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  1. stephenh

    Happy Birthday Luke.

    Many happy returns, from Mr & Mrs H.
  2. What sort of budget, Maurici?
  3. stephenh

    Anglesey weekend

    Congratulations Simon.
  4. stephenh

    Peak District Sun 21st October

    Sorry I've got family staying, yet again. Besides which, I'm just about to take the crank pulley and timing cover off to complete (hopefully!) my oil leak cures. Then I might leave the car in the garage to finish one or two other winter "upgrades".
  5. I got some coloured velcro straps which are used to tidy cables together on tv and hi-fi instalations. They were a bit too short to use on 3" webbing straps, but ideal on 2.5" straps. I rolled up the spare strap, around one of the velcro straps, then wound the ends of the velcro around itself and around the tight part of the same webbing strap, to keep it all of a piece.
  6. stephenh

    Westfield Sport Wheels (SOLD)

    I think you need to indicate what offset they are.
  7. No problem, John, but it might be Sunday by the time I can sort it, as I've got family just arrived for a short weekend.
  8. Hi Simon, I've got lots of your car. PM me your email address, and I'll sort it out.
  9. Anyone want photos of their car last weekend? Free to a good home!
  10. stephenh

    Seat belts IVA markings

    Just to add, Luke Algar at Playskool Motorsport used to do a 4 point harness in 3" webbing at very reasonable cost. Don't know if he still does them, but worth asking.
  11. stephenh

    Seat belts IVA markings

    Nothing wrong with OMP belts so far as I am aware, but beware; most 4 point harnesses (and the advert you have linked to would appear to be one) are configured to fit in a stripped out saloon, so they have long shoulder straps. You need short shoulder straps if they are going in a Westfield. If you look in the catalogues of the likes of Demon Tweeks etc., you will find that they also list harnesses specifically for Westfields, Caterhams etc. These will have short shoulder straps as they will be fixed to the chassis just behind your shoulder, not to the floor or rear bulkhead where the rear seat used to be (ie in a saloon).
  12. stephenh

    Speed Series 2018

    so here's a picture of our new champion.
  13. Yes, well done Howard. Less than 2.5 points separating the first 3. Looks like the scoring format is working well, despite the criticism from some quarters in recent years.
  14. stephenh

    Speed Series 2018

    If you haven't been to the Anglesey International circuit before, you ought to seriously consider doing so. The setting is magnificent. Adjacent to the rocky coast on the south side of the island, and with the Snowdonia mountain range on the mainland in the distance. If any competitors would like a copy of my photos of your car, (I took most but not quite all of the Westfields) just pm me with your email address, and confirm the number of your car, and I'll see what I've got.
  15. stephenh

    Speed Series 2018

    Excellent battle between three worthy competitors: Is it the Reverend? Or is it John (leader of the pack) Loudon? Or is it Howard (the dark horse) Gaskin?

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