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  1. Andy Banks - Chairman

    21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Folks... Thanks so much to everyone for coming along and to those that have made this weekend possible. It's a fitting celebration and I'm sad that I can't be there. I hope you all have a great day (or two) and I really look forward to reading about the weekend and seeing some pics and video of the great times I'll have missed. Play safe and above all, enjoy
  2. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Throttle Position Sensor Adjustment

    It's the Dunnell unit, not convinced I know what it's based on though. I don't have the option of a map just some basic settings.
  3. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Throttle Position Sensor Adjustment

    Sounds reasonable. You "should" be able to get the TPS physically to a point where it idles correctly. Your issue then will be with a different cable working out the throw against what the ECU has programmed in already; this is where you will need to remap it - should be simple, on mine I just select the entry in the v-basic ECU software to reset TPS and give the accelerator a long press down a couple of times, this sets the ECU for around 0% (never quite sits at 0%) to 100%. As noted a few of these are rubbish and don't work, I'll have a look see what I got a few years back (it was the only one of three that works)...
  4. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Westfield (maroon) on autotrader

    It's advertised as as Wide, but without more info/photos it is, as you say, hard to tell. A quick email/phone call to the seller might elicit further info...
  5. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Happy Cake Day Julie

    MHR Julie
  6. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Happy Birthday Andy (a15cro)

    Just scraped in I think... Happy Birthday Andy
  7. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Latest IVA emissions proposal

    The official response has been published here.
  8. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 10th June

    Thanks for the update both. I'll have a lie in instead
  9. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 10th June

    I'll see you at the NAFFI providing I can get out... @Ian Tolfree (tolf) - North London AO you coming?
  10. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Broken Membership Links

    The both work for me...
  11. Andy Banks - Chairman

    i won't to buy a westfield

    Yep, also joining the WSCC, even on a trial basis, will get you access to the for sale area where you can get a good idea of what's around at the mo. You'd also be welcome at you local meet, which you'll find out about as a member
  12. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Trip to De-Havilland Aircraft Museum, London Colney

    Thanks for organising Tolf, they have made such great progress since we were last there. Shame it was just the three of us, they are very accommodating. Let's try again next year when they get their new hangar...
  13. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    De Havilland Museum this morning.
  14. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Seirra Expansion tank - SOLD

  15. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Seirra Expansion tank - SOLD

    I'll take it please Tim.

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