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  1. My sump doesn't ground but there are witness marks where it has done in the past. Obviously you ride height will have a bearing on this too. I suspect that your sump is a similar depth to mine (give the 20mm difference to bell housing) but that your ride height is lower.
  2. BillyPee

    GBS Cars and Coffee, Ollerton, Notts, Sat 22nd Sept

    Looks like a fun day out but unfortunately I am taking the Westy for MOT this morning so cannot make it. Hope the weather stays dry for everyone.
  3. BillyPee

    Cheshire & N. Staffs Monthly meet, Thursday 6th September.

    Thanks Jon. Yep, fingers crossed for October.
  4. BillyPee

    Cheshire & N. Staffs Monthly meet, Thursday 6th September.

    Got to the bottom of it (we think). The car was turning over and there was definitely spark. It wanted to start but just never kept got/kept going. With it working 100% the weekend before, we put it down to bad fuel, low fuel pressure, blockage, etc. Yesterday we checked and set the FPR to 3 PSI (it was 1.5 PSI), but that made no difference. All the filters (tank to pump, FPR, carbs) were clean so not that. Ran fresh fuel from a can but that made no difference either. Continued head scratching. Swapped out the new spark plugs for the old ones and... it fired up immediately. I had used NGK Iridium spark plugs for the first time and it has been running on them a couple of weeks ago but the old BRP7ES plugs seem to be what the engine prefers. Strange as the iridium plus were sparking against the head, just must not have been strong enough. Oh well, another lesson learnt.
  5. BillyPee

    Gearbox clunking at idle

    Yep, sounds like a plan. Need to take the scuttle off to do that but at least it is now easy enough to remove.
  6. BillyPee

    Cheshire & N. Staffs Monthly meet, Thursday 6th September.

    Westy wouldn't start . Something different this time but not had time to investigate; something for the weekend.
  7. BillyPee

    Gearbox clunking at idle

    Thanks for the responses guys. I will check the release arm but I am not convinced that it is that. The noise is a clunk-clunk-clunk at a regular rhythm, rather than a rattle. My dad went out in it yesterday and it did not make the clunking noise but it was a short run which did not get it up to speed and the ambient temperature was much lower. It might just be something insignificant that is going to clearance itself. The other thing that is not working is the speedo, which is mechanically driven by the gearbox drive. The cable is firmly attached with a circlip; just hoping that nothing fell off inside the box. Needs investigation too.
  8. BillyPee

    Cheshire & N. Staffs Monthly meet, Thursday 6th September.

    I will be there this month. I will probably just meet you guys at the Swettenham Arms. Have fun.
  9. BillyPee

    Lifting A Crossflow

    Having done this a few times this year, I used the cylinder head bolts (intake) and studs (exhaust). I put these through the chain links and used penny washers to stop the nuts going through the holes. Worked well for me.
  10. BillyPee

    Megajolt Alternative

    Omex 200
  11. BillyPee

    Gearbox clunking at idle

    I have had my first shakedown drive this year and I am happy to report the engine is running really well. However, I do have an annoying clunking noise from the gearbox at idle which disappears when I depress the clutch. I have done a search and found what I believe to be the same issue reported 15 years ago. Is the advice still the same? I am worried that, as the clutch disengages the engine drive from the gearbox, does that indicate that there is a problem with the gearbox idle? I don't want to break my freshly rebuilt Type 9! Cheers, Bill
  12. BillyPee

    No Spark!

    Hi Franco, this post from Mike was referring to the problem I have been having. It sounds identical. If you are still having problems, there is plenty of other sound advice in my thread.
  13. BillyPee

    No Spark - Intermittent

    Thanks for that link Michael, I never knew they existed!
  14. BillyPee

    Peak District Rudyard Run, Saturday 1st Sept

    Looks like a fantastic day out for everyone (maybe not Jon) but especially Ian.

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