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  1. tuonokid58

    Yorkshire Breakfast meeting, 20th January.

    We'll be there Robin
  2. tuonokid58

    Yorkshire breakfast club, 16th December.

    Thank God I don't like mince pies :-). I will be there. Barry
  3. tuonokid58

    Yorkshire breakfast club, 21st October.

    Hi Robin We'll be there. Barry
  4. Hi Rob I tried looking for Escort forums when I first put it up for sale but I drew a blank. I knew it was a favoured engine for MK1 and 11 Escorts as I bought the bell housing from Yuk at Yukspeed so any idea which forums? Thanks for posting by the way. Barry
  5. tuonokid58

    Breakfast meeting, Sunday 15th July.

    Hi Robin It's also a local car show at the Pot House Hamlet in Silkstone, Barnsley on that day. I'm hoping to make that but I have a Stag do the day before. Anyone that wants to go to the Pot House after the Red Kite have a look on the net, it's free to go, there's no advanced booking or age restrictions and it's quite relaxed. The owner is trying to build it up into a bigger annual show and I think He will be successful. Barry
  6. Last chance guys now going for 800 pounds. Barry
  7. tuonokid58

    Yorkshire breakfast club, 20th May.

    The word of the day was **** as in Flowery (for those that watched Fawlty towers) and spoken with some gusto by a lovely lady whom I didn't expect to hear it from but the comedic effect was awesome Long live free speech and the lack of PC in the UK and apologies to any families that were sat within earshot of us.
  8. tuonokid58

    Yorkshire breakfast club, 20th May.

    We'll be there Robin. Barry and Andrew
  9. tuonokid58

    Thornes Park, Wakefield, Friday 6th July

    Aye, I'll be there Robin. Barry
  10. tuonokid58


    Cheers Geoffrey and I still can't believe I had forgotten you since our last meeting Barry (and Andrew)
  11. tuonokid58

    Race Line Water Rail

    The thermostat housing on my 39,000 mile zetec Westy is just starting to fail now so that will be getting replaced by a Raceline one. I'm sure that all Ford engines fitted with plastic parts on the cooling system have problems relating to heat cycles with the plastic ageing and eventually cracking. It's not just Zetec thermostat housings as it affects sigmas, rocams and I think there's even something on the 1.0 Ecoboost in the Focus that fails.
  12. tuonokid58

    V8 narrow body bonnet

    I think Robin may have a fetish about sawing lumps of fibreglass in half
  13. tuonokid58

    Yorkshire breakfast club, 18th March

    Me too guys.

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