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  1. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Hello from Belgium

    I was in town for the Bruges beer festival a few weekends ago. We will be back in summer, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you.
  2. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Stoneleigh 2019, R U going?

    Might be...
  3. Andy Banks - Chairman

    GF "Gluten Free" Dinner Blyton Weekend 2019

    Thanks Graham, I'm in.
  4. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Does any one have information

    If it's a spline, internal, you may not see physical movement in the engine bay as it will be moving inside the column.
  5. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Finding the right Westfield... advice appreciated!

    Head over heart every time. There will be a few around to meet your requirements or can be built on; anything you buy from a Member on here you can be sure you won't be ripped off and you'll get loads of support.
  6. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Fastening grille to nose cone?

    If it's not a perfect flush fit and to be honest what ever is on our cars, a length of window/door draft excluder helps to keep things from rattling around to much if needed.
  7. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Happy Birthday Buttercup

    MHR Geoffrey
  8. Andy Banks - Chairman

    New member in Winchester

  9. Andy Banks - Chairman


    Yep, only a few areas are open-access. Why not sign up as a full member to continue posting and get access to all the other benefits?
  10. Andy Banks - Chairman

    2019 Speed Series Organising Team ( SSOT)

    Thank you to all the SSOT, past and present. I look forward to working with you more closely in 2019.
  11. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Hello from Southern Ireland

    Ah! 15 mins away from my brother in-law who is down by the Wilton.
  12. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Hello from Southern Ireland

    Not sure this is possible but to be honest, bar the perhaps ungainly entry and exit in full view of the public, a caged car on the road is just fine. Are you anywhere near Cork?
  13. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Thrustyjust Meets ........................#2

    Always expected some of these too be in the mag, may have suggest so a while back... Keep it up
  14. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Superb Westfield XI

  15. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Superb Westfield XI

    Loving the beer belly face off in the last photo I note this only as antidote to... OMG! You're selling....! That must be tough, it's a wonderful car Stephen and I hope it remains in the club as an exemplar of what can be done.

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