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  1. Andy Banks - Chairman

    New MD for Westfield

    Yes indeed, spoke to Simon earlier today on a prompt from other folks and wished him well.
  2. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Julie's Battle of the Odo's 2018

    Congratulations Matt. Thank you to all who took part, voucher will be organised for the winner and membership discounts applied for renewals for the runners up. @Mark (smokey mow), red or white cabbage?
  3. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Readying the Garage

    Most folks have sensible ideas, but this pretty much nails the essentials I think....
  4. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Thrustyjust Meets ..........................................

    Loving this, thank you I think we should find room in the mag for these too for folks who don't frequent the forums much. Assuming you've got the permission of the folks you meet for this to happen along with a suitable photo for publication...? I should add, if you're going to meet with sponsors and traders, and you should, then you might let @John know
  5. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Julie's Battle of the Odo's 2018

    There is a victory of sorts there...
  6. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Happy Birthday Mr Hurdsfield.

    MHR Slasher and thank you for all the support you give to the WSCC.
  7. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Le 12 Heures du Hoddesdon

    I'm in.
  8. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Hello from Essex

  9. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Another new member from Norway

  10. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Hi I'm MIG bought new car today

  11. Off to the Ionian Islands for a week, Sivota to Corfu island hopping. Have had really poor luck in the past in finding a decent red wine over there. Quite like smooth, rich wines such as Malbec, Ripasso, Amarone; Waitrose do a decent Shiraz, The Hedonist described as: "Voluptuous, silky red with rich blackberry fruit" as style examples. I'm no wine snob and know very little about it, I just know what I like and am learning. So, anyone out there have any recommendations /ones to avoid from their travels...?
  12. Andy Banks - Chairman

    no power to operate fuel relay ?

    In addition to checking the ECU, do you have an immobiliser on your car? Had a similar issue with mine, suspected the ECU, turned out to be a failing immobiliser so we rewired the fuel pump circuit bypassing the immobiliser and all is well.
  13. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Don't forget to keep some of your awesome pics back for the 2019 Calendar! See the 2019 WSCC Calendar thread for details, there's a prize too!
  14. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Aeroscreen? Should you wear a crash helmet?

    Wear a helmet folks

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