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  1. Thanks. In case anyone else wants to know: Across thread sizes are available in screw-like numbers, but also metric. The pitch however seems to be all over the place - only a problem if like me you are trying to fit already cut threads.
  2. Title says it all. I'm helping son fix his Ford Fiesta - we are short some hex head self tappers which hold on the power window motor to the door card. They screw into a blind plastic hole, of diameter 4mm (uncut). If there were machine screw I'd know what to do for std sizes. But self tappers? Do Ford use standard sizes? Are there any standard sizes?
  3. Mounting such a device w/o heatsink is naughty as it's clearly been getting hot for a while judging by the PCB, and soldering direct to the tab is very, very naughty indeed! Definitely one for the rogues' gallery. If I were you, I'd be investigating alternative suppliers.
  4. Simple question - what type of saw did you use to cut off the bottom of bell housing?
  5. I'm always up for a meet in North Somerset, or thereabouts.
  6. Good idea Chris. I have a super busy work day then, but I certainly hope to be along to join you. My Westie still off road, so may be on the push bike ... (insert cycle emoji of your choice).
  7. I'm curious - I built my Westie in 1997, so I guess I have the 'kit' body work. What is 'zk' bodywork and when did it come in? What's the reason / difference?
  8. Hi Chris, well done again for taking on this role. Unfortunately I can't do the 20th. I'm back in our area the following week on Fri 28th at lunchtime if that's any use at all. Let me know if that suits you or anybody else. Just a thought. Happy holidays!
  9. Hi Chris, nice car. One of the mystery bits was the shiny but complex looking item in the fuel line - I think the solution to the 'mystery' is that it is a pressure regulator which is also connected to vacuum in order to maintain a pressure differential relative to manifold rather than atmosphere.
  10. Well done Chris. In the nick of time too! I'll be there tomorrow. Westie still in too many bits, so will be in orange Fiesta ST. Steve.
  11. I'm trying to keep Saturday free, but I'm going to be given something to do soon if it gets much closer, if you know what I mean.
  12. Hi CeeBee, I've only just seen this. I'd be very pleased to turn up on the 10th in South Bristol or wherever. My Westie is off road, but I'll come anyway. Or, if it's not too many cars you could come to Cheddar and park at my place for cups of tea (could probably squeeze half a dozen Westies in).
  13. I really like the one I got from Lidl. But you have to wait for them to be in store...
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