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  1. Crash test dummy

    C20xe cam cover restoration

    Leave it bare.
  2. Crash test dummy

    Exhaust silencer bargain.

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Caterham-Side-Exit-Silencer-NEW-CSP907B/273597627132?epid=6026810072&hash=item3fb3b07afc:g:SSMAAOSw5qJcCUSg:rk:10:pf:0 Almost £400 from Caterham.
  3. Crash test dummy

    wheel nuts

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/17mm-Shallow-open-ended-wheel-nuts-Chrome-M12-x-1-5-Ford-Toyota-etc-/192029000475?hash=item2cb5d2031b Go for 17mm socket size if you can. Lighter.
  4. Crash test dummy

    Brake hose connection. to caliper

    Yes 1/8 npt into Wilwoods.
  5. Crash test dummy

    Dash 2 to xe sensors

    Bosch do one http://www.nzefi.com/product/bosch-engine-oil-temperature-sensor/ I'm struggling to find a part number. If we can get it you might stand a chance of getting one at a decent price.
  6. Crash test dummy

    Dash 2 to xe sensors

    Tony, The oil pressure sensor is the same as the ones that I use but I get them from the 'Bay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5V-PRESSURE-TRANSDUCER-SENSOR-STAINLESS-STEEL-30-500PSI-OIL-GAS-AIR-0-5-4-5V-zhn/332316706098?hash=item4d5f9e8532:m:mQSplUWfmwOlig2XHlCKZxg:rk:3:pf:0 Over the years I've had about 4 of them from apparently different suppliers in China/HK and all bar one of them have been perfect (in race conditions too) the odd one that wasn't perfect needed scaling in the RT software so I didn't bother, just tried another. Search for 150psi pressure transducer. There is an option for these type in the RT software so you won't need to fiddle around with scaling. This will be the same as the Polish one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-8-NPT-Water-Oil-Temperature-Temp-Vehicle-Gauge-Sensor-Sender-Probe-Tool-meg/292601212956?hash=item442064301c:g:5IMAAOSwxQJbH71V It should be ok with the RT software but you'll need to scale it which can be quite difficult in my experience. That's why I use the Bosch sensor which is plug and play. I'm pretty sure that they do an npt version of the Bosch but I'm not sure which thread size. I'll have a look for you later.
  7. Crash test dummy

    Jenvey fuel rail connection

    My experience of these is that they can be a bit difficult to keep a pressure tight seal. The O ring ID does seem to be a little bit on the big side but if you use a clean piece of tube (in your case 10mm) and new O rings of the correct size then it will stay dry. I'm assuming here that what you have is genuine Jenvey. I used new O rings every time I pulled it apart. I re-used the tube but kept it very clean on the ends with fine polish (anything too abrasive will reduce the OD too much.).
  8. Crash test dummy

    Coil pack supply

    If it was me I'd remove the black/white wire altogether (it will be a relatively short run) but you could just snip it back at both ends and tape it into the loom.
  9. Crash test dummy

    Coil pack supply

    The white wire is your switched +ve (from the ignition switch via a fuse) and the black/white would have gone to the points set up on the distributor to provide the -ve to fire the old style coil. So, assuming that the white is still connected OK at the other end and goes via a suitable fuse then you could use this for the +ve on the new coil pack.
  10. Crash test dummy

    Dash 2 to xe sensors

    Tony, As far as I can see using a single pole sensor with the Dash2 is a bit of a PITA. Even a 2 pole sensor needs 3 wires and a resistor. I would drill and tap and order a sensor from eBay. The Bosch part number can be found on the Race Technology site (then search for that on the Bay) and there is a setting in the RT software for it so it's easy to set up.
  11. Crash test dummy

    Dash 2 to xe sensors

    That looks like it's been over tightened and has cracked the housing.
  12. Crash test dummy

    Dash 2 to xe sensors

    Tony, Pretty sure that OE is 1/8 npt but yours looks a long way in. Has it got a washer under the head? If so then it might have been changed at some time and will probably be a metric fine (m10x1.0). Can you read the part number on the sensor and then Google it? I usually drill and tap it out to M12 and put in another of the ECU type. If you do this you need to align the heads so that the connectors fit side by side (and you can still get them off) and watch that the tip of the sensor doesn't foul on the thermostat.
  13. Crash test dummy

    DTA E48 injectors not pulsing question

    Remind him that the E48 software is different to the S series variant and they are not interchangeable.
  14. Crash test dummy

    DTA E48 injectors not pulsing question

    The E48 only has a batch fire which means that all of the injectors will be linked on one side of the 2 pin connectors back to pin 21 (possibly pin 22) on the ECU multi pin plug. The other side of the injector 2 pin plug will all be linked together and will be connected to a 12v supply somewhere. Check for continuity on these circuits. The E48 does appear to have a test function for the injectors. Use that via the laptop if the continuity is good. If they fire under test then, as Dave points out the ECU will need a crank signal to fire the injectors while the engine is cranking, so the crank sensor would be my next port of call. Testing is the same as for the injectors, continuity first then then the test function via the ECU and also check the air gap between the sensor and the target.
  15. Crash test dummy

    DTA E48 injectors not pulsing question

    99% of these problems are wiring related. I can't remember if the E48 has the same (or similar) diagnostic functions as the S series ECUs. If it does then use the injector test function to find the wiring problem.

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