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  1. Thanks very much for responding. I used 3Dhubs in the end and I have to say that the service was excellent. It cost me £25 to have a proto brake bell printed and delivered and the process for ordering etc was as smooth as silk. £25 in the great scheme of things isn't that much but I needed to make a small adjustment so it cost me another £25 to get that done. Overall it was great to be able to check out the dims before committing to metal but it did cost £50 on top of the £200 for the CNC of the real parts. So members like yourself will, in the log run as these things become more available, be a really big help to the rest of us.
  2. The joints are universal (excuse the pun) sizes and they are easily available on the 'bay or through on line bearing suppliers. Whip the prop off and measure the cup diameter of the cross in the middle of the joint (you might be able to do it in situ) and compare the size to the lists. You should be able to find it pretty easily.
  3. Helix 7 1/4" clutch, 2 x cerametallic plates and Turbosport flywheel. 327ft lb "Green" spring in the cover. Commonly used in rally cars these plates allow more slip and are therefore easier to control than sintered plates. The sprung plate measures 6.93mm (range is 7.3mm - 6.3mm) so not half worn yet. The sprung centre makes this clutch OK to use on the road. It's not a road clutch, it's a race clutch but in my experience you can use it on the road in small doses. It would very soon p**s you off in traffic though. The solid plate I found to be OK around the paddock but I would recommend it for any sort of road work really. It measures 7.04mm (range is 7.3mm - 6.3mm). The flywheel has just been re-faced and weighs in at 2.4kg. This lot would cost just short of £1k to buy new. £400 plus carriage of your choice.
  4. Any offers before these go on eBay?
  5. As per the title. Used once but fully re-usable. Includes assembly lube, instructions and even some lovely ARP stickers. £70 posted to mainland UK.
  6. Looking great Dave. I know what you mean about today's paint strippers. This stuff actually does strip paint: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Heavy-Duty-Industrial-Strength-Synstryp-5-Litre-Paint-Stripper-5L-Free-Gloves/201464152727?hash=item2ee8330297:g:S20AAOSwhWFcXo-P
  7. Loving item 3 on the Switched Live list!!! How many amps does that stuff use?
  8. 10 amp thinwall will be fine for the outputs from the ECU which will probably be 0.5amp or less. Same cable will be OK with the LED indicators. I wouldn't be so happy with using it for the fan though. The fan will draw just under 7 amps at 12v which is a little too close for my liking. As for the pump it depends what type you have. It certainly wouldn't be enough for most FI pumps but as you are going ECO I guess you need it for some sort of lift pump?
  9. The dimensions are all there. Compare them to my data sheet above to give you the answer .
  10. Dims for the MKIII Escort front below. Check out these people: https://www.premiermotorsportdevelopments.co.uk/brake-discs-232-c.asp
  11. The scuttle is a "firewall" too and that's plastic.
  12. You can just turn this spacer around and the seal will then run on fresh metal.
  13. Okey dokey. I've had a couple from him in the past. Good value. If you need help with the pulley drop me a PM. I might have what you need or I could turn up a spacer/sleeve easy enough.
  14. Or use your existing pulley and modify the hole diameter to fit. The Denso shaft is 17mm IIRC and a lot of other alternators are bigger than that so it's usually a question of getting a little sleeve/spacer turned up. How many grooves do you need in the pulley?
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