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  1. Dont forget your driving lisences
  2. woodman

    21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    got the westfield 'SS' fired up over the W/E. Just hope I can get all the other bits sorted in time, lots to do still , hope it actually drives ok really looking forward to the event
  3. woodman

    Fuel injection help please.

    Thanks Ash I hope to be there with Tim Pennington.
  4. woodman

    Fuel injection help please.

    Thanks Ash. I have my old foam filled 10L tank. It has an 8mm supply pipe ( to LP pump ) and also a return pipe and also a vent. I already have a swirl pot with 8mm return, 8mm inlet, vent to fuel tank and 13mm to pump. I thought I would use swirl pot due to only having 8mm feed to Fi pump if direct off tank- Is that right? But I would prefer just to feed the HP pump direct from tank and do away with swirl + LP pump if the 8mm feed would cope. Its only a std engine after all. if you have a spare Pump/filter then that would be great. I had been looking at the Sytec ones from 'Matt lewis racing' as recommended in an earlier posts by Mike and Barney. ( Are you by any chance attending 'Bromyard Speed Festival' at SW or Loton next week?) Thanks Stu
  5. woodman

    Fuel injection help please.

    Thanks. that is good to follow
  6. woodman

    Fuel injection help please.

    Thanks Mike I will have a read thru. The 20V engine has come with individual throttle bodies as standard, I have an omex 500 + trigger wheel. Will the regulator be necessary between the pump and swirl pot? thanks
  7. woodman

    Fuel injection help please.

    I am fitting a standard Toyota 20V 1600 to my old westy. I have always had engines on carbs before so am a bit unsure of best fi pump to use . It will be used for Hillclimbs and already has a 10L tank - redtop pump - swirlpot 11/2L Then I think i need- Fi pump? - fine filter?-engine just looking for a budget setup, I have seen some at 'Rally Design' but didnt really know which is most suitable any advise please thanks Stu
  8. woodman

    Steering rack query

    Have you got the top wishbones back on the right way? If not this may make a difference
  9. woodman

    Gurston Down attendance

    Mark , although I agree with your comment I feel the MSA has put up a brick wall and locked out all the casual competitors with all the rule changes over the last few years , especially ROPS, tyres, hans, etc. So no matter what the SSOT do they are limited by the winkers at the MSA
  10. woodman

    Gurston Down attendance

    When I was competing regularly I liked having lots of events to choose from. Is there really a problem if only a few people go to an event? And does it matter if they only do a few events a year? If I was competing ,I dont mind if there are 10+ events at Blyton as long as there are other venues to choose from on the same dates If we only have 47 entrants then surely attendances will be low at most events?
  11. woodman

    Gurston Down attendance

    Yes, I agree with Nick about the HSA The HSA has a very varied calendar Lots of Hills, inc Prescott ( loads of Westys went there when we went with Longton), Werrington, Wiscombe and many more Also sprints like Lydden, Llandow. But not lots of repeat visits to a handful of venues You could do enough rounds for a full season without having to go north of Brum! As for Javelin - shame they are not over my side of the country
  12. woodman

    Gurston Down attendance

    I think the drop in O/A competitors is more to do with the MSA onslaught on our wallets with new rules/reg rather than the number of events or anything that the SSOT have changed. But I do feel that there is a movement to a more sprint based championship (eg with 12 event at Blyton/anglesey )
  13. woodman

    Gurston Down attendance

    Yes , Birmingham is centre. how many events are south of there? it a spiraling effect with more Hills/southern events being removed = less southern competitors = poor attendance = more hills/southern events removed
  14. woodman

    Gurston Down attendance

    When I was competing properly I would have liked to visit Loton more than one W/E in a season It is , ( IMHO) the best all round hill. To lose any more hills would be a shame, they are all very challenging in their own way. Perhaps attendance was low because of the shift to a more northern/Sprint basis/calender?
  15. Are the BSC at this WSCCBlyton event? ( I very much hope not!) Also I can only find the 2017 supp regs and classes am I looking on the wrong link/

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