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  1. Not sure i'd go for a caged car for road use, however you can't be too safe! This is a REALLY nice road car.... Not sure how far he would be prepared to negotiate but i think there might be some movement?
  2. Bananaman

    2004 Westfield SEW - SOLD

    Is the car a solid rear axel?
  3. Bananaman

    (SOLD) 2.0 XE SEiW

    Road Cars don't come much nicer than this.....
  4. Bananaman

    Having a clear out!

    OI might be able to do you some kind of swap deal on the protecs for spax, will send you a PM
  5. http://my.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MyEbayBeta&currentpage=MyeBayNextSelling
  6. Bananaman

    5x allloy wheels and tyres 7" 15"

    Hi, I'll take these please, PM on way
  7. Bananaman

    ST170 SEIW - SOLD

  8. Bananaman

    ,Cycle Wings

    can you take a picture of the rear of the nose i.e. the bit that the bonnet sits next to? Ta
  9. Bananaman

    Westfield SOLD nose tub scuttle and 2 v8 bonnet

    Hi David, I'll take the full set please, might split a few items once i'll figured out what bits i'm gonna use. PM sent
  10. Bananaman

    Westfield SOLD nose tub scuttle and 2 v8 bonnet

    Interested in the nose cone
  11. Bananaman

    ,Cycle Wings

    I'm interested in the nose cone, is it ZK bodywork?
  12. Bananaman

    another 2 cars for your comments

    It's also more than likely a narrow body car... If you have slim hips and want a track tool it's probably a good should but if your bigger than average and want a road car then probably not what i'd choose!
  13. Bananaman

    Momo steering wheel SOLD

    Did this sell, if not i'll take it please.
  14. Bananaman

    Wndscreen Wiper motor

    Had no joy with allegory... seems to have vanished! so still looking for wiper motor....
  15. Bananaman

    Westfield SEIW 1840 Crossflow SOLD

    Looks like a very nice car,I bet that motor sounds sweet? Good luck with the sale.

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