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  1. Crash test dummy

    Hi-spec Caliper alignment page2

    Can you measure the clearance between the outer circumference of the disc and the caliper with a feeler gauge? If it really is as close as the picture suggests then it might be a bit tight but as CosKev suggests de-rusting might do the job. It's surprising how much a disc will expand when it gets hot. You can probably centralise the caliper on the disc with a couple of thin washers between it and the upright if it bothers you.
  2. Crash test dummy

    Not as light as I thought...

    Iron block, Force wheels, carbon panels, Sierra diff, big silencer (carbon can is on the list). Clean sheet of paper build from the ground up.
  3. Crash test dummy

    Not as light as I thought...

    It's an SEiW. CEC wide mouth chassis.
  4. Crash test dummy

    Not as light as I thought...

    Here's something to aim for. Hillclimb car, XE, 4 speed sequential, full cage, on crossply slicks, not road legal. (so no lights etc). All fluids, ready to go.
  5. Crash test dummy

    Jenvy throttle bodies

    Sounds like the fuel pressure regulator. It would be unusual for it to have a filter on an FI system but common on carbs.
  6. Crash test dummy

    C20XE word of warning and engine builder advise

    You can see the size marked on the crown of the piston to the left - 86.470 which is 0.5mm oversize. If you can identify the make of piston it should be a straightforward swap.
  7. Crash test dummy

    8" and 10" Wheel Offsets?

    A 5" backspace will keep you clear of the wishbone on the rear. How far you go outboard depends on your wishbone/wheel arch combo. Similarly a 5" backspace on the front works well with a 8" overall width.
  8. Crash test dummy

    Launch/Traction Control potentiometers

    David, I'll be at Prescott. I owe you a big favour so I'll make a couple up for you gratis. Any preference for knob colour (red, yellow, green). Regards, Steve
  9. Crash test dummy

    Pagid RS14 pads for VW calipers.

    As per the title. VW caliper rears, very little use. These cost around £150 new (not sure how they justify it but they do) so £40 plus the postage of your choice.
  10. Crash test dummy

    Launch/Traction Control potentiometers

    I made a few too many of these for my needs so I've got some up for sale. 10k pots with 11 position detents - these are quite hard to find and can be expensive from well known ECU suppliers. Ideal for launch and or TC on systems such as DTA. The little box sits behind the dash panel - only the knob is visible. £15.00 plus the post each.
  11. Crash test dummy

    Willans 3 point road harness. Unused.

    Supersport harness. Manufactured in 2015 E2 approved, bought new by me and never used. It has a 7/16" bolt fixing on the shoulder straps rather than the usual snap hook fixing and the mounting fixtures are in the optional stainless steel. £40 plus the postage of your choice.
  12. Crash test dummy

    HANS 6 point harness. SOLD

    STR 6 point HANS only harness. Very nicely put together with lightweight alloy adjusters. Has 7/16" shoulder strap mountings with 8mm lap and crutch mountings. With a little ingenuity the lap and crutch belts could be 7/6" too. FIA approved - well in date (expires 2022) with hologram in place. Very little use - I bought these to tide me over while I waited for a set to be made - not crashed or damaged. £60 plus the postage of your choice.
  13. Crash test dummy

    Fuse for relay 12v supply

    The current draw of the relay coil will be less than 500ma so the cable you need (and the fuse to protect it ) can be very lightweight.
  14. Crash test dummy

    Fuse for relay 12v supply

    If you are energising the relay coil +ve direct from the master switch then some sort of fuse would be a good idea but 15A is way over the top. 3 -5A should be plenty.
  15. Crash test dummy

    Fuel Pressure

    Carbs. They get a bit grumpy over 3-4psi. Normal is 1.5 - 2psi.

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