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  1. Wobblyprop

    pressure washer - recommendations please

    I really like the one I got from Lidl. But you have to wait for them to be in store...
  2. Wobblyprop

    Alignment settings

    If you want a really quick answer, camber and toe should be very slightly negative on the rear as a first approximation. If you're wearing the inside edges, one or the other is out by enough to see by eye, I would think, especially it it's camber. But I'm sure someone will be along with the proper answer soon ...
  3. Wobblyprop

    Fiesta ST150 rims in Somerset?

    Excellent, thanks. Any more from anyone?
  4. Hi Folks, these are not for my Westie, so I thought I'd better not post in parts section. Looking for one or possibly more Fiesta ST150 11 spoke alloys as my son has remodelled one of his. These were fitted to 04 to 08 cars. See attached picture. Interested in whether anyone might know of any for sale, or more likely recommendations of scrappers in Somerset / Bristol / West Country who might deal with such wheels/rims.
  5. Wobblyprop

    New Member in Somerset (with pictures)

    And welcome from Cheddar. Glad you enjoyed our Gorgeous Gorge PS if any Somersetians want to visit Cheddar, we have a back yard you can park in...
  6. Wobblyprop

    Breakdown cover? AA alternatives?

    Well, I chose Autoaid in the end due to recommendations here. My son needed them today; they came quite quickly for a weekend and were fantastic, bringing the car home and pushing it up the drive for us (broken release bearing suspected). Thanks to all who replied.
  7. Hi Folks, I'm looking for an alternative for my AA cover for the tin tops, for me, my wife and one of our sons. The AA price is going up crazily for no apparent reason. We have 'Roadside' and 'Relay'. Any ideas? I learnt about A-Plan insurance for the Westie on the forum, so I thought someone might know about breakdown cover too.
  8. Wobblyprop

    Santa wants welding helmet

    Many thanks Gentlemen. It's so helpful to receive personal recommendations for kit which is new to me.
  9. Wobblyprop

    Santa wants welding helmet

    Hi Folks, I have an idea for a welder for Xmas. Would like to hear recommendations for helmet. Flip-up or auto-darkening,... brand? Steve.
  10. Might be interested if you can tell me the offset for sure (it's stamped on the rims) and it's the same on all wheels. Where in the country are you?
  11. Wobblyprop

    phone external batteries

    Yup. Anker and RAVpower. Both good and from Amazon.
  12. Wobblyprop

    Learner driver insurance?

    Hi Folks. my 17 year old is due to begin scaring us all by learning to drive. Does anyone know the best way to set about getting insurance for him? We'll be buying a small engined car. Having him bust my full NCB isn't attractive, but what's the cost of his own insurance? Anyone been thro' this recently and can advise? Cheers, Steve.
  13. Wobblyprop

    Identifying Front / Rear Shocks

    The springs set the height, not the shocks... unless you've manged to pull a shock out to its limit (unlikely).
  14. Wobblyprop

    Erm, drilling a hole

    The step drill was the winner from my point of view - Very neat hole, minimal tidy up needed. Slow the drill down as you go up in size. Was on about 500rpm at 24mm with cutting fluid and all was well. For smaller holes in softer stuff you could maybe do up to 5mm (hence 10 if you flip it), but the max thickness for steel is quoted at 3mm and I think that sounds right. Thanks for all suggestions.
  15. Wobblyprop

    Erm, drilling a hole

    Well I've done that with 1mm aluminium , but 3mm steel? Seems much harder stuff.

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