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  1. woodman

    Rollcage for Narrow

    Rollcage with side impact bars to suit narrow Westfield. Made from T45 for lightness and strength. Powder coated Has support for headrest Ideal for Trackdays You just need the rear braces from a RAC type rollbar Shown fitted to my GGR sprint car £425 ono Collection only
  2. woodman

    Mod prod requirements

    Hi Simon I am only running in C due to Dog Box. If I had syncro I would be in A. But some of us are using 1B tyres so we can run in roadgoing classes 'on the day' As far as I know-- I have a full cage , but its not req for C ( however it may be req for 'Mod Prod ' if you put on 1C tyres that are allowed in C) I am using a hans also , but it is only req if you run Mod prod on the day You can run a standard class A car in C as far as I know ( hopefully someone who knows to rules better can confirm)
  3. woodman


    I love Wiscombe Marto . But alas not in April. The paddock is usually still quite damp from winter rain and the least ammount of rain turns it into a quagmire.
  4. woodman


    Entered C Running 1bs though
  5. reduced to £4750 Easy to put on road ring me on 07939 266971
  6. woodman

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    One of the best awards I have received is an engraved Metal Thermos flask from Loton Park back in 2009 . And I still use it to this day!
  7. woodman

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    So , in order to run in A or C do I have to remove the 4" lights that are fitted and replace with larger ones? If so ( I know I cant be arsed to remove them ) do I just enter E instead ? Trouble is that although it dosn't bother me much , I am sure most roadgoing cars will have small headlights
  8. woodman

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    As I see it- The SSOT are just trying to offer classes to group similar performance together. The classes offered do this quite well. It would be simpler just to follow the MSA/ event classes, split Roadgoing and Mod prod but that would put alot at more of a dissadvantage I think
  9. woodman

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    S2T The WSCC regs/classes have no bearing or control over your class on the day at an event. Some events lump all the kit cars together regardless of engine /tyres etc
  10. woodman

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    Yes I see Adam But in my opinion the main factors are Power/weight Grip/handling Lights/seats/even MOT etc have very little bearing Especially when you can enter A/B with a £50K car with carbon everything , 300hp etc Personally I dont see the problem with a Bag type seat, and the original Westy seats were just squabs - who cares But I do think Roadgoing should have lights
  11. woodman

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    Whats all the fuss about entering a different class? ( Roz, Swampy, Maurici etc) You can then run your cars exactly as you please. For instance. I will be running in 'Roadgoing ' on the day at events On list 1B tyres. So initially WSCC class A or B However I have a dog box so that puts me in WSCC C , against people on List 1C. But thats 'my problem' as I see it , I have the choice , either fit a syncro box ( I would if I had one) or live with it
  12. woodman

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    Why are some so against having lights in A/B? Also I thought you had to have lights to run in 'Roadgoing' ( 2a, B1 etc) on the day , ?
  13. woodman

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    With regard to Symans comment -if they only have a daylight MOT then surely they can just run in C/D instead of A/B ? Most of the cars in C/D are very similar to A/B.
  14. When we are happy to allow £20K engines , gearbox casings made from unobtainiun etc then a passenger seat is irrelavant IMHO
  15. Why not Just MOT it with no passenger seat . Then stick that one in for competition

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