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  1. woodneyuk

    Westfield 4 Point Harnesses

    Send u a pm
  2. woodneyuk

    Westfield 4 Point Harnesses

    I’ve got a Westfield supplied set which were only on the car for IVA
  3. https://www.tayna.co.uk/car-batteries/banner/53030/
  4. I ended up buying a new battery for mine after only being on the road 2 weeks. Various tests had discharged it during the build and I’d then left it discharged. I decided I needed a new one on our first visit to the petrol station when we ended up having to bump start it...slightly embarrassing. £60 from a local battery place.
  5. woodneyuk

    Steve's Zetec build thread

    Thanks @AdgeC it was great to be able to be part of a run. Am so looking forward to some better weather for more of the same.
  6. woodneyuk

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 11th March

    It was a great first run out today, despite the weather not being great. My car now has 91 miles on the clock, and I've some small 'fixes' to make. I've got to re-affix my front number plate after it was the first point of contact with the pheasant, and raise the ride height a little to stop it bottoming out. And lastly get a little cloth for wiping the mud from inside of the windscreen if this weather continues!
  7. woodneyuk

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 11th March

    I’m happy either way. I’ve got a wiring/battery problem which I need to look at on Saturday, so the more hands available to bump start, the better :-)
  8. woodneyuk

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 11th March

    if the weather continues like this, it could be my first ever drive as well!!
  9. woodneyuk

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 11th March

    Hopefully i'll be joining you Kevin at Boreham for my first ever blat now that I have my number plates.
  10. woodneyuk

    Zetec receipt needed

    After many chasing phone calls to the factory, I confirmed with the DVLA that they'd got everything they needed, and they'd issue a V5. Happy days. Today a brown envelope arrived, and my glee turned to annoyance as I see it's been issued a 67 plate and not an 18 plate, even though the first reg date is stated as 1st March. Spent 20 mins on the phone with the DVLA, and got the usual...oooh i don't know about that, and hmmm...i don't know how that happened, etc etc. Anyway, they've now agreed that this V5 is crap and they'll void it and issue a new one sometime next week.
  11. woodneyuk

    Zetec receipt needed

    Quick update - Have just spoken to Mark@WF again on this. Previously, he'd 'made an arrangement' with members of the team at the DVLA that WF supplied certificate of newness should be sufficient due to the numbers of cars going through. However, he thinks due to staffing changes, this 'arrangement' has been forgotten/ignored and they are now requiring the engine receipt info. He's working with their supplier to get required paperwork over to DVLA for me.
  12. woodneyuk

    Zetec receipt needed

    Yes I’d did and that isn’t sufficient apparently.
  13. woodneyuk

    Zetec receipt needed

    Yes, main detailed receipt was included although in fairness the Engine is not itemised separately as it lists modules rather than parts.
  14. woodneyuk

    Zetec receipt needed

    I’ve got my registration paperwork in with the DVLA for my full Zetec kit. Bearing in mind I included all the factory receipts for it they are adamant that I need a receipt from Ford for the engine even though Westfield supplied. I included the WF Engine age certificate but it doesn’t seem sufficient. As per my latest email to them, this makes no sense. If I buy a TV from Currys, the receipt is from Currys not from Samsung. But they are still insisting that I provide it. Currently waiting on a response from Mark@WF.
  15. woodneyuk

    Steve's Zetec build thread

    Thanks guys, really good to know. I sent them plenty of photos with the original forms I uploaded, but will do the same again including the newness cert. I've ordered the form online and am already making a list of things to remove/change. The lower seatbelt bolt caps have already fallen off so the seat now moves back far enough for me to get comfy :-)

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