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  1. ziplob

    That was a bit fresh....

    whats a heater ?????
  2. ziplob

    Clan McWesty Christmas lunch

    due to family commitments Lorna and I will have to pull out the lunch . Bob
  3. ziplob

    Silverstone Classic 2019

    you got a big enough tent for two little ones and a large case of beer?????
  4. Frazer,s Funeral will be at 1 pm Tuesday 30th October at Livingston Crematorium followed by a celebration of his life at the hillcroft hotel, Whitburn . Bob
  5. It deeply saddens me to bring you the sad news of the passing of clan member Frazer Bell . Fraser passed away today peacefully with his wife Deborah and his son Ruaridh by his side. Frazer brought many good times to the clan and we will always remember how proud he was after he fitted his full cage to his westfield and the ribbing he took for it ,two weeks later he rolled it at doune hill climb , I will always remember him walking into the next club meeting with a huge smile on his face going ,that shut you up bet you all want a cage now. I will post up details of Frazers Funeral when I get them . Tonight our thoughts and prayers are with Deborah and his Family, R.I.P Frazer a husband a father and a gentleman . Bob Reid
  6. ziplob

    Clan McWesty dates / events

    should make this if I can find it ?????
  7. ziplob

    Our westy video shoot

    gary at 1.35 did you fart
  8. when are you getting the new one ?????
  9. ziplob

    Clan McWesty Eyemouth 19th August

    Cancelled no response and the tail end of a storm expected
  10. ziplob

    Clan McWesty Eyemouth 19th August

    whos going to eymouth ??????
  11. bit of a bad weekend to plan it with the BTCC at knockhill , and after the effort you put in it would be a shame to waste it on so little cars . I leave the dessision up to you Brad and the rest of the club ???? where has everyone gone . Bob
  12. ziplob

    Clan McWesty dates / events

    the eyemouth run whos going clan McWesty seems to have fallen apart ?????? first meeting point Lizzy Brice shell station for 10.30 Bob
  13. ziplob

    Newcomer Megablade Westie

    also mount the regulator on a good heat sink and make sure all conections are tight . I have a digital volt meter on mine it cost about three pounds of e-bay . again if you need any help give me a shout
  14. ziplob

    Newcomer Megablade Westie

    remote mount the sender , give me a shout and I will send you some pictures .

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