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  1. For Sale: Westfield SEiW Mazda SDV 1600 I've been asked to add some front suspension photos so here we are... Now MOT'd to 31 May 2019 Can be viewed at Stoneleigh on Sunday 6th May . Built by current owner (BobMet) in 2009-2011, passing its IVA at the first attempt in Cardiff. Electric blue Classic bodywork, detachable rear arches, locking boot box & high-level brake light. Black powder coated chassis & suspension etc. 1600 cc 114 BHP MX5 engine - runs superbly, no oil usage, no smoke, no rattles. Donor was a 1990 UK car with mileage 109000. The Westie has now completed 16500 trouble-free miles since completion so the odometer now shows 125500 (original instrumentation utilised during the build.) It’s been used mainly for two-up continental touring holidays, probably for about 75 % of its mileage. Very comfortable for driver and passenger. Averages 39 mpg including a mix of country roads, 75-80 mph motorway runs and everything in-between. Setup for touring and comes with hood, sidescreens and fitted spare wheel with cover. The spare is identical to the fitted wheels which are Dezent 6.5 x 15 alloys with Continental 195/50 tyres. Built with new Sachs clutch and flywheel. Westfield stainless steel exhaust manifold. Free-flow induction system using K&N cone filter (retains original ECU & MAF sensor). Protech adjustable alloy dampers all round. Fronts are 1/2 in longer than standard to allow more suspension travel in “droop” when driving on real roads! Brakes are standard MX5, built with new discs, pads and fully rebuilt calipers. Heated windscreen. Luke 4-point harnesses with centre rotary buckles and “pull-up” adjusting straps. Black vinyl sports seats on runners. Fully carpeted. Very neat black vinyl covered panels under the dashboard to give a clean, fully enclosed finish. CTEK socket on the dashboard for connecting a charger/conditioner, with indicator LEDs for monitoring battery. Power/cigar socket in dashboard. Rok strap anchors on rear bulkhead for easily and neatly strapping items on top of the boot (the straps themselves will be included). 3 interior storage pockets in elasticated black vinyl. Sparco flat-bottomed leather-rimmed steering wheel. Eccentric Brown & Geeson spacer fitted between wheel and collapsible Momo boss. This brings the wheel towards the driver by 10 mm and raises it 15 mm to make the instruments more visible for taller drivers. Carbon effect rear light housings and handbrake/gear lever gaiter rings. Garaged every winter with tyres pumped up to 50 psi to prevent flat-spotting, and engine oil & filter changed annually before each hibernation. Recent new battery and Magnecor HT leads. Going for its MOT 1st May - no issues expected - update to follow. Complete history file and manuals. £6950
  2. BobMet

    New Member Introduction

    Looks superb (I assume it came with a bonnet!? haha). Welcome from nearby Newcastle Emlyn.
  3. BobMet

    Cycle wing with adhesive How to Guide

    Thanks, looks promising. Let us know how they stand up to road use.
  4. BobMet

    Maddening suspension squeak

    My suspension squeaks have not returned is about 2 years and 6000 miles since the fork oil treatment (touch wood). As I think someone mentioned, don't let the bushes soak in oil or it may do them long term damage. Perhaps slackening the bolts with the suspension compressed (i.e. one or two people in the car at the same time) and a dribble of oil will do it. Make sure you wipe off the excess. BTW, any chance it might be your rear springs rubbing on the dampers? I had a bit of that and solved it by replacing with larger diameter springs (2.25 in v 1.9in?) and changing the platforms to match, of course. Good luck.
  5. BobMet

    Changing a Speedo

    I believe with some digital units you have a short time after installation to set the starting mileage to whatever you want. Can't remember the model - might be ones aimed at motorcycles.
  6. BobMet

    SOLD - Wind Deflectors

    Thanks for the interest everyone. Sold to James - please drop me a PM and we'll make arrangements. Bob
  7. BobMet

    SOLD - Wind Deflectors

    One pair of hardly used wind deflectors. Unmarked condition. £40 + £7 P&P, or buyer can collect if you fancy a trip to west Wales. Bob
  8. BobMet

    Brushes with fame

    Did a spot on Countryfile a few years ago with Julia Bradbury in the Hebrides. Absolutely charming, down to earth, very smart and quite a petrol head. I nearly lost it on ice driving her down the hill in a knackered Punto to go and launch a weather balloon.
  9. BobMet

    MX5 exhaust manifold

    Thanks for all the comments guys. I'll definitely go for one. Bunje, I'd be very interested. Please PM me when you've got a price and a date.
  10. BobMet

    MX5 exhaust manifold

    Advice sought from the MX5 collective... My original 1990 1.6 manifold has blown a hole after 5 years and 15000 miles in the Westie. I'm considering g this as an opportunity to upgrade, perhaps to the Westfield supplied stainless manifold. What do users think of its quality and its effects on performance and sound? Any issues fitting it? Thanks, Bob
  11. BobMet

    New Westfield owner

    Beautiful looking car. You've given me some ideas for the colour scheme on the next one I build!
  12. BobMet

    Handbrake routing for iva

    Looks OK from what I can see. Just make sure the propshaft and driveshafts have no chance of contacting the cable - check by raising and lowering the suspension though full travel and allow plenty of clearance for vibration. Before committing it might be worth checking if other items you might need to fit in the vicinity could get I the way e.g. fuel filter, any other brake and fuel pipes, wiring etc. On my MX5 SDV the handbrake cables seem to hang quite low below the car but are nowhere near the lowest part and have never got "caught" by anything.
  13. Grossglockner pass in Austria last week, well into the 20s Celsius even at 2500 M - lovely jubbly! Pasterze glacier in the background.
  14. All 4 pages scanned for you... http://s1076.photobucket.com/user/BobMet/media/Westfield%20Boot/Locking%20Boot%20Lid0001_zpsunwebru6.jpg.html http://s1076.photobucket.com/user/BobMet/media/Westfield%20Boot/Locking%20Boot%20Lid0002_zpsdtovaqs7.jpg.html http://s1076.photobucket.com/user/BobMet/media/Westfield%20Boot/Locking%20Boot%20Lid0003_zpsdlvk9g5d.jpg.html http://s1076.photobucket.com/user/BobMet/media/Westfield%20Boot/Locking%20Boot%20Lid0004_zpsleqk67yu.jpg.html
  15. I think so. I'll check when I get home tomorrow afternoon.

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