod ends on your car have a close look and you should be able to see the spacer in the hole.

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