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  1. Bump...Sunday's looking better than Saturday for a UK blat.
  2. True, must admit though I've had 3 so far and they've all been of the same type. I am not a xenophobe by the way, happy to sell to any serious buyer.
  3. Bumped again. This advert is also on PH, from which I get... " Hello I am French and your car interests me. If we ever do business would you be ready to send it to France? Thank you for your return. " ...type emails - all of which I think are scams. Am I right to be that suspicious? (I think I am)
  4. Thanks, to be honest the shift lights are set conservatively...so it'd go higher if you wanted.
  5. Thanks both, hope 2019 is a great year for you guys.
  6. Am unsure if editing a topic bumps it up again, so "bump". Happy 2019 all
  7. Thanks Mark. It's not a stricter test (as far as I know), it's a less lenient tester. Sounds like I need to go and find/ buy a set of 5.75 lamps.
  8. Dominators they are. Yes, the smaller the better. It sounds like nobody knows of a small set of headlights that are MOT compatible - is that true?
  9. Merry xmas all. I currently have 4" headlights on my for sale car. The local MOT station has applied a more rigorous test on those lights, so now I only have a daytime MOT. I'm not interested in a more lenient MOT test location because I want to resolve the problem, not pass it on to the ultimate buyer of the car. So, if cost was not an issue, what would be the best, guaranteed MOT-proof, headlights that could be bought?
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