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  1. I'm going to make some Plexiglas screens to fit standard windscreen pillars similar to the above. Will be making 3 of these, one for me and two spares!
  2. Hi I have one of these with bolt on stays, live in South Manchester. Andy
  3. Sussed it out, thanks John, all booked up now...… Can't wait, it's been far too long...….
  4. Being a bit thick here, where do i register for the trackday?
  5. Mark, I'll have it if you come round and help me make it... Andy
  6. What a great motor, and loads of history from club members.....
  7. can't believe this hasn't sold, there perfect for a westfield and a really good price!
  8. Not surprised, definitely a come buy me price.
  9. I have a 1996 SEiW which will be for sale in the next couple of weeks. 2.0 Raceline Zetec on Throttle Bodies, Type 9 gearbox. In very good condition.
  10. Hi Jim, Sorry it's the newer style uprights i'm after. Thanks Andy
  11. Has anybody got a pair of Windscreen uprights for sale? Will take screen as well but uprights are the main thing. Thanks
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