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  1. Captain Colonial

    Porcelain sealant needed, any ideas?

    If I knew what it was! No problem emptying the water out of the pan.
  2. Captain Colonial

    Porcelain sealant needed, any ideas?

    Long story short...I need to mend a short hairline crack on an ancient toilet pan that would be ridiculously hard and expensive to replace, as it’s an old-fashioned outside loo with a high level cistern. Some brainiac, well before I arrived on the scene, concreted the pan in - I’d have to smash it to pieces to get it out. The crack is on one side near the base and the leak is tiny, in the order of one drop of water every four hours. It’s annoying rather than critical. So can anyone recommend some WHITE porcelain crack repair / sealant I can use to fix it please? Thanks
  3. Captain Colonial

    Car history

    If you give us the general format of the chassis number, it would help. For instance, a standard late 1988 chassis would be 88WSE999 if it was the 999th made that year.
  4. Captain Colonial

    Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Stunning indeed, congrats on a fantastic build and finally bringing her to life.
  5. Captain Colonial

    What a great headline.

    Reminds me of this African newspaper front page. Obviously their reporting style is even more dramatic...
  6. Captain Colonial

    The flight now leaving the A11...

    ...is the Silver Van Special. Enjoy your flight. Clicky
  7. Captain Colonial

    The “People Who Need A Slap” Thread

    If I did, the dumb BA steward would just sit there and rev and backfire until the fuel tank was empty.
  8. Captain Colonial

    The “People Who Need A Slap” Thread

    You’d have to hear it to believe it Dave. It goes on for about 10-15 seconds at a time, not just a couple of burps and bumps for a second or two. I can hear him coming from 1/2 mile away at 2 in the morning.
  9. Wouldn’t it make you feel better if you could give someone that truly deserves it just one really good slap? If the answer is yes, this thread is for you. i’ll start us off... There’s a local who drives past my house 6-8 times a day (even after midnight) in his modded and slammed Citroen C2, of all things. The C2 has a 1.0l petrol engine taken from a lawn mower and hooked up to the gearbox from a sewing machine (no speeds, just patterns - stretch stitch, buttonhole, zigzag, etc). That’s fine, each to their own My issue is that he has invested in an aftermarket kit that shoots raw petrol into the exhaust every time he backs off the throttle, enough to create 2-3 backfires per second. Thus he spends most of his driving accelerating hard up to 10 mph over the limit and backing off, making it sound like we’re under sustained gunfire from an AK-47. It can heard up to 1/2 mile away. He wakes me up very early and very late with his stupid attention seeking device, and he needs a very badly. Your turn - who needs a ?
  10. Captain Colonial

    Speed Series Dinner

    Is it being held in black and white this year, Chris?
  11. Captain Colonial

    Sunglasses / Drivng Goggles

    I’ve got wind deflectors which helps a great deal. A lot of the members wear Maui Jim sunglasses, as do I. And yes, I do have a flying helmet and googles.
  12. Captain Colonial

    Sunglasses / Drivng Goggles

    I’m ready.... But first, are you running with doors or with wind deflectors?
  13. Captain Colonial

    Fuel tank removal

    Yep, just undo the strap screws and the clamps around the filler neck and bottom hoses. If you undo the supply hose at the carbs and stick the end into a jerry can, you can then use the fuel pump to drain the tank the easy way. Rinse it out thoroughly before you get someone to weld it. If you’re brave and welding it yourself, cap off the bottom outlets and fill the tank with water first.
  14. Captain Colonial

    Anyone got JK seats in a narrow?

    So already planning future upgrades and thinking about replacing the Richfield RX777 seats with some JKs providing they will fit my narrow. I’m hoping this will gain me a bit more legroom plus some thigh support. Any narrow owners out there with JK seats? Happy with them? Pics if possible. TIA!
  15. Captain Colonial

    Decorating advice needed

    Get a new wife who doesn’t care about the decor.

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