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  1. Rednop1

    Radtec radiator (extreme)

    Radtec Radiator (extreme version) new come with the fan fitted directly against the radiator face for improved cooling these are £440 from radtec £330 collected or plus postage pictures will be uploaded in the morning
  2. Here for sale is a westfield Xi "factory built " 2014 This car has every extra that you can buy from the factory and more 1380cc tuned engine on 40 webber carb with 5 speed gearbox Westfield Green with image rims with the rim centre's painted yellow with a lovely red interior and totally unmarked This car is in stunning condition and with only 1500 miles on the clock from new! It has a full 12 months mot Pictures can be sent direct from my phone Any questions Please just ask ! Sold!
  3. Sold On its way to France!
  4. Rednop1

    S2000 Q701KCY history?

    I would check with toybox that he has this car I'm sure he sold it well over 6 months ago and I have seen a post somewhere on facebook in the last week of the owner on a trackday
  5. Rednop1

    Indicator housings

    sorted now thanks to mark@ CARBON-NV
  6. Rednop1

    Indicator housings

    Like this plastic or carbon
  7. Rednop1

    My Birthday Present

    Got to be a big Cat
  8. Rednop1

    Mega s2000 Omex throttle bodies

    Mega s2000 owners running omex throttle bodies what the current update with people running these are all the problems sorted now ? as I'm thinking of fitting some
  9. Rednop1

    Pro race 1.2 2x7" 2x8"

    these were brand new from the factory 15" 7 x2 4x108 et40 gloss black 15" 8 x2 4x108 et24 gloss black come with brand new wheel nuts and black centre badges from westfield £450
  10. Brand new pro race 1.2 gloss black brand new 7" 13" 4x 108 Et23 Come with Westfield centre hedges Includes Westfield brand new wheel badges Fitted with brand new 205 60 13 Toyo r888r 2018 date code Collection only £800 no offers
  11. Westfield Genuine 250 exhaust system manifold ,cat,carbon 3" silencer mounting bracket new never fitted £900 collected for those that don't know this is used and fitted to a 2lt ecoboost engine
  12. Rednop1

    (SOLD) Nitron shocks

  13. Rednop1

    (SOLD) Nitron shocks

    Full set of nitron shocks Widetrack fronts I need to check spring rarings but they came off a durabang Good but used condition Have rebuild invoice with these £650 collected
  14. Rednop1

    (SOLD) Nitron shocks

  15. Westfield sport 250 starter kit 3rd gen widetrack coated black Brand new designed 250 chassis coated black Fw ash grey bodywork Chassis alu panels coated black V8 bonnet 250 engine and gearbox Mount's Lower steering column £400 from Westfield Lowered floors £5250 Beat the 3 month waiting list I have lots of other parts available for this car available at extra cost! Which I will cut your deal on Please no silly comments lets keep the topic on track serious buyers pm me!
  16. Rednop1

    Bentley arnage

    What you got ?
  17. Rednop1

    Cracked upright, wide track part identification

    bl**** good spot luke i had a close look and couldn't see that
  18. Rednop1

    Cracked upright, wide track part identification

    Are we really welding up a front upright please tell me not ! There is no way you can get a strong weld on that without removing the helicoil and welding the crack then refitting the coil but i wouldnt do that! This is a very important part and is the brake caliper mount which is a very important part with helping the car stop and you are holding your life and many others on that weld I would say replace it ! They are not a million pound
  19. Rednop1

    Carbon Mods Nose seiw

    carbon mods seiw nose never fitted This is Prepreg! This is ideal for somebody who is looking to save abit of weight I will need to weigh it but this is less than a kg in weight I have weighed a current spec westfield nose and those are around 3.5kg This has the typical carbon mods finish if you are just looking to save weight this is prefect for you but if you are car polisher then it will need clear coating £600 collection only no offers i could do with this out the way so please no first dibs then you cannot collect it for a month first person that can collect and put the cash in my hand buys it !!
  20. Rednop1

    Mega s2000 propshaft

    Genuine Westfield mega s2000 propshaft new unused to be used with sierra diff £280 collected or plus postage cost
  21. Rednop1

    Mega s2000 propshaft

    Still for sale
  22. Rednop1

    Carbon Mods Nose seiw

    I did Richard:)
  23. Rednop1

    Carbon Mods Nose seiw

    Sold subject to collection

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