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  1. Captain Colonial

    Horrific F3 accident at Macau

    Clicky here, caution, upsetting footage Really hope everyone recovers, especially Sophia, unbelievable incident.
  2. Captain Colonial

    It slipped my mind.

    Who? Glad you’re one of us Paul...one of us....one of us...one of us..... I’m pretty sure it was me who hung that nickname on you, using your Stanley knife to slash up my brand new pack of yellow dusters to tie to the support wires for the Stoneleigh entrance frame so no one would garrot themselves walking past it.
  3. Captain Colonial

    F1 pit lane bust up.

    I’m afraid it’s simple physics. Ocon was on the inside of the right hander, his car slightly behind Max but still 50% overlapped. Max turned in to take the apex without ensuring he was clear of Ocon. Ocon had no place to go (and in fact if you look at the contact photo, Ocon is two wheels off the course and straddling the kerbs trying to avoid Max turning in). Two things can’t be in the same place at once. Contact made. Physics wins. If Max had taken the wide line through the turn (as he should have), no accident. If Max had looked in his mirror or looked to his side to see if he was clear, no accident. Max knew it was Ocon and what he drives like, and should have made allowances. Sorry, but in my books, Max is 100% liable. He turned into Ocon, not the other way around. You turn right across the front of another car 50% overlapped next to you and then try to make an insurance claim saying it was the other drivers fault, and see how far you get. Max is his own worst enemy. He could be a great driver if he lives long enough to mature. It will be interesting to see how he reacts when he has an excellent chassis and probably a worse (Honda) engine next season.
  4. Captain Colonial

    Thinking of going back to a screen..........

    Except at an MOT....
  5. Captain Colonial

    Respraying - feasible or not even worth considering

    Also, from the past (2007), download and see page 11:
  6. Captain Colonial

    What hope for Brexit negotiations?

    The B word is banned from my home. Absolutely sick to death of it. Can’t wait for it to be over. It’s like starting a fire in between two houses and watching the forecast to see if the wind changes direction, which house the fire eventually burns down (or both), or if rain puts out the fire, while the two home owners argue over who started it. GET ON WITH IT.
  7. Captain Colonial

    Happy Birthday Mr Hurdsfield.

    Belated happy birthday Slasher, our chairman put it well, thanks for all you do, looking forward to seeing you wearing the 30th t-shirt on the first manned mission to Mars.
  8. Open the news link at your own risk. It’s SFW, but not for the squeamish. I’ll give you a hint - man, genitals, bulldog, peanut butter. Linky And......
  9. Captain Colonial

    Today’s Protip

    An old video gaming term - can’t remember the game, but between levels it would give you a “protip” to make you a better player. Popular Internet meme as well.
  10. Captain Colonial

    Incorrect Forum Spelling - SOLVED!

    I have, at my own expense, created something to blame for those of you who spell incorrectly in posts, or who spell correctly but use the wrong term (to / too / two, their / there / they’re, lose / loose, etc). This is a free of charge service, and you can use it as often as you like. It works quietly in the background. You won’t even know it’s there. Spell checkers are old and outdated, so I give you the future... BLAME THE SPELL CHICKEN!
  11. Captain Colonial

    Today’s Protip

    Don’t fly Air India...
  12. Captain Colonial

    Alcohol free.

    ...said The Voice Of Experience...
  13. Captain Colonial

    Crossflow waterpump.....again

    Try these if you get really stuck, I’ve had good luck with them, loads of new old Ford stock http://www.mercurymotors.co.uk/index.html
  14. Captain Colonial

    Chop chop

    That’s the WSCC Committee helicopter. I remember it well. Happy days.
  15. Captain Colonial

    Silverstone Classic 2019

    I remember the case of the FW400, weren’t they released from prison after their conviction was quashed?

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