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  1. Bubba

    Polo Radiator

    Slightly off topic what did you upgrade to? Think I need to go that route
  2. b******* I was looking for one of these on the Westfield site. Why does it not slide down enough? Have you got any pics of it on?
  3. Is this for the Widebody? If so can you mail me some pics plz?
  4. Well done and welcome to the 1st time passed club!
  5. Bubba

    Steering UJ

    Thanks Mark, but mine seems to have a female and then a male extension about 8cm long?
  6. Bubba

    Steering UJ

    Got the quick release done on my steering column and am having trouble getting the upper column into the UJ. It doesn't feel like the splines are lining up correctly so wanted to buy another UJ to try it, but what car is it from or is it a specific Westfield one? I have the FW kit from last year.
  7. Wanna book a short break (5 - 7 nights in a warm location no more than 5 hours flying) with SWMBO in November and really not finding anything that grabs from lastminute, expedia, teletext, holidayhypermarket. What other sites do you use for your hols, feel like I've done Egypt to death even though it is lovely and warm in Nov. Answers on a postcard please, ta.
  8. Very professional looking for a Club Merchandise store (or any store for that matter), well done on it. Was gonna order a waterproof suit but it would clash with my car (Such a hairdresser!) Great idea about the layers, being a falling snowboarder I know all about layering up (spend lots of time in rather than on the snow!) and the helly undergear is pretty good.
  9. There was a Top Gear episode which featured the Yeti and landing a helicopter on it. It makes interesting viewing and even Clarkson was impressed!
  10. Nice car, good luck with the sale. What Elise you thinking off? I had a 111R and driving wise I much prefer my Westie but if it means peace from SWMBO then worth it.
  11. that's a nice looking car, good luck with your sale
  12. After being in the wilderness that is <1mbs broadband for so long i am now embracing sky on demand and found Counting Cars on History. This program is real fun to watch the guy see's old American cars in the streets buys them of people and then flips them. A great program with some real characters and the guy has a heart as well. Catch it if you can I believe it's repeated on History a bit as well. My favourite so far has gotta be the 71 Charger they did up. If The Count came up to me on the streets of Vegas wanting to buy a car I think I would freak as he deffo looks more Biker than businessman. The guy has an amazing collection of cars too!
  13. prob because it's the first week after the school hols have finished. Lots of people without kids go now as it's a bit cheaper, quieter and less kids about. 4 of the guys in my team of 20 are doing just that tomorrow night
  14. I think as advised before offer to pay them back at silly amounts a week as the admin won't be worth it. If months had elapsed I would have told them to go poke it but they have realised quite quickly.
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