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  1. the stoat

    Vauxhall Redtop dry sump question

    My one runs at many revs without harmonic balancer or issue.
  2. the stoat

    Any heating engineers out there?

    No topping up as everything seemed to be working ok. On trying to top up all it did was leak back past the valve.
  3. the stoat

    Any heating engineers out there?

    Thank you very much, yes it is leaking. The water bill being several times prompted a search for leaks.
  4. I built a forged engine for my friends one and loved driving it. The way they squat and launch is amusing. If you do get one and need to replace the clutch never ever assume the gearbox is the same weight as other gearboxes you have removed. If you do you may find yourself vpinned to the floor!
  5. Do we have any heating engineers that can identify this brand of valve? Getting a like for like will save changing pipes / connections. Thanks in advance.
  6. the stoat

    Cutting/filing carbon fibre

    Also invest in those cheap paper dust suits and have no visible flesh showing. The irritation from carbon dust up a sleeve is something you don't want.
  7. the stoat

    Fuel tank sumps / swirl pots

    I have this on my tank and believe you would need significant depth to make it work, making it too vulnerable, as said above. Despite having a sump I still had issues and fitted an external swirl pot. It really is a fit and forget solution. I hope it works for your but I used to get fuel surge on curved motorway slip roads on less than half a tank and that was not driving vigorously. On the assumption you have a Bosch style high pressure fuel pump currently Walbro do a low pressure version that is a direct fit for where your current high pressure pump is. Using this minimises faffing time as the outlet pipe from the tank and power will connect up with no modifications.
  8. the stoat

    Fuel tank sumps / swirl pots

    Please ignore I cannot use the quote button correctly.
  9. the stoat

    Engine Autopsy - Duratec Death

    As another must have I would recommend a massively bright dash light that comes on at something sensible like 25 PSI, to an early indication of it going wrong. If you have the warning at the usual 10-15 psi you are to close to impending doom in my opinion.
  10. the stoat

    Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Just to help, you can now get a higher temperature version of the Acoustafil exhaust packing material.......is that the last of the barriers removed?
  11. the stoat

    Zetec starters again

    Exactly the same for me.
  12. the stoat

    1.8 Rev limit

    I would also add that I believe a far bigger risk to not coming home is temperatures and pressures. Make sure you watch the gauges and if you start seeing high temps and swings towards low oil pressure do something about it ASAP. I mention this as as you first go on track you may focus on driving and forget to monitor the car
  13. the stoat

    Hello from a Bristol Newbie

    Hello from a fellow Bristol owner. Nice to see such a clean car, it is so clean you could mistake it for a Caterham
  14. You may want to consider that it is air flow rather than radiator size that is the issue for static cooling. It it cools at speed the radiator has enough capacity, have you tried the mother of all fans?
  15. the stoat

    Oil Pressure

    I have an XE and it runs about 70 psi at 8k rpm like Adam's old one. Have you adjusted the pressure relief valve yet?

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