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  1. He he - i have 4 of those pulley wheels as drinks coasters on my coffee table. And thats a glass topped dodge viper le mans racer wheel... Ben
  2. Getting back on topic, mine has a ducted nosecone, and from the day it left the factory, has never needed the system draining to disassemble the front end. There's a little more to it than 3 bolts though. There are two fixings on the underside of the nose, two fixings one either side attaching the cone to the tub sections and then 3 fixing attaching the nose cone to the internal ducting on the trailing edge of the duct. once these are all removed, the nose can be persuaded off as it also sits on a couple of lugs. For what it's worth, my horn was behind the ducting, so in the engine bay and accessible without touching the nose. I guess a home builder could locate it anywhere though, but have a good look to check yours hasn't just dropped off. Ben
  3. With regard to changing to LSD, your diff runs push in joints. Ford LSDs cannot be run with these, although you could have a quaife ATB diff fitted to your existing set up. To run a ford viscous LSD you would need to swap your joints from push ins to lobros. However, there are differing sizes of joints and shaft diameter in use, depending on the version of sierra used, which may or may not present a problem. So youll need to do a little research, but for what its worth i have done just such a conversion, albeit mine isnt an SDV. Ben
  4. If you're worried you'll snap one of the supports, take 15 minutes to reassure yourself by removing one of them. Once it's in your hands, technically minded or not you'll appreciate it's not going to snap until a lot of other destruction has taken place. It's a staggeringly solid piece of metal, far beefier than any other tube in the chassis. IMHO of course. Ben
  5. I was once compelled through circumstances to use my westy for my 160 mile round trip commute in the snow. Snow tyres would have made it more exploitable I'm sure, although the yoko 539s coped. But the exposure to the salt made it age 10 years in 2 days. So if your planning snow winter use, make sure its well coated in acf/scottoiler/wd40. The recent post on winter tyres had me wondering about a set steel wheels and winter tyres for some winter fun as they should grip better in the low temperatures. Ben
  6. Another recommendation for nilfisk from me. Mine was £75ish, runs off my waterbutt, has a very long hose, lots of attachments, and the reputedly more durable internals. Ben
  7. I can't answer your question, but I bought some nitrons from Westfield and when I checked the number on the base of the springs some years later when I wanted to replace them, Westfield could not id them. They no longer recognised the serial number. Mine were red, what colour are yours? it's possible to have them measured so you know their rate. As I just needed to refresh the appearance I simply painted mine without ever knowing the rate. Ben
  8. The glass simply rests on the wheel. However there is a slight groove around the diameter of the wheel, and a length of clear plastic hose sits in this perfectly to prevent the metal and glass contacting.
  9. In a previous career I recall testing one of those and being rather unimpressed. Its a lot of car for the money now, but there are any number of AMG mercs that would crush it in every respect for the same sort of money though. Ben
  10. My coffee table is a glass topped dodge viper le mans racer wheel with a set of 4 zetec cam pulleys as drinks coasters. Although they are all my girlfriend let me keep from my former Batchelor pad Ben
  11. That is a lot of car for the money, I'm quite depressed as I'd have thought it worth a fair bit more. I'm particularly intrigued by the nose cone/grille do you have a better pic of that you could show? Ben PS Peet, my own car scares me from the passenger seat even after 10 years. But when you're driving its a not remotely daunting an experience - you zone in and feel at one with it in a way that you can't comprehend from the passenger seat. And you will get used to the performance and even eventually want more.
  12. A radio is a must have, and a small heater will make winter tinkering that much more enjoyable. Then as much shelving and wall storage mechanisms as you can manage - its amazing how much stuff you start stockpiling in the man cave. I'm liking the idea of a dedicated garage laptop for mine... Ben
  13. BEN99W

    Aero Screens

    Yeah, just to clarify, the tape is hidden completely by the fillet. I've not left it looking like the screen is just taped on... Ben
  14. BEN99W

    Aero Screens

    I too have an AA composites aeroscreen. I had to remove a lot of silicon when I initially fitted my aero screen, and then used a relatively hastily applied strip of duct tape when I refitted the windscreen. I've been out in the rain twice since, and not a drop has come through under the screen. Ben
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