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  1. I am pretty sure that's a Caterham! In fact I'm 100% sure!
  2. I'd buy that. If I hadn't bought an Elise.....Don't suppose you fancy a part ex cash my way?
  3. I had a Magenta (kit car) as my first car with a 1275 gt engine. b****y loved it so did the women. My advice buy a Magenta! Bought it with my own money too!
  4. Selling my TT due to starting a new business. http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/1424078.htm It's a great car with a brilliant engine only done 47k miles with full Audi history etc...Also being a manual it doesn't have any DSG problems! I am looking for a Westfield so happy to p/x against the right car
  5. Still got an engine for sale and a bellhousing too. Come on Guys and Gals make me an offer! Oh and some cycle wings!
  6. It's pointless talking about this particular car as it is SOLD!
  7. Weird thing is I phoned up about that car maybe 2 months ago, only to be told that it had been sold....................He could however have sold me a 1.8 Zetec live axle the he did have in stock for the same money!
  8. Not the best pic and I did have to modify a bit when I fitted the half doors.
  9. I had a carbon mods areo fitted to my narrow se, I didn't have to make any mods to it and it gave me about 10mph extra on my top speed!
  10. twcullen

    Want to buy

    Having sold my narrow xe a couple of months ago I am now looking for a Westy to take its place. My criterior is for a well built car with as much spec as I can get for my money. I really fancy trying a BEC but would consider another XE or Zetec assuming it had a decent amount of power. The quicker and lighter better..............My buget is around 9k but I would rather spend less.............. So what you got guys I've got the cash waiting to spend! Please PM or email timcu11en@yahoo.co.uk
  11. I am based in Salisbury Wilts the carbs are 40's
  12. Westfield yellow wings as used with my 13" Wheels £30.00 RS2000 Alloy bellhousing all threads intact, no cracks or cut outs £90.00 Westfield Xflow 4 into 1 manifold SOLD Narrow windscreen and pillars SOLD 2 ton Engine lift only used once £100.00 SOLD 130 bhp (rolling road graph to prove) 1600 Crossflow Engine with twin dellortos, kent 244 cam, polished and ported head, aldon ignition, alloy sump, to include westfield mounts, starter, alternator, coil etc. £595.00 Polo rad never used (but a bit dented) £10.00 SOLD Wiper motor and washer bottle SOLD Yellow windscreen fillet narrow SOLD Would rather not post and just do cash on collection. I am based in Salisbury, Wiltshire
  13. Readvertised as the chap that agreed to buy it couldn't get it up his driveway!
  14. What amount did you buy? And did you spray it after fitting? How are the temps now?
  15. Tony The engine isn't highly tuned @ 198bhp it does have an SBD low exit exhaust and the alternator does have its own fan. Mr Blatman The alternator is quite compact maybe not as compact as a Nippon Charade one though however I am loathed to change having just bought another new one! Basically my XE engine was fitted this year by Northampton Motorsport (and a brill job they did too!) At the same time they fitted a new alternator. It has run without fault since but last month to cover up the hole left by the previous exhaust system I fitted an aluminium cover onto the bodywork. 100 miles later on a hot day the alternator stopped charging! An auto electrician friend looked at the car and confirmed the alternator had failed, he said that it was drawing in hot air from the exhaust and the probable cause of its demise.......... So if exhaust wrap is the answer should I wrap all primaries? And any recommendations the of the best to buy? Cheers Tim
  16. Hi Guys I have a slight problem with my narrow xe. I have just had to replace a nearly new alternator and I am sure the reason it failed is because it is very close (2" approx) from the very hot exhaust mainfold. What is the best way to prevent this happening again, exhaust wrap or some sort of heatshield? If I used wrap would I have to wrap to entire manifold, can't be a good idea to wrap just one primary? If I went the heatshield route I assume it would have to be mounted to the chassis and not to the engine, would aluminium be ok to use? Anyone got any pics? Cheers Tim
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