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  1. @Charlie_Zetec Alan no longer wants the stands, so would you like them?
  2. @Bigalblobby1 I’m away at the moment but will measure up when I get back tomorrow. Pretty sure they will fit in an estate car though. @darve thanks for the offer of help! @Charlie_Zetec If Blobby doesn’t want them, they’re yours.
  3. Yep, they’re still in the shed
  4. Thanks Dave. That’s the info I was after. My loom plugs are quite easily accessible and close-ish to the oil temp sensor location so I may have a go down that route first. Cheers
  5. Did you run a new wire from sensor or use something that was already present in the loom?
  6. I’m planning to add an oil temp sensor as well to my Zetec after it got a bit hot recently. I recall there is a oil temp plug behind the dash ready for the gauge but I don’t remember if there was a sensor side wire ready to go. Can anyone confirm?
  7. apparently because of the 'c' in 165 r13c, this means they are commercial tyres and very few places stock the exact replacement size. I had a look at a tyre size compare site and it gives me the exact dimensions of the next sizes up so i can measure and see if they fit under the mudguards etc. Thanks for the replies.
  8. I’ve just bought a trailer and want to replace the tyres before I use it for the Westy. its got 165 r13c 94/92 at the mo which I don’t think are quite high enough for the weight. i was looking at 165 r13c 94/96 but my question is, can I go up a size to 175 r13c without issue? This size has a better weight capacity of 97/95 and also a bit cheaper. 94=670kg & 97=720kg per tyre. https://www.blackcircles.com/helpcentre/tyres/what-is-load-rating This is on a single axle.
  9. Air rivet gun - sold Allegro style upper steering column inner only - £20...now £15 And don’t forget the Westfield steel build stands are still available - £free New items: Heated screen loom plus relay -£10 ZK rear number plate holder - £5 4x cans of Dinitrol 4941 chassis rust preventer -£10 I’m open to offers on anything
  10. These are the factory ones. Free to someone starting their build. Collection from Chelmsford, Essex
  11. For the clamp, I can't say for sure if they check it at IVA, but mine passed with the exposed end of the threads pointing towards the car with the bolt facing outwards horizontally, which looks to be opposite way round to the way you have yours. I didn't have any covering on mine. Also, here's the edge of my heatshield for comparison
  12. Agree...From what I’ve read elsewhere on here, it does seem 78 is low but if anything I’d have expected a low thermostat to not need the fan on as much. Using my Infrared thermometer, the gauge does match the sensor quite well. It’s a cheap enough component, perhaps I’ll change it while it’s drained to a known common rating, just for peace of mind. Burton lists a 92c one for the Zetec, is this the fully open or start to open temp? http://www.burtonpower.com/thermostat-ford-zetec-e-88deg-qth578k.html
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