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  1. I reckon you are going to create a load of work for yourself! You are are more than welcome to use my grinder but you need a very steady hand to get a straight edge, then treat it with an anti rust compound. Then messing about with fibreglass is a PITA. Send the boy back for a refund!
  2. Agreed 😊 Not a bad as Certain other east counties- gimme a high six 🖐️
  3. I have finally found some red flouro lined fuel hose. Going to replace the boring black fuel line with red, engine is a Zetec Blacktop. Car is in a garage having a lovely new BGH gearbox fitted, so I cannot measure the pipe diameter of the metal fuel line going to and coming from the fuel tank. I think it is 8mm, but can anyone confirm please? Thanks Ian
  4. So its your car, and Glen is responsible for cleaning it! Glen is lucky 😉
  5. Good idea for that heater, nice one a15cro 😁 see you there about 11.30
  6. Dont worry about the cold, beer will make it go away 😜😜
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