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  1. tim

    2019 Gurston Down

    I would go Its a good hill or you will nearly have all sprints in the speed series
  2. tim

    Image alloys 2x 7" 2x 9.5 13"

    what size is the inner rim ie from outside of rim to hub face can we speak 07977268959 rds tim
  3. tim


    Hi Chris can you ring me or send me your number re sat nav my no 07977268959 rds tim
  4. tim


    Hi Chris yes intrested in sat nav how much and what event will you be at in the not to distant furture Yes hard to see the car go but you have moved on to something quicker and different racing
  5. tim


    ok thanks was it a sad day to see your winning se sold?
  6. tim


    I am after a sat nav to go in the tractor does anyone have one which is not used and want to sell can ring 07977268959 or email rds tim
  7. has anyone got a entry for shelsey next week,?
  8. tim

    Rear Upright wanted

    Hi I will look in the shed as I might have a pair rds tim
  9. as in the title do we need them in the car for this year?
  10. tim

    cable tie,pclips etc

    Can I have some help in finding a supplier of cable ties,the plastic clip which hold the wire or pipe in which the cable tie goes round,p clips, all at fair money have now got fed up in asking automotive outlets and looking on the internet rds tim
  11. tim

    land rover

    Looking for discovery 3 or 4,wondering if anyone has or knows of a good one for sale rds tim
  12. tim

    Compact Tractor

    hi we have a dealer in Hereford who sells tractors etc for small gardens etc it is Pallisers of Hereford no is 01432 890300 ask for Jamie Blanford or the boss is David palliser hope they will help rds tim
  13. tim


    can you email me your tel no please,so I can under stand with it is rds tim
  14. tim


    hi,thanks for the reply. what make is it and it does require torch,etc and where are you as I am in hereford rds tim

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