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  1. Captain Colonial

    Only Fools & MPs...

  2. Captain Colonial

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    Well said that man. if I were on the SSOT and done all that unpaid work just for the love of what I did and to get some of the OTT responses, I’d be very hard pressed not to be pushed into responding with
  3. Captain Colonial

    Low line narrow bonnet uncut *SOLD*

    Blimey, did you find some rocking horse droppings at the same time? Very rare!
  4. Captain Colonial

    Clarkson gaffe re. new Top Gear presenter.

    Just a reminder that JC not only punched the man because he didn’t produce a steak at 10 PM, he racially abused him at the same time, so let’s not pretend he only puts on the racial bit as a Bernard Manning-type throwaway humorous aside. On the other hand, anyone who punched Piers Morgan twice isn’t all bad.
  5. Captain Colonial

    membership Renewal

    And just for your reference @Man On The Clapham Omnibus your renewed membership starts from when you renewed so it expires in 365 days from now.
  6. Captain Colonial

    membership Renewal

    You don’t need to. Go to Store | Manage Purchases where you’ll see your membership purchase with an outstanding invoice and a Pay Now link. its in the FAQ pinned at the top of this section.
  7. Captain Colonial

    Not without headlights

  8. Captain Colonial

    Christmas presents.

    True. A punchline isn’t just for Christmas. Good ones get remembered beyond that.
  9. Captain Colonial

    Christmas presents.

    Thanks for that absolute open goal gift of a straight line, but I’m too good of a mood to use it.
  10. Captain Colonial

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

    Merry Christmas to everyone in the WSCC family
  11. Captain Colonial

    2019 Speed Series Registration

    Simon is in A Craig is in C John is in G
  12. Captain Colonial

    The Three-Word, Never-Ending Westfield Story

    As it is
  13. Captain Colonial

    Horrific F3 accident at Macau

    Clicky here, caution, upsetting footage Really hope everyone recovers, especially Sophia, unbelievable incident.
  14. Captain Colonial

    It slipped my mind.

    Who? Glad you’re one of us Paul...one of us....one of us...one of us..... I’m pretty sure it was me who hung that nickname on you, using your Stanley knife to slash up my brand new pack of yellow dusters to tie to the support wires for the Stoneleigh entrance frame so no one would garrot themselves walking past it.

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