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  1. tkm_dave

    Honda S2000 Supercharger

    Ta Simon, would be some cheap power if I was going that route but would mean a fair bit of work as I already have higher compression pistons than standard.
  2. Oops, missed this Onliest! Thanks for the heads up. I think I have more than a healthy amount of stuff on now anyway, always next year!
  3. tkm_dave

    Blyton 2018, The photo thread.

    Some really great photos there Dave, really impressive!
  4. tkm_dave

    Blyton 2018, The photo thread.

    Strangely I felt instantly relaxed when I got on the gravel! I really must learn how to get in to 3rd gear on the brakes, think I messed it up more than 80% of the time! I miss my cheating paddles
  5. What ECU is it? Might be someone with a spare that can copy the map over to it. Just need to consider the possibility of any potential loom faults killing that ecu too depending on what the symptoms are with your current ecu.
  6. tkm_dave

    Seat heaven

    PM'd re. the £55 seat, I'll take it please Phoned and left a message as you were unavailable. Left my number too just in case.
  7. tkm_dave

    ( SOLD ) VDO Oil Pressure and Water Temp Gauges

    All sold, thank you and good night!
  8. No worries Dave, I thought it might have been that, the topic re. National A licenses has also gone. So if it was personal it was against Matthew two, problem shared problem halved etc
  9. Not sure where my first topic went, but I won't give up!... Would anyone be able to help get a bonnet from the Wetsfield factory to Blyton this weekend? Payment in beer, burgers, ice cream, whatever floats your boat!
  10. tkm_dave

    Avon 250/570 R13 Slicks

    I should have mentioned, while these are not NEW, they are still soft enough to be a quick tyre for testing or practise, just past their best for timed runs.
  11. tkm_dave

    Avon 250/570 R13 Slicks

    Pair of Avon A15 hillclimb compound slicks, 250/570 R13. 2-2.5mm tread depth across their width. Unknown history, they came on my spare set of wheels and I only used them for mocking up bodywork and a casual shakedown to check gear shifts and bed brakes in, so I'd recommend them for similar and any more use from them is a bonus! £40 the pair collected from Ilkeston, DE7 or £15 for UPS delivery.
  12. tkm_dave

    Force Racing 13" Rim Halves

    Pair of satin black inner halves 13 x 6.5", brand new never fitted, £150 for the pair including UK postage (Highlands, Islands and NI may be a few quid on top). Still have the invoice for £200 from last year. Pair of gloss black outer halves, 13 x 2", used but no dents just a couple of small marks on the outside, couple of tyre fitting scrapes on the inside (done soon after I got them but ran them for two seasons with no issues). £100 for the pair including UK postage (Highlands, Islands and NI may be a few quid on top).
  13. Haha, cheers Mark but I don't see that happening. Without my car I'm like Thor without his hammer, or some other similarly obscure comparison
  14. Thanks Mark, quite a long journey to spend a weekend being jealous of everyone else racing though! haha
  15. Doubt my engine will be rebuilt in time, anyone fancy lending me their car? I'm very sensible and reserved behind the wheel, positively granny like

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