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  1. woodman

    2019 Gurston Down

    Mark. The reason I included Wiscombe in my answer to the question on Gurston is that I feel that it was linked to the demise in entries to Gurston.
  2. woodman

    2019 Gurston Down

    Gurston is a great and challenging hillclimb. It is well run and has decent facilities. It is an event that would be on my list of events that I would like to compete at if doing a whole season. Please think about Wiscombe as well Gurston worked well when combined with Wiscombe on the same W/E But I think Gurston entries have dropped off because Wiscombe has been dropped making the trip less appealing. But having said above,Wiscombes paddock is still soft from the winter rain in April and turns into a quagmire after a little rain and is horrible for Westys. Wiscombe was VERY well supported when it was held in Sept and I think would be again. Please try and get a summer date So my vote would be for July for Gurston , but does it clash with any other popular events then Thanks Stu
  3. woodman

    Speed Series 2018

    Well done Howard. Yet again A great competition .
  4. woodman

    Tyres , 185x13", list 1b, 888sg etc

    Thanks , Rorys Dad . I am hoping to get some 2nd hand ones if poss bump
  5. woodman

    Type e dog box

    Probably alot more steel ones about. is there much of a weight save as the case is quite small? Speak to Windy, he will build you one I think
  6. woodman

    type 9 5speed straight cut gearbox

    Spot on going for a 4 speed dog box for sprints/hills, I loved mine . Your 5 speed would be perfect for a road/trackday car Shame it isn't in my budget glws stu
  7. woodman

    Omex 500 map

    Thanks Dave and Blue leader. Yes I know Martin, He put the map in ECU, He said he can pop round but I thought I could give it a go myself. Its not far out but I think I may have to RRoad it as BL suggests
  8. woodman

    Omex 500 map

    My toyota 1600cc 20v standard engine had a basic map installed onto the Omex 500 ECU that came with it . Although the engine seems to run OK with this map I think it is using far too much fuel. It is only doing about 18 mpg cruising around with standard gearing and 4-1 cwp on 13" wheels So how difficult is it to download software and take a bit of fuel out of the map , say 5% from above idle up, or is this a complete no no for someone who dosen't really know what he is doing? TIA Stu
  9. I am looking for a set of four tyres to use for hillclimbs /sprints next year to replace my ageing ZZRs. I want to run in the road going class so they need to be on list 1B of the MSA tyre list Something like- Toyo 888 SG Avon ZZS Nangkang AR1 I think I can even use Avon ACB10s as car is 1989 reg preferably only a few years old Tall order I know , Please let me know if you are thinking of changing ready for next season Thanks Stu
  10. woodman

    Westfield SE 1993

    Hi Skypeller I am also in Hereford Nothing wrong with a narrow, both Tim Pennington and I have one ( well Tim has two!) You are welcome to try mine for size Then you may be able to look at this car. . It looks in great condition stu
  11. woodman

    Megablade or BEC suitable for conversion NOW SORTED

    There's one on Kitcars and parts for sale on FB £6995 https://www.facebook.com/groups/683643831725134/
  12. woodman


    Did the white car belong to John Pearce?
  13. woodman

    Loton Park 25th & 26th August

    Please count me in for mini bus Graham .
  14. woodman

    Top ball joint

    To double check - put car on nice flat surface Just get a piece of ply, about 2' square, push it up against wheel until it touches tyre at bottom, measure gap to rim at top and botton. check after refitting ball joint.
  15. woodman

    Dash/Reverse Cam

    My daughter would like to fit a combined camera pckage to her van . Now I am completely useless with Tech so I am hoping that the more tech minded amongst you can give me some advise please She is probably looking to the lower budget end of the market T I A Stu

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