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  1. If petrol can leak out of the misab, it needs replacing, as air will also be leaking in when the engine is running. There will always be a bit of petrol in the carburettor when the engine is switched off, as it will drain out of the drilling leading to the idle/progession holes.
  2. 69seven

    Oil Change

    I can't find any vegetable based oils on the Millers website - what are you planning to use?
  3. 69seven

    Clutch Stuck

    I would back up what Hammy said - get it up on stands and leave it running in gear with the clutch depressed (broom handle) for half an hour or so. The past couple of times I have had the clutch stuck this has freed it without having to apply the brakes. Alternatively, can you see the clutch plate through any holes in the bellhousing - I freed off a rally Sunbeam clutch using a screwdriver from below.
  4. 69seven

    Oil Change

    Don't mix Castrol R with normal (mineral) oil.
  5. If you have a later crossflow I don't think that it will work, as Ford changed from the adjuster/lock nut to a self-locking adjuster.
  6. Bill, I intend using it to help setup twin 40DCOE Webers on a crossflow, with either a TPS or MAP sensor so that I could also log the engine load. The inbuilt capability to capture these data, as you note, is an advantage over the innovate LC1. Do you sell techedge stuff, and are you still doing megajolt kits? Martyn
  7. Has anyone tried the Techedge 2J1 wideband controller? It does not have a display or internal logging, so I was intending using a laptop to display and record the data. It looks to be pretty cheap.
  8. If you hav a crossflow, have a look at this http://www.locust.org.uk/knowleg....on..htm
  9. there's a PDF service manual on Josh Bowler's site http://www.bowler.fslife.co.uk/pub/weber_service_manual.pdf
  10. I had a look at my Webers yesterday, the writing on the butterflies was facing the manifold. Have you got the starter device on your carbs, as this would might allow the engine to run with the throttles closed?
  11. For the engine to run at 2000rpm, it must be drawing a reasonable amount of air through the carbs.which implies that the butterflies are not closing completely. Have you tried disconnecting the plug leads in turn, and noting the change in idle speed - this may indicate if there is a problem on one barrel of the carbs, or on one carb.
  12. Is the pedal 'long' but firm (ooerr) or spongy? Master cylinder problems (e.g. fluid getting past the seals) would generally result in a pedal which gradually moved further under a constant applied load. Is the piston area of the new calipers greater than the old ones? - if so you would need to displace more fluid to move them by a given amount, which would result in a long firm pedal. Air in the system usually results in a spongy or springy feel to the pedal.
  13. As the rocker posts aren't under a great deal of stress, I would have thought that you could choose the grade of steel so that they would be easy to machine, rather than worry about whether they would be strong enough.
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