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  1. Great write up Why aren’t these being copied and printed in WW? Looking forward to the rest of the series when Thrustyjust meets.... > The taxman > His doom > The wrath of his fed-up partner etc, etc, etc
  2. Only just seen this...for those of a nervous disposition, not technically minded or who don’t give a flying fart, stop reading now. Still here? There are actually TWO Speed Series packages in the store, but you can only see one of them. One of them can only be seen by members, and the other one can only be seen if you’re an Admin / AO / Life Member / Speed Series Organising Team / etc user group member. The first package changes your user group to Speed Series Competitor, but the second one doesn’t so those people stay in their respective user groups and retain their particular unique forum privileges as necessary. Thus the link Terry put up would only work and can only be seen by the latter group. If you just go to the Store, whatever group you’re in, you’ll be offered the package that’s correct for your user group.
  3. @Rednop1 Thanks good sir, I've added the FW400 brochure to the Downloads section now too.
  4. I can heartily recommend the umbrellas, well worth the price, certainly better than buying 3 cheap umbrellas that fall apart. I had mine in my tin top boot, stored in lengthways instead of sideways, slammed the boot and it dented the seat back and inside boot trim while sustaining no damage to tne umbrella itself. Still got mine four years on.
  5. Thanks again to @Paul Morcom for the help on this one! I've compiled them now into 2017 and 2018 Word documents and uploaded them as below, so we have Tel's Tales Compilations rightfully up to date again. https://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/files/category/36-tels-tales-compilations/
  6. Many thanks to @Castlecroft for supplying four price lists from 2000-2007, which have now been uploaded. Go take a look if your heart can take the shock! Keep ‘em coming!
  7. Thanks Paul, well done! I’ll get them uploaded ASAP. Your help much appreciated.
  8. Gents The Tel's Tales Compilations for 2017 and 2018 haven't been done by anyone and are missing from the Download section, which is a tremendous pity considering how hard Terry works to put them together. Will one of you take a few minutes to cut and paste them from Terry's past blogs into Word documents so I can upload them for our permanent enjoyment? I'd appreciate it - thank you.
  9. The uploading continues! I've caught up now (I think), 20 brochure and 1 price list. I've put them in brochures and price lists in separate sub-categories to make it easier to browse. If you have any that don't appear in those lists, please let me know so we can add it to the library - thank you!
  10. The two price lists and the Kit Cars International article please including the front cover please. You can save these either as either JPGs or as a PDF file and PM them to me. If you could also PM me the contact details for that magazine (probably on Page 1), I can make an effort to contact them or whoever now owns them to get permission to reproduce it and make @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary happy Thanks!
  11. It’s quite telling that the brochure about a single Westfield model that’s been downloaded the most often so far just happens to be the one with a woman on the front. What a coincidence...
  12. If anyone has any addition information they can contribute on individual documents, comments have been enabled so please feel free to do so.
  13. Three more added, 14 in total now, great work!
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