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  1. the stoat

    Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Just to help, you can now get a higher temperature version of the Acoustafil exhaust packing material.......is that the last of the barriers removed?
  2. the stoat

    Zetec starters again

    Exactly the same for me.
  3. the stoat

    1.8 Rev limit

    I would also add that I believe a far bigger risk to not coming home is temperatures and pressures. Make sure you watch the gauges and if you start seeing high temps and swings towards low oil pressure do something about it ASAP. I mention this as as you first go on track you may focus on driving and forget to monitor the car
  4. the stoat

    Hello from a Bristol Newbie

    Hello from a fellow Bristol owner. Nice to see such a clean car, it is so clean you could mistake it for a Caterham
  5. You may want to consider that it is air flow rather than radiator size that is the issue for static cooling. It it cools at speed the radiator has enough capacity, have you tried the mother of all fans?
  6. the stoat

    Oil Pressure

    I have an XE and it runs about 70 psi at 8k rpm like Adam's old one. Have you adjusted the pressure relief valve yet?
  7. the stoat

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Absolutely agree, always ask your mapper to be a little conservative and do we need very last horse power? @Dommo yes I know that I do compared to you Bunge it is a pain in the behind when this happens, been there.....
  8. the stoat

    Crossflow misfire and erratic tacho

    Also double check the voltage your alternator is putting out, over or under voltage can cause very strange behaviour. In my case I have the same symptoms as you and my alternator was putting out many more volts than it should have been.
  9. the stoat

    Interpro tuning

    I would dispute they really know what they are doing.... See images below, the matt effect is due to det on a set of forged pistons following mapping at Interpro.
  10. the stoat

    Interpro tuning

    I have used them before. I now use Northampton Motorsport. If you want an explanation of why I no longer use them feel free to drop me a PM.
  11. the stoat

    Loss of VTEC Kick

    Here you go, unfortunately the car is in Bristol. So you are still welcome to have a look, but photos could be more fuel efficient. From memory I think the cooler is the middle sized one which is 245mm. It is self supporting on the water pipes and can be installed at any angle to help with pipe routing. It is expensive but I believe worth it as it just works. My friend also has one installed on a Mev Rocket with a turbo charged Zetec at 300bhp and it works on that, which has a wet sump. He just used a take off at the oil filter housing.
  12. the stoat

    Loss of VTEC Kick

    I am going to sound like a broken record on this, I would not bother with a traditional air cooled oil radiator. I could not get this setup to work on the road and track. I had over cooling of the oil when on the road even with an oil thermostat. I tried multiple cooler sizes and blocking off with cardboard etc and then went to the Laminova oil water heat exchanger. On the assumption you are running a Radtec or equivalent radiator you should have enough cooling capacity to make this work. This setup on mine brings the oil temps up to something reasonable while on the road and keeps them under control on track. On track I see temps of 100 to a max off 112 degrees. The 112 was with air temps over 30 and staying out for many laps while using as much power as my feeble (as defined by Dommo) machine can create.
  13. the stoat

    Engine Misfire when Cornering Right Only - Any ideas?

    I would say it depends how vigorous you are being in the corners and how full your fuel tank is. Until I fitted a swirl pot I would have issues in both directions. As you say logic suggests it should be one direction but this was not true in my case.
  14. the stoat

    Loss of VTEC Kick

    @Tom (T3OMF) - Cotswolds AO I know we had a brief chat when you bought my oil cooler, as above the temperature gauge should be the first item to fit. Just be careful if you go down the air cooled radiator based oil cooler route as it may cause over cooling (even with a thermostat) on the road and given you like your road trips Also given the cost of S2000 issues is it worth fitting the biggest and brightest light available that is triggered by a sensible low oil pressure value? I have mine set to give me a tan if it sees less than 25 PSI.
  15. the stoat

    Which westy to buy

    I would go for the MX5 based version as parts are plentiful and cheap. Engines and gearboxes are so cheap you could consider them consumables. Strap on a turbo and silly power can be had. I have a Vauxhall red top and would stay away as while they are good engines they are getting old and parts are harder to find. Also getting power from a naturally aspirated engine is very very costly compared to forced induction. For reliability I would say if you can keep temperatures and pressures under control you can get excellent reliability. So well thought out cooling system and sump that prevents oil surge should be top of your list. Also mapping completed by someone competent as opposed to a quick seek the maximum power job, replacing pistons due to detination was not fun. Hope this helps.

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