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  1. Well done. good spread of events
  2. Reduced £4995 Free Westfield V5 etc removed
  3. Yes Ian. Will be good to have a few battles again. it has a dogbox so 'A' is out at present , but I would like to fit a syncro box to make it better on the road, then it would be 'A' . it will be on list 1bs to qualify for road class at events . If I cant find a box then 'C' or 'E' but the tyres will be a disadvantage in either if they still allow ZZRs. Will only be a handful of events though. ( none if I dont sell the other car!)
  4. Here you go top team!!
  5. Yes Barry . Would be good to have all four cars together again at an event at some point
  6. Narrow SE rolling chassis These chassis make a great basis for a BEC conversion. This one comes with- Wishbones, Uprights , hubs brakes, and aeroquip hoses, bias brake pedal box, brake lines Live axle with disc brake conversion, trailing arms 3.77 or 4.11 CWP Spax shocks with springs, Ali fuel tank, fuel lines Quick rack, column, wheel RAC type roll bar Bodywork, ali panels wiring loom, dash, guages, Race seat and harness 15"x7" alloys, Toyo 888s, Wing stays and carbon wings lights,switches, fia cut off, Polo rad No engine,ancillaries,box,prop,v5,battery, exhaust,injection £3495 ono
  7. Jolly good - helps with planning/prep
  8. No , Sorry Terry, Def one of the roadgoing classes. Is the structure staying as this year?
  9. No , this is the 2011 championship car
  10. Yes Jason - great revvy engines , 150BHP+ as standard added quick rack to spec
  11. Yes Syman. Sold it in 2015. hope to get out and do a few events next year
  12. Looking forward to getting this sorted for next season
  13. Unregistered SE narrow Fitted with a Toyota 1600cc 20 valve engine which comes with Toyota individual tapered TBs . All controlled by a Omex ECU It has a Bosch Hi output Fi pump and swirl pot stainless steel exhaust, Ali catch tank cooled by a polo rad Ali bell housing to Ford 4 speed gearbox 2.4 Quick rack Live axle with disc brake conversion and 4.11 CWP Bias brake box and aeroquip hoses Westfield Ali fuel tank 15" x 7" alloys shod with Toyo R888 sg 'RAC' type roll bar Choice of seats £4995 or offer I would also consider selling as a rolling chassis as these early SEs make superb basis for BEC conversion I also have a cage , made from T45 steel, that utilises the existing rear stays ( its on the car in my profile pic) that I may sell as well

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