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  1. stephenh

    Westy at auction

    Not sure when Capn. Colonial was registered, but he certainly looks like an old kit!! or words to that effect.
  2. stephenh

    Westy at auction

    According to the advert., it was a 1989 kit, but only registered in 1995, so maybe that explains the vin?
  3. stephenh

    Duratec running in oil

    I'd be asking the engine builder. The main thing which needs running in (but it only takes about 20 minutes running) on a modern engine is the camshafts, but if you haven't had any of the camshafts and valve train assembly replaced, then in my opinion you shouldn't need a running in oil. Just my opinion, of course.
  4. stephenh

    Westy at auction

    Almost 30 years old (since manufacture of the kit) and only one owner. Must be a classic. Looks clean enough for the age. Any chance we can get to know how much it goes for at auction?
  5. stephenh

    Morris' XI Build

    Regarding the handbrake, unfortunately, it is only the late type Midgets which had the handbrake warning light, and the lever on those is a black painted one. Personally, I think the chrome lever is better looking, so the choice is either to use the early type lever and bracket and weld a small bracket on like Simon had to do, or use the later type, in which case you either have to put up with a black painted lever or have the lever stripped and re-chromed which was my solution.
  6. stephenh

    1.9 I'd springs

    I have a pair, 1.9" dia., length 8", rate 200 lbs.
  7. stephenh

    1.9 I'd springs

    I might have a pair, need to get my tape measure out and check, when I find them. What sort of length, and what sort of spring rate, are you looking for?
  8. stephenh

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    I think it is a way of reducing the unsprung weight!
  9. stephenh

    Stoneleigh 2019, R U going?

    I might be there. But I could be on the Jaguar pitch!
  10. Yes please for me and Mrs H.
  11. stephenh

    XI seen for sale

    The new advert says it had an electrical fault which has now been fixed.
  12. stephenh

    Type 9 90 degree adapter

    Yes, and you may need to have the end of your speedo cable modified as well.
  13. stephenh

    Type 9 90 degree adapter

    You can get these new from various places, including Speedy Cables of Swansea, but they aren't cheap!
  14. stephenh

    Suspension setup

    Chris, do you mean it is catching on the inside of the wheel arch (which is what your photo suggests) or the outer rim of the fibreglass wheel arch? If it is on the inside, then as John Hoyle says, a pair of wheel spacers would be the answer. And quite a cheap solution. However, if it is the outer part of the wheel arch which is catching then it may mean having to swap the wheels for a pair with more offset.
  15. stephenh

    XI seen for sale

    It looks a bit rough, and with that spindly roll hoop I don't think it would stand a hope of meeting MSA blue book requirements for sprinting. Seems strange that it has done only 400 miles, yet was registered 20 odd years ago.

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