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  1. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Hi all, looking for advice on 7s....

    You can indeed swap. A lot of folks have two scuttles, one full and one aero and simply swap as required. Westfield cages fit round the windscreen. Mine is a wide MT75 short shift caged car, you must pop round and have a play...
  2. Andy Banks - Chairman

    2005 Westfield SEIW Turbo

    A well known car and an upsetting circumstance, I am content to let this post proceed, good luck with the sale.
  3. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Hi all, looking for advice on 7s....

  4. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Hi all, looking for advice on 7s....

    You'd do well to pop along to one of the local meets. Herts, Beds and Bucks can't be too far from you and there are a few of us in North London / Herts borders with wide cars, std and lowered floor. You'd be welcome to have a sit in one or two I'm sure. For that kind of money, you'd also pick up a really good Westfield - more bang for your buck...
  5. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Hello from Italian enthusiast

  6. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Car cover. recommend?

    +1 for Hamilton's
  7. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Happy Birthday Bagpuss

  8. Andy Banks - Chairman

    New member saying 'Hi'

  9. Andy Banks - Chairman

    2018 Champion (and a Caterham Sandwich....:) With Vids

  10. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Our westy video shoot

    Excellent film, stunning location...
  11. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Knebworth Classic Car Show

    Think so, where will we meet and at what time?
  12. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Classic Mini single SU Carb and tuning

    Thanks. I'll read that...
  13. Andy Banks - Chairman


  14. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Wildlife Advice

    Hmm, possible, it is Essex after all.

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