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  1. Evening Trackday at Brands. Nice and quiet.
  2. Bump. Any offer over postage will go to Cancer relief. I need the space, not the money. Let's say postage is £10!?
  3. Have booked the evening session (15:30 on) anyone else going to be there? https://www.msvtrackdays.com/car/calendar/2019/april/23-bh-eve/ Will be very much a shakedown test from all the winter work.
  4. My car made more power and torque when I went for a Simpson exhaust. The manifold isn't too bad, though they don't smooth the welds between the flange and the primarys, but the collector is garbage, no smooth transition into the silencer. Speaking of which crucially, for me at least, as well as making more power the Simpson exhaust is a hugely quieter. If you compare a Raceline/Dunnell/Simpson exhaust side by side the difference is day and night. Also power is only one metric, I also noticed a big improvement in responsiveness and general tractability
  5. Super fuels can have a higher ethanol content, which is used to raise the octane. I would imagine this more likely to cause damage and leaks to fuel systems in older cars not designed for it?
  6. As Dave says, this has been an issue for some time, at least over a year. I wanted a set of Protech shocks, they came in at 20+ kilos and £45. I phoned up instead and got it adjusted. Not we convenient as an online order, but may be worth it if there's a deal on, as there was in my case.
  7. Very nice. It's that's DanST looks like the quality of the manifolds have improved. Think I had an early one. Took a fair bit of fettling to port match to the head (especially the ported one, but that's fair enough) and the TBs. Otherwise looking down the there were a bunch of ridges where the transitions were. Like the look of the linkage. Mine is just a cable to the TBs and could use a stiffer return spring.
  8. Race Technology have some products with 16% off at the moment through their eBay shop. Here's a Dash2 @ £500, which is pretty good value: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F283430867459
  9. I don't know to be honest, maybe post a question in tech-talk? They were on the Westfield fabricated steel uprights from circa. 1999
  10. Hi, I'm often around during the day as WFH a lot. Happy for someone collect. Just arrange when through a PM This week Friday would be best.
  11. Removed from my 1800 Sport when moved to Wilwood. Good all round condition, could use another cost of paint, and one split-pin missing (see pic) Looking for £50 posted, open to offers.
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