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  1. There appears to be more and more C1s and Ford Ka's appearing at trackdays lately due to the race series they compete in. Everyone's entitled to go at their own pace of course, but even a really well driven Ka is not a fast machine. They can disrupt the flow somewhat..
  2. Well you certainly had weather.
  3. The colour is not far off the Tim Peake space capsule after its warm re-entry.
  4. Are you putting the second race up on the tube Mark?
  5. Who guaranteed good weather?.. I only said the sun will shine.. which I reckon it might. Be good to see you there Steve, let's know asap if you can make it. We will get a group together at some point hopefully.
  6. Nice going Mark. Do you know what happened to the red Seat? I saw him in your mirror at Barcroft and it looks like the car suddenly darted off the track? Mike Cutt never ceases to amaze me.. He (red BMW) pulled out of the race on the second lap when the clutch failed. At the end of the race I wandered back to the paddock and he already had the gearbox out and was playing about with clutch plates.
  7. It's still as per the Cadwell thread. I need five 100%ers to get the discount group set up. Interest so far: Me 100% Stoney 100% Ross 100% Mike Whitworth .. 90%? Bunje Ben .. probable Chris King .. probable
  8. Yea, hurry up and get sorted.. never thought it would be so hard to get five cars to Cadwell.
  9. Must admit I never looked too closely at the underside of mine.. but it passed MOTs.
  10. I've had a couple of Honda CRV's .. An old shape 05 one and now a later shape 07 one. No complaints on the towing front. Not sure how much CRV you get for £1800 tbh.
  11. Andrew

    Stuck knob!

    My knob came loose again last time out. I've had two different ones, both using three grub screws to secure.. both eventually wiggled loose. So, I have had a 10mm x 1.5 thread cut on the shaft, and a nylon knob with a steel insert screws on nice and tight. My son got me the knob for my birthday, .. I think it's from Quaiffe, around the £20 mark. Hopefully no more loose knob. Sorted.
  12. So I've heard. My biggest worry is on a wet day, hammering down that hill flat out, and braking into the hairpin. I'd presume the straight will be faster down hill? It'll be fine of course.
  13. Just spotted the KH day on April 29th is half a day clockwise, and the afternoon is run anticlock. I've never driven the circuit anticlockwise and always fancied it. I could be up for a late booking, anyone else?
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