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  1. ziplob

    Clan McWesty Eyemouth 19th August

    whos going to eymouth ??????
  2. bit of a bad weekend to plan it with the BTCC at knockhill , and after the effort you put in it would be a shame to waste it on so little cars . I leave the dessision up to you Brad and the rest of the club ???? where has everyone gone . Bob
  3. ziplob

    Clan McWesty dates / events

    the eyemouth run whos going clan McWesty seems to have fallen apart ?????? first meeting point Lizzy Brice shell station for 10.30 Bob
  4. ziplob

    Newcomer Megablade Westie

    also mount the regulator on a good heat sink and make sure all conections are tight . I have a digital volt meter on mine it cost about three pounds of e-bay . again if you need any help give me a shout
  5. ziplob

    Newcomer Megablade Westie

    remote mount the sender , give me a shout and I will send you some pictures .
  6. ziplob

    Clan McWesty Braemar run 15 july

    am out of this as the pubs in Edinburgh have beer in them on sunday
  7. cheers Geoff we will ?????????
  8. clan mcwesty Barbie , lads Wee Dov is fully commited this week so lorna amd I will be getting the food is so extra toilet paper is advised ????????
  9. Darrel will be there to
  10. just to confirm the pass will close at six o,clock at night and will not open till 7.30 the next morning .
  11. APPLECROSSKI 2018 please find the time table for Applecosski 2018, this year we are having a Russian night in the campsite due to the fact there are no tv sets on the site so we don't have to watch Engerland play in the world cup, so there is no reason for not destroying the odd bottle of vodka please note as we are going to the highlands you can arm yourself to the teeth so get the swords, crossbows and chibs polished up the clan are coming . Thursday night the horse and cart will be at the BP petrol station at the forth bridge at 8 oclock if you want to drop stuff off , I will put in tools ,jacks and tow ropes and a couple of wheels and a few cables just in case . then were heading to Mr and Mrs wee dov to pick up the Barbie , thanks again for this . Friday 22nd 10 oclock ,meeting in kilmahog at the woollen mill car park past Hamish the bull, we need to be away from there no later than 10.30 . Lorna and I will not be there we will not be leaving Livingston till eleven as we need to get the puppies in the kennel . We are booked in at twelve thirty in the Onich hotel for lunch so we hope to catch you there if not we will catch you eventualy. After that its up to Applecross via fort William for fuel . We need to be at the Applecross pass for about 5.30 due to the Pass closing for road works . Applecross stickers will be in the van . 7.30 Friday night the infamous Clan McWesty Bar Beeeeee Que when yarns of great battles and blats will be told . 8.30 Friday night bed time ?????? Saturday morning 9.00 at the walled garden for breakfast as we have a long run ahead on Skye via the Kyleakin ferry weather permitting I have route maps so we will all get lost . Applecross in is booked for 6.30 at night so when we return from our run go down the pub and order your dinner , again we need to be over the pass for 5.30 to avoid the long way round , After dinner we will go along to the junction for a few beers and the usual clan patter . Sunday Morning 9/9.30 down to the junction for Breakfast heading off home 10/10.30. a few rules lads remember its not a race you win nothing for getting there first we have a bad enough name there thanks to Matty for smashing trees and knocking of guys on bikes . also remember the road up is full of law enforcement agents with cameras and unmarked cars . please also remember there are other people on the campsite and they have no right to go to bed at eight o'clock so we don't want to upset the failed NCP parking attendant / camp security man .Not??? its there fault for picking that weekend to go camping and not owning a westfield . Safe trip guys and girls Bobski
  12. ziplob

    Clan McWesty Bo’Ness revival

    I agree with Matt its a fab day with the clan in good form .
  13. ziplob

    Clan McWesty Bo’Ness revival

    its my 60th birthday party the night before some of you may not be fit to make it ?????

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