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  1. Congrats on the pass!
  2. For the clamp, I can't say for sure if they check it at IVA, but mine passed with the exposed end of the threads pointing towards the car with the bolt facing outwards horizontally, which looks to be opposite way round to the way you have yours. I didn't have any covering on mine. Also, here's the edge of my heatshield for comparison
  3. woodneyuk

    ECU fan control

    Agree...From what I’ve read elsewhere on here, it does seem 78 is low but if anything I’d have expected a low thermostat to not need the fan on as much. Using my Infrared thermometer, the gauge does match the sensor quite well. It’s a cheap enough component, perhaps I’ll change it while it’s drained to a known common rating, just for peace of mind. Burton lists a 92c one for the Zetec, is this the fully open or start to open temp? http://www.burtonpower.com/thermostat-ford-zetec-e-88deg-qth578k.html
  4. woodneyuk

    ECU fan control

    I got it wired up and set the fan to run on at 95, off at 92 but found the fan is on much of the time. I decided to drain it down, as I was thinking it may have an airlock. While drained I thought I’d have a quick look at the thermostat. It has 78c printed on it. I guess this is the lower open range. I dropped it into some water on the stove and it does open about 78 and seems fully open around 100ish. Does this seem right?
  5. woodneyuk

    ECU fan control

    Ah, they look like the same style used in the lighting connectors. I have a couple of those left over from the build so will see if they fit.
  6. woodneyuk

    ECU fan control

    I’ve got the temp sensor in the hockey stick pipe coming out of the thermostat. Does this get fed into the Ecu or do I need a 2nd sensor? Also, have just checked and I don’t have a wire to the Ecu already in place. Should I get a crimp connector from Omex or does anyone know of a better supplier for one or two of these?
  7. woodneyuk

    ECU fan control

    Thanks guys. I have the fan relay under the scuttle. I’ll check for an Ecu wire and add one if needed, then run it to the relay.
  8. woodneyuk

    ECU fan control

    I’ve seen a few people mention this but couldn’t find many details on how to. I’ve got a Zetec and would like to make use of the Omex ECU to control the fan. I’ve read that the ECU can output a fan control and that i’d need to plug my laptop into it to set the limits. I’m ok with this part. My question is how to physically wire this up. Do I just run two wires from the ecu pins to the fan control switch wires at the radiator?
  9. woodneyuk

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 8th July

    8am. Pub. Check
  10. woodneyuk

    Essex Area Monthly Meet - 8th July

    I’ll be there too
  11. woodneyuk

    Westfield 4 Point Harnesses

    Send u a pm
  12. woodneyuk

    Westfield 4 Point Harnesses

    I’ve got a Westfield supplied set which were only on the car for IVA
  13. https://www.tayna.co.uk/car-batteries/banner/53030/
  14. I ended up buying a new battery for mine after only being on the road 2 weeks. Various tests had discharged it during the build and I’d then left it discharged. I decided I needed a new one on our first visit to the petrol station when we ended up having to bump start it...slightly embarrassing. £60 from a local battery place.
  15. woodneyuk

    Steve's Zetec build thread

    Thanks @AdgeC it was great to be able to be part of a run. Am so looking forward to some better weather for more of the same.

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