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  1. the stoat

    Makita impact wrench

    Try giving Bell tools in Bristol a call. I found them cheaper than the Internet.
  2. the stoat

    Alternator options

    An interesting point to note is the Motorsport Denso would seem to have the same part numbers as the non-motorsport version..... So is the only difference Motorsport tax? Others will say the Motorsport version can take higher RPMs, but again the part number is the same.........
  3. the stoat

    Oil cooler sizing

    So unless you are pushing on you actually have an over cooling problem, . If you want the water temp brought down you can get an 82 degree thermostat from Autovaux and I still believe ducting was the best value change I ever made. I was running mine on track yesterday in silly temperatures at no issues with dumping oil cooling through a Radtec as was another forum member running silly power and with an intercooler Infront of it. So I do not think you need to worry about Radtec capacity.
  4. the stoat

    Oil cooler sizing

    What temperature of thermostat do you have in at the moment? Also have you ducted the radiator?
  5. the stoat

    Aluminium Flywheels: A cautionary tale

    With the steel I am expecting uniform wear as opposed to the steel ring picking up and rippling. There are also mounting holes drilled to the disc, obviously, but that has allowed the ring to lift between the screws and also the flywheel is not solid behind the disc so does not have a uniform mounting surface. Also to add the friction plate had only done a about 1.5k miles and while you could feel wear with your nail it was an unmeasurable amount hence why I did not change the flywheel at the same time. I wish I had as I did have a feeling at time that all was not well, but could see nothing than some heat spots to back this up. The aluminium design just adds complexity for no good reason. A solid bit of steel has less failure opportunities than a part made from several components. All in my opinion of course @SootySport please double check your friction plate, I put a straight edge on the paddles and they are far from straight any more.
  6. the stoat

    Oil cooler sizing

    Just do this I have, I tried many combinations on my XE. This plumbed in to return line of my dry sump system with a good radiator and it just seems to work even with me running many revs on track. I could get the air to air cooler to work on track but it overcooled on the road revenue with a thermostat, and if I went smaller it did not work on track.
  7. the stoat

    Aluminium Flywheels: A cautionary tale

    M8 12.9 caphead screws with no washers as per advice from SPD who supplied the new clutch and flywheel.
  8. the stoat

    Mounting dash to Dash bar

    As an alternative has anybody tried Dzus fasters with a dash of velco (to prevent rattles) to mount the dash to the scuttle? If you are intent on mounting to the bar consider Stauff clamps which you can then be used as a base to attach a mounting bracket to the dash.
  9. the stoat

    Brakes advice.

    This is my point about needing to experiment as Martin's original setup, on the face of it, is the same as mine. But by the description operate very differently.
  10. the stoat

    Small in car toolkits

    I have this velcroed behind a seat. https://www.bahco.com/en/p/14-socket-set-standard-and-deep-37-pcs/10-b3-de-b5-28-39-b1-fb-08-4d-e2-5b-b0-74-47-28/
  11. the stoat

    Brakes advice.

    I have the standard Sierra calipers on the rear and use cheap and cheerful pagid pads. I have 4 pots on the front and basically have the rears turned off with a bias valve. If I do turn the rears on they are very easy to lock. So as above the rears do virtually nothing. Pads and general brake setup are such a personal choice that experiment until you find what you like. Also set ups vary hugely too. For example I have mine set up for a good bit of travel on the pedal whereas my friend has a nearly solid pedal on his car, which I hate.
  12. the stoat

    C20XE Flywheel and Clutch Recomendation

    As per the usual with items from SBD the fitted without issue and worked first time. Really nice light clutch action despite being called the heavy duty cover.
  13. the stoat

    Aluminium Flywheels: A cautionary tale

    Replacement on:
  14. the stoat

    Aluminium Flywheels: A cautionary tale

    It was last used hard on a trackday last year and has only done about a hundred road miles after this track day. The cracks in the cover plate do not look recent. Hence I think I got very luck as letting go on track would have been messy.

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