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  1. Wingnuts Dad

    Twin Webber 45 carbs - SOLD

    Hi Mark Have sent you a PM Mike
  2. Steering Rack: Std Westfield 5000 miles appx 2.4 :1 ===================================== Single tube Westfield roll bar with hood frame locations ===================================== Unused hood and frame - NO sidescreens ===================================== Narrow chrome front suspension complete - good condition. Replaced with wide track versions. All serviceable. ===================================== All parts were Westfield supplied, had minimum use and in good condition.
  3. Wingnuts Dad

    MT75 Gearbox & Transmission Parts

    MT75 Gearbox complete to fit Zetec with bellhousing Purchased new APPX 5000 miles Very good condition Reason for sale: Have fitted SCCR Quaife Type9 ========== MT75 / Sierra diff prop to suit above ========== Sierra Diff - standard - 3.92:1 to suit above ========== Replacement clutch cable with fittings to suit above
  4. Wingnuts Dad

    Fit Blacktop head to Silvertop 2L Zetec

    Hi Barry, I'm not giving up! Just seen your comment as I was looking for a crated black top engine as a solution. I think you are on the right track and what you have said is more or less what I also thought. As I have the black top head it would seem a reasonable idea to just buy the head gaskets for the two heads and try a comparison that way. As standard the BT valves are larger and the head can be easily machined according to various commercial head modifiers I've spoken to. To me looking at the heads side by side the cams are in the same place, the water pump is on the block so that stays, the crank and alternator don't change (this is a Raceline engine as well) so the only alteration externally is the tensioner. This leaves bolt holes, water and oil ways that may change internally and consequently back where I started maybe? thanks all Mike
  5. Wingnuts Dad

    Fit Blacktop head to Silvertop 2L Zetec

    Ok, thanks to you both for the information. The scheme was to modify the later head, then simply swap them over at a convenient time but it could just be a waste. Any other thoughts would be welcome, maybe just get a silver top and modify that etc, thanks again. Mike
  6. Wingnuts Dad

    Fit Blacktop head to Silvertop 2L Zetec

    Can anyone advise please? I have a 2L Zetec, an early version purchased in 1998 from Raceline. The head is described as a Silvertop and it is standard, casting number 958MR-6090-CC on exhaust face. I wish to fit a later Blacktop which I have, casting number XS76090AC. The later head has marginally larger valves and will be the basis for further mods. Externally the heads do look very similar but not identical and nothing that can't be modified to suit I think. However are the water ways, oil ways etc the same? Has anyone undertaken this alteration and aware of any problems please?
  7. Wingnuts Dad

    Gold Cup, Oulton Park.

    Morning Terry, can I have tickets for all days please? Mike Reed member 14027, Shropshire & Mid Wales Area. Thanks
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