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  1. ACW

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    I really hope people dont think I dont appreciate the effort and time people put into this stuff and what a thankless task it can be. I think anyone thinking that doesnt know me. But discussion should be encouraged, but also be civil. Better than that people not enter, stop competing etc. Just becuase people give thier efforts freely and act totally with the best of intentions that questions cant be raised surely? What I would suggest to avoid seige mentallity on either side - if that if you have a strong point use PM/ phone email. This shoud never be a popularity contest and politics.
  2. ACW

    2019 Speed Series Regulations

    Well done all for getting these out as early as possible. Some interesting ideas and new thoughts. These are always done with the best intention and only time and results after bedding in will say if they achieve the intention or some other un-ntended consequence. I know from the past how demoralising something you have worked on is shot down or some other angle is provided and you think oh crap we didnt think of that. All that said the only thing I feel strongly on is cash prizes. Maybe im a snob but it feels cheap. Is it a big draw to me its off putting. As a long time sponsor of the series, I probably wont carry this on becuase of this. My sponsorship is there to make the series happen and work it isnt to put a few quid cash into competitors pockets - that doesnt sit right to me as a sponsor. In business you are very careful to ensure everything is done indirectly, properly and above board - this just feels wrong for me. I think it totally flys in the face of what the ethos of the series is about.
  3. ACW

    Alternator help?

    After you fix it check the earthing - ie that the faces are clean on the mounting.
  4. ACW

    Zetec missing

    I needed to look up the Ref voltage but was heading here. its why I don’t get the post loosing the starting point, as that assumes the current TPS is right. I think my mbe uses 0.36v but I need to look up my chip files as I’ve been out of it for a couple of years and my total recall memory isn’t what it was.
  5. ACW

    Zetec missing

    TPS often wear near the idle position - so its noise around that your looking for. Difficult to see with a meter unless it has storage and you can check linearity of reading.
  6. ACW

    Zetec missing

    Where abouts are you i South Wales? I can do most stuff MBE and if you were close enough that I could fit in a pop in I'd be able to sort / confirm TPS or other. Id get a TPS in readiness as its a very likely call if you've checked for obvious stuff like manifold leaks / Fuel pressure. TBH if its really running poor at the moment you can normally stick a tps on and rotate it till yuo can hear when its on the right map position when its running. YES not the way long-term but a decent starting point. Do you know who originally supplied the ECU/ base map as that will also give me a hint at the likely idle voltage setting.
  7. I have my Brian James covered trailer for sale. This is a Brian James A series tilt bed (no ramps to mess around with) - with a full covered deck supplied new to me by Brian James. Everything works as it should, and I have recently put 4 brand new decent tyres onto wheels which are 13". This trailer can carry proper sized cars including Westfilelds with wide arches / slicks. It has a Superwinch fitted with relays to provide two way winch in/winch out action with remote buttons at the rear. It is fitted with chocks at the front. It has a home made hard cover with a light steel frame and aluminium sheet skinned cover. This could use some tidying but keeps the car clean and dry while on the road, or even storage. The cover is held in place with 4 strap downs and can be easily and quickly removed by two people if not required. Roller shutter rear door. Tows very well with the cover. Suspect this trailer still holds the Llandow to Llys-y-fran road race. Bare A series tilt trailers in worn condition go on ebay for 2,500 every day. However Im moving house so I really dont need to keep two trailers and want the space so it MUST GO. - MAKE ME AN OFFER. Ebay at the end of next week would rather it went to a WSCC member. Email me acw@ggr.net or call 07917 638648 Pictures below
  8. ACW

    Howwwww much!

    I always doubt the accuracy of some people bargin builds. Im not saying its not possible - but who hasnt got so good at hiding bits expenditure from certain budget stakeholders to the point where they believe thier own BS. I think this also explains why cars go for such low costs. All new parts registered car - I wouldnt build them for that price at that volume.
  9. ACW

    Chassis Hoop removal

    You can see the way I tie the bell housing to the chassis at the bottom. In the pictures below this has been done prior to me cutting out the loop.
  10. ACW

    Chassis Hoop removal

    My take on it having at least studied engineering and on every car i have built: 1. Its to offer scraping protection to the gearbox. 2. On every car ive cut it off it has been ERW tube. That isnt to say other people may have found something different as over the years different bits of metal have been substuted for amost every chassis part. - being a bend bit of tube it will serve very little (not none) chassis integrity. 3. Where possible I pass a staight bar between the tunnel sides between the bell housing and the gearbox which will close this area. Where not possible and in most cases, I tie the belhousing into the chassis around all sides such as the belohousing becomes a structual member closing the tunnel end and tied into the chassis. This may not be desirable in a road car due to vibration. YMMV - I take no responsbility for anything other than my actions.
  11. ACW

    Fully Mappable ECU for a V8 Engine

    I think I have a couple of MBE 998 and new looms kicking around. Probably needs sensors. Let me take a look or chase me at acw@ggr.net
  12. ACW


    @Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO - I'll start a thread in the committee section on this. I think i know whats going on.
  13. ACW

    Outdoor Wifi Hub

    Theoretically if your device supports 5GHZ it will need to be configurable as an outdoor device as it must support the use of DFS channels only and DFS. The reality for you application is stick an AP in a bag and hide it.
  14. ACW

    Audi B7 RS4 Avant - anyone know anything about them?

    High performance Audi's are great, but out of warranty can be eye watering expensive. A lot of the dealers seem to have problems diagosing issues on RS models. Ive had a few issues (some self inflicted) like shearing driveshafts, ECUs and other little niggles. Ive just sold my 4 yo S8 on to my brother and i wish him luck.

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