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  1. I'm marshalling for all 3 days so hope the weather holds up for everyone. I'll drop by to say hello on Sunday morning. MSV have issued the provisional timetable on the Oulton Park Facebook page
  2. On the way back from MOT this morning, it has been off the road for a too long .
  3. This guy has posted a link from the LMC Facebook page (http://www.iphotix.com/portfolio409104.html). I was marshalling on the Finish line.
  4. Hi Rob Good to see you and Ian yesterday. Real bad luck with the car, but you have the dubious honour of being the only car to enter Parc Ferme sideways See you next year Bill
  5. On behalf of LMC, thanks for the kind comments on our event last Saturday, delighted to hear you all had a good time. 2 practice runs, 6 timed runs with a total of 741 starts wasn't a bad start to the season. (I got sunburned as well) As far as I know no golf balls or other substances were offed for sale, but if anyone wants hubcaps....... Look forward to seeing you again next time. Bill - LMC Chief Marshal
  6. Simon I had a chat with your parents this morning, I was doing the timing clock at the finish of Stage 3, just outside Chester. The car was running well and your parents seemed to be enjoying themselves. The Rally of the Tests is a great event, I've marshalled it for the last 3 years. You're right about those big Mercs look great when they're being thrown around. Bill
  7. It stayed dry all day for two practices and three timed runs, 695 starts a new record for Aintree. Hope everyone enjoyed the day. Scott "media" Beeland will be along shortly with pictures and hopefully the report. Didn't get chance to see everyone I was on the Finish line and by the time we had cleared up the circuit you'd all gone. Our next events are on 25th June and 3rd Sept., but we have a trackday on 28th May if anyone is interested. Bill
  8. Joff There is a BMMC Speed Event training day at Harewood on 27th Feb. Contact Mike Shorley on 019977780035. Other training days for Rally/Speed and Race across the UK on www.marshals.co.uk and follow the link to training days. Bill
  9. Joff Petrolhead beat me to it. If you're interested, the BMMC is running a Speed Event Training day at Harewood on 27th Feb. Their website gives the contact details as Mike Shorley on 01977780035. There are details of Rally speed and Race Training days for Marshals across the UK on the BMMC site www.marshals.co.uk Bill
  10. Bernie I shall be there with as many layers of orange clothing I can find, with only a yellow flag for protection. I think I'm at the end of Railway Straight, ice and classic brakes should be good for a laugh!!!. Shame you won't be out there Scott, but look on the bright side you haven't had to go out and buy snow tyres There's a rumour that Plod may set up a speed trap on the short section of public road between the Melling crossing and Seeds Lane, don't ya just love em Shades of Rally GB. Still imagine the conversation, "Ello ello, going a bit fast weren't we sir, who do we think we are Sterling Moss?" Hope everyone going has a good day Bill
  11. Thanks Scott Look forward to picking up the boghouse blue bits after you at Aintree on 2nd October. How's the leg after Loton? Bill
  12. Taffy Being a sad "quality anorak" the 5 S' are part of Lean Manufacturing techniques and as ususal started in Japan. The basics borrowed from another website are:- Traditionally 5S (or any of its derivatives) is thought of as being just about tidying up or good housekeeping and on a simple level it is, but approached properly it can be much more than that. The S’s of 5S are originally Japanese words. Sort, Straighten, Shine, Systemise and Sustain have been commonly adopted to try and use 5 meaningful English words beginning with S. Sort The first step of 5S involves getting rid of rubbish and clutter as you might expect, it also includes cleaning, getting rid of dust and oil etc. In a machine shop it would include dumping broken equipment or tools and materials that have not been used in a significant length of time and are not likely to be used in the near future. Applying 5S to an office environment would include removing files and papers that have no use in the near future (often things you sort through on a daily basis wasting time doing so in the process). By getting rid of these unused items you can free up space, reduce the number of obstacles you have to walk around and find other more important items needed on a daily basis much more quickly. “ Tagging” items is a common approach when deciding what is to be thrown away. An area is targeted, items likely to be disposed of are tagged with a red tag and a date, if the item is not used after a certain period of time (often somewhere between 1 to 6 months) it is then disposed of. Straighten This phase of 5S is all about keeping things in their rightful place. Tools are put where they are needed, often utilising shadow boards thereby making sure they are to hand and labelled as they should be. Ergonomics are taken into account, such that commonly used items are stored within easy reach, reducing the need for bending, stretching and excessive walking. Wheels are put on items that have to be moved, perhaps tool boxes and portable workbenches or storage chests. All these things can be summed up if you compare a kitchen and typical garage. In a garage tools, paint tins, oil and dust sheets are often left around requiring a degree of searching in order to find what you are looking for. Compare that to a kitchen where cutlery is separated out into compartments in drawers, pans are easily to hand. Generally a kitchen is much tidier and easier to work in where most people can find the items they need. Shine Once the rubbish has been disposed of and everything has been given its proper place, this phase of 5S is all about maintaining the newly found order. Here the responsibility for workplace tidiness is moved back to the operators from the cleaners. Daily 5 – 10 minute cleaning routines are established to maintain a clean and tidy working environment. Operators are made responsible for their own working area keeping equipment clean and in good order and making sure tools are where they should be. In a similar way to pre and post flight checks that a pilot might carry out, a cleaning regime is carefully documented and timed to make sure enough time is given to carry out the necessary work and everybody know what is required of them. It is important to make sure everyone has the right level of training for the tasks they have been assigned and that all this is noted in the “flight checks” documentation (which of course have their own place and should be kept to hand). Systemise You could sum up this phase of 5S as “Maintaining routine”. Once the workplace has got through the first three phases it is often difficult to keep it up to the new standards you have set yourself. Do not underestimate how difficult it will be to maintain your new tidy work area, even Toyota have found that it can take months to instil this mind set into their employees. Random, detailed audits of different work area are often used to help maintain standards. These should be suitably strict, both praising good practice and highlighting areas for improvement. Trophies and other staff incentives including making the audit results a part of staff appraisals have been used with different companies according to company culture. Sustain From now on, we are moving into the area of “Kaizen” or ongoing improvement. All the previous steps of 5S have been about creating and maintaining a clean and tidy working environment. This phase of 5S is about moving forward not just maintaining the standards you’ve set yourself but building on those and raising the bar. It means not just cleaning up spills and leaks but tackling the underlying causes of those problems. In order to do this it requires that records be kept of problems, when they occur, how often, how long they lasted etc. Having identified the biggest problems (perhaps using a Pareto analysis) action to tackle the sources of those problems can be targeted accordingly. This phase of 5S involves a long-term culture change to one where systems and standards are accepted and valued as a way of improvement. Operators question what they can see is out of place and look beyond the symptoms of a problem to tackle the underlying cause. Regards Bill (aka sad git who needs to get out in the Westfild more)
  13. Scott Pleased to hear you are OK. I was looking forward to seeing you passing my marshals post at the top of the hill (and you 12 point) but heard the call from post 1 for paramedics. Hope to see you at the Aintree trackday Bill
  14. Yes thanks Scott, I was the marshal that ran 200 yards to pick the bits after your front wings suffered their lack of adhesion. Glad you got back to the paddock safely. I did come looking for you at lunchtime but you must have been in the other blue boghouse "tidying up". The exhaust system that fell off the Reliant Scimitar and bounced down the track at us at 110 mph was "interesting" to watch as well. We were think of starting to build a car before lunch. On behalf of Liverpool Motor Club can I say thanks to all the WSCC competitors and supporters who turned up at Aintree today, you were great competitors and a credit to the Speed Series Championship. Look forward to seeing you again before too long. If for the next event at Aintree you have any issues with parking or passes at the gate ( within reason) email me before the event and I will see what we can do. My Club email is marshals@liverpoolmotorclub.com. For any owners in the area we have a trackday on 29th May see the Liverpool Motor Club website for details. Bill
  15. There should be a separate parking space for WSCC members adjacent to the paddock, on the left as you enter the circuit. The road to the normal car park for spectators is still chewed up from the Grand National, unless anyone has a 4x4 version and keeping quiet about it. The security (Aintree Racecourse staff) at the entrance will be manned from 9am, so will be able to keep an eye on the WSCC area. Should be a good day, Seight has arrived and about half the Catervans have turned up. 54 of them from their Academy, the marshals are in for a busy day. Hope to see some of you tomorrow, orange overalls and a westfield badge, can't miss me, unless you're competing, in which case try very, very hard to miss me Bill
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