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  1. Captain Colonial

    Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

    And that, m’lord, is the case for the prosecution. “Recommend”? Professional help!
  2. Captain Colonial

    Group Runs, never taken part in one before?

    I’m going to say this with caution and experience here...choose carefully who leads or is even IN the group. Normally it would be the AO to start with, but in tne excitement after a break, another may volunteer to lead. This is fine, but there is sometimes a lead foot or risk taker who can really put things in jeopardy for all. Choose the leader and tail gunner responsibly. You’re having fun, but you’re looking after each other too. i know of one group where they had a proper whack job, overtaking on solid whites and curves, late braking, doing well over the speed limit, etc. He ended up running into the back of another member’s car on a run from being too aggressive. (He also wrecked his car on two other occasions.). After that, he was never invited to join any more area runs. So AOs, don’t be afraid to take control if and when necessary.
  3. Captain Colonial

    Just a quick thank you

    Sorry to read you had troubles, but I can see the issue in your photo. Durarecs don’t like Schweppes. Hope it’s sorted soon!
  4. Captain Colonial

    Show me your dashboards !

    You are a very bad man Mr Secretary, Keep up the good work.
  5. Captain Colonial

    Denso 40A Compact Alternator

    Much better!
  6. Captain Colonial

    Ridiculous sportspeople.

    Simple - have a clean cycling tour and a drugged cycling tour, where they can take whatever they like. It would be entertaining.
  7. Captain Colonial

    Denso 40A Compact Alternator

    Off topic I know, but @fadi_sulaiman00@yahoo.com I would suggest you alter your public forum name as it’s not really a good idea to have your email address displayed so prominently. Just trying to help you look after your own best interests. :
  8. Captain Colonial

    Silverstone camping.

    It’s proof to show you’ve paid to camp and that you will be given a space. Ticket implies an event, which camping can be of course, but it’s not an event in the eyes of the organisers. They mean of course it’s not a ticket that will get you into the event itself.
  9. Captain Colonial

    Steering Wheel recomendations

    Yep. Note the wide window to the display / gauges and notched thumb recesses. Also feels solid and chunky.
  10. Captain Colonial

    Le Mans Classic 2018

    Yeah...forgot to tell you about them. They’re always likely to do that. Not always a job full of perks. Sorry.
  11. Captain Colonial

    Steering Wheel recomendations

    I get mocked in here for saying this - I don’t care. Narrow it down to a couple and print 1:1 scale photos, then see how they look in situ. You may not decide on one you like but it may help eliminate one you don’t like. Also cut out the opening and ensure you can see your gauges through the wheel, and see if it fouls your thighs. Have fun! /Team Momo leather 280mm diameter, very happy
  12. Captain Colonial

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    A Vauxhall Cavalier convertible? And next to a classic old Bentley? Okaaaaaaaay...
  13. Captain Colonial

    Help with ignition ID

    You might want to change your coil as well, fairly cheap and if you fried the module there’s a chance the coil bought the farm too. Also check the rotor arm and dizzy cap contacts, make sure they’re clean.
  14. Captain Colonial

    Help with ignition ID

    You should be able to get the module / amplifier cheap from a local motor factor and try that first before tearing the dizzy out. Do you know what year the engine is? If not, you can find out here from your engine serial number (which should be on your V5 document). That will help part finding. http://www.burtonpower.com/tuning-guides/tuning-guide-pages/ford-manufacture-dates.html
  15. Captain Colonial

    Sword Beach D Day rock concert. Disrespectful?

    And it wasn’t actually that near it either, at least 150 yards away from it, but the camera angle foreshortened the visual perspective.

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