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  1. Have found out that the cafe at north weald airfield is no longer serving breakfasts. So change of plan and just a short trip out from barnet to a cafe in crews hill for a breakfast. Meeting at 38 en4 8ue at 9 am if you want to join us
  2. Cant make Sunday as the day is stacked with family stuff. Should be dry on Sat though
  3. Saturday 23rd March, drive out from Barnet to North Weald for breakfast and then to Cole Green& back to Barnet. Meeting at Duke of York Pub, A1000 between Barnet & Potters Bar at 9am Feel free to join in cheers Ian
  4. Welcome to the club. Keep an eye out on the forums for North London area activities cheers Ian
  5. am currently looking to buy a Westfield, in fact I made the mistake of selling my old one last year, and of course regretted it, so I am searching for a replacement. My budget is 5,000 to 8,000 preferably an older model, ideally 87-91 , engine and colour not overly important. I am based around Slough but prepared to make a trip. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Alex Jolliffe 00 33 7 70 00 79 92 (french number as currently based in France but coming up end of this week)
  6. @DE04* can you let me know how your hood was adapted please?
  7. Hi Kenton yes i did call them. I have an aero screen so they need to re design their current version in order for it to fit
  8. Thanks Chris. No danger of the parts dept having stock of this then
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