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  1. My eldest has bought some deep dish wheels for his Mini, they look great but don't fit, they catch on the wing. So, it looks like I'm going to have to grind off an inch or so to allow the wheels and tyres room to turn. Before I go down this drastic route (it's a sound car bodywork wise, feels like sacrilege to cut it about), I'll see if there are other options he would entertain like sending them back and making do with the std wheels, but he seems keen and they are "supposed" to fit and understand some modification is expected. As far it'll go right lock Yep the are fat and out there! Full left lock only being stopped by the offside tyre hitting the wing but a bit more room (not under weight though) My plan, which I need advice on please, is: With a suitably sized grinder, cut away just enough of the wing to allow free movement of the wheels under load Q: Should I aim to replicate the folded edge and trim that, won't I crack the paint by bending it or would a straight edge be ok? I don't think the replacement arches need the lip for mounting and the rivnuts are where they need to be, clean and solid Clean, sand and treat the bare metal edge Q: what should I use to treat the bare metal, how long should I leave it to "set"? Then while masked up, give the new edge a couple coats of matched BRG from a rattle can - I'm no good at this but I think it needs a coat or two and it will be hidden by the replacement arches anyway. Objective here is to keep it sealed and rust free rather than pretty With the same BRG rattle can, give the new fibreglass arches once sanded and holes drilled for the rivnut bolts a few coats Q: for a quality job I guess I need to do this under cover e.g. shed and dust free and ONLY apply a coat or two and allow to dry for a few hours before applying another couple - is this about right? New arches attached using the existing rivnuts which are all in good condition; whilst a similar size to the originals are actually shallower i.e. designed for wider wheels so they won't need chopping about My other plan of course is to explain to him the error of his ways and send him packing to a local body-shop and have him pay to get it done professionally. Advice welcomed before I take possession of @Ian Tolfree (tolf) - North London AO's grinder!!
  2. Great idea as ever, can't do it myself unfortunately. More pics please, be careful out there ensuring you have appropriate cover for your "commute".
  3. Thanks Adam, there's a little and a lot of this in all of us. I would hope that here in the Friendly Club is as best a place you'll find to share these important themes.
  4. No apology needed Steve, it's not 100% clear but I believe Nick from Triple M is our instructor for the day and will be in the passenger seat... We do still need a few more to sign up for this though for it to happen.
  5. I believe you do go out with an instructor, that's the whole point, apologies if this is not clear. @John, please can you clarify...
  6. Pretty much as per the opening post: "We aim to run ten sessions of thirty minutes each, during this time you will have a camera attached to your car, then you will review the video and discuss improvements with the instructor, then you'll go out again and make it all happen and so on until your allocated time is up ." It's not a driving experience, it's professional tuition in addition to and as part of your track day. Is there anything specific you were after? All ideas gratefully accepted...
  7. @Mark Redpath - WSCC Membership Secretary will be on the case and working through all the renewals as well as new and changing accounts. Apologies for the delay and thanks for your patience.
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