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  1. stephenh

    Propposed MSA Rule Change for 2019

    When I was competing 3 or 4 years ago, I always got asked to produce evidence of a current MOT certificate. That was in class D. Before that, I had a current tax disc displayed, so it looks like it is just clarifying the rule which really applied before?
  2. stephenh

    Noise after turned off car - Advice please

    Good practice is for the cooling fan to be wired directly, in the sense of not being wired via the ignition switch, so when you stop the engine the fan can still work until the temp cools down.
  3. stephenh

    Inner steering column

    Yes, it would be the steering lock stopping the inner column sliding right out, I think, or the new one sliding in. So insert the key and turn to first position before trying to change over the inners.
  4. stephenh

    Noise after turned off car - Advice please

    It wasn't the sound of your electric cooling fan running on, was it? In this warm weather that would be perfectly normal.
  5. stephenh

    Type 9 oil amount

    Not a lot of breath will get through that little hole!
  6. stephenh

    Track day tyres supplier

    I always found Camskill about as keenly priced as any, and excellent range and stock. However, if you want Avon competition or trackday tyres, it used to be that you could only get them from a company in Birmingham, BMRT or something like that from memory. Of course, I may be out of date now.
  7. stephenh

    Type 9 oil amount

    Ah well, there lies another potential problem. By the looks of it, you have a standard type 9, or at least it has the standard pressed steel sheet top cover. I rather think they don't have a breather (although I stand to be corrected, as mine isn't standard, so no use me looking at it). If you have a Tracsport version (which is what Steve Perks 'boxes are called) it will more than likely have a Tracsport cast aluminium top plate, and that has a breather on the top. My breather is connected via a length of polythene small bore pipe to my engine catch tank on the bulkhead, which in turn vents to the air via a Pipercross gauze filter. I think the Quaiffe top plate, which is similar, may also have a breather. Looking at the top side view, the hole for the breather is in the bottom left corner.
  8. stephenh

    Type 9 oil amount

    Neptune and Greenstreak, about an inch below the bottom of the filler plug on your 'box cases there is a wide horizontal web. My understanding is that if you fill to the level of that web, or maybe just over (but only slightly) then there is enough oil in the 'box. Any more than that, and it is likely to blow surplus oil out of the breather, or worse out of the front seal into your bellhousing (and that is where your clutch is, of course!). I think the fact that we have the type 9 'box in cars which on the whole are rev'ed, and driven, far harder than the Ford cars which the 'box was originally designed for, so they are more susceptible to excess oil being chucked out. Don't bother asking how I know.
  9. stephenh

    Westfield in Stafford

    Yes we had a few meetings at The Bradford Arms, on the A5, but by then the area was sadly on the decline. If you want runs out in company with other Westfield drivers, Julie Hall leads some runs through lovely Peak District scenery, her are is the Peak District one.
  10. stephenh

    Type 9 gearbox front seal.

    bump. anyone know the answer? I'll give Steve Perks a ring tomorrow, if not.
  11. stephenh

    Westfield in Stafford

    We used to have an area of the club centered around Stafford/Cannock, but when the last area organizer had to stop due to work commitments no-one was willing to take over, so it folded. We used to have some good runs out 7 or 8 years ago. There are still Westie owners around these parts.
  12. stephenh

    Building my Eleven

    Good luck Rob, I hope it runs well for you.
  13. stephenh

    Type 9 gearbox front seal.

    Can someone who knows tell me what is involved in replacing the front oil seal on a type 9 gearbox, as I suspect I have a leak. I have oil in the bellhousing, and it looks/smells like gearbox oil. Does the 'box have to be completely stripped, or is the front bearing housing removable?
  14. stephenh

    Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Brilliant news, but I never really doubted that you would get your IVA because you have taken so much trouble over the build, to the extent that would be obvious to the examiner. Congratulations, and I look forward to seeing the car at a suitable club event in the future.# edited to add: with regard to the reg. number, I can't remember, what did the engine and the gearbox come out of? Did you have a donor vehicle from which these items may have come from? If so, that could dictate the entitlement to an age related number. But you will need some evidence of the age and identity of the donor vehicle of 2 or more components.
  15. stephenh

    Chassis repair

    That's quite a kink, personally, I'd be looking for a new chassis, particularly if it is insurance. Anything less is |"cutting corners" and a spliced repair may or may not be satisfactory.

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