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  1. Chopping out the relevant points to many Westfield owners from the above, that's a classic MSA contradiction, especially when considering Q plates.
  2. https://www.s2ki.com/forums/uk-ireland-sale-wanted-120/f20c-na-registration-1190416/ F20C NA (!!!!) Provisionally sold but the buyer (me) pulled out due to not being able to get that far South to meet and exchange documents etc so now available again. If you have a naturally aspirated Mega S2000 I'm not sure a better plate exists!
  3. Mick Cooper on Facebook does them.
  4. I'm not sure of the year I'm afraid, sorry. It's an AP1 'box though if that helps. I've got the 'box, clutch (friction plates at 0.6mm wear one side, 0.9 the other, new is 1.2-1.7, service limit 0.2mm), flywheel, flywheel bolts and release bearing. £250?
  5. I have an S2000 box that could do with leaving the garage if you are still in need. Came with an engine I bought a few years ago. All working when removed from the car, believed to be about 100k miles but no proof of this I'm afraid. Came out of a car before S2000 engines with only 100k were being considered low miles, so I have no reason to doubt what I was told.
  6. Meal booked etc and on the waiting list for a room at the hotel, not holding out much hope for that though
  7. Huge congratulations Howard! Anglesey finale delivers the drama yet again! Congratulations as well to both John and Terry on a very close and competitive year.
  8. Got one good enough to have been in my car for a couple of seasons, just needs a Barra unit transplanting in to it
  9. I'm running an R.E.D dry sump and a Pace pump with the biggest rotors they do. My advice would be to not underestimate how much oil and pressure is required to keep the supply to the pump decent when the vtec opens. To be honest I haven't read the whole thread so if there's anything else you'd like info on from my setup feel free to get in touch
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