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  1. I might well do that, Martin. It depends on the weather though, as I have sold my trailer so the only way of getting it to Stoneleigh is to drive it there.
  2. 2 offers so far, but both from people who haven't seen the car, just offering what they think they can afford rather than what they think the car is worth. So still on the market. I've just been out for a quick spin about 5 miles, just long enough to get the engine warm and recharge the battery a bit and circulate the oils in the engine gearbox and axle. Unfortunately the people who have sounded as if they may be good potential buyers are all a long way from me so haven't been to see the car. I am sure that if a serious enquirer came and saw the car and had a ride in it they would be "sold" on it as the way it accelerates and goes round corners is extraordinary considering the relatively small engine and simple suspension with ordinary road tyres.
  3. What sort of an angle are we talking about? I wouldn't have thought it is going to be enough to cause a problem?
  4. I suspect you turn sharp right just after the pits, rather than going right down to the bottom of the pits straight. If you look up Pembrey Race Circuit on Google maps you can see what I mean.
  5. Well Rain-X is supposed to repair windscreen chips in much the same way as I believe the professional roadside repairers do, with what I believe is a clear cold set acrylic. However if the chip is so tiny it might not be very practical to fill and repair? I've actually got a Rain-X repair kit on the shelf in my garage, but never got round to using it, so cannot help from a practical experience point of view.
  6. Ah, I mis-read the original post, I was thinking that we were being asked to compare the old 888 in GG with the old 888 in SG. Having read Maurici's post, I re-read the O/P, and agree entirely with Maurici. In fact, can you still get the old 888 in any compound, or are we talking about old stock? For competition purposes I'd always avoid old stock, whatever the tyre.
  7. SG is much softer. In competition terms, GG is a medium/hard rubber. Best for trackdays etc. But for sprinting SG would surely be the better of the two. I can't remember if SG was the softest or GGG, but certainly GG was the hardest of the 3.
  8. I've just found the Car and Classics on line market place, offering free for sale adverts., so I've posted on that site. The weather is due to start warming up by next weekend, so anyone seriously interested maybe needs to think about their offer!
  9. Yes, this is every bit as impressive as the article suggests. I visited this museum some years ago with my brother-in-law who is a classic Lancia nut. If you get a chance to visit, take it. You wont be disappointed.
  10. Well for road use I would try using 20 psi, then drop it to 18 and see what the difference in feel is. You will in all probability find the lower pressure gives more feel, and when the tyres are warm more grip. On track I don't think that many people using that tyre size would use more than 18psi. Remember if those pressures sound very low, that you have a very light car on quite big tyre footprints. Also, as the tyres warm up the pressure rises. Hence track pressures tend to be a bit lower than road use.
  11. 18 to 20 psi, depending on tyre size and type, for normal road use.
  12. Your location on here just shows as UK, so I don't know where you are, but you could do worse than try Custom Chrome in Nuneaton if you are anywhere in or near the Midlands or East. They made a tailor made stainless silencer for my XI from scratch and fitted it, whilst I waited! I didn't need a cat (for a 45 year old engine) but I'm sure if I had needed one they could have easily incorporated one. Alternatively Wunoff gets good reports on here, and I think is a sponsor. I've never used them, but I think they are in Yorkshire. In the south, Simpsons Race Exhausts produce works of art, but are quite pricey. They are on the outskirts of Slough. They made a superb complete system for my previous Westfield.
  13. Terry, what is the pitch of the thread on the adjuster? What is the distance between the top and bottom wishbones where they join the upright? From those measurements, you should be able to work it out using sine tables.If you divide the pitch by the distance measured above, the resulting figure can then be loooked up in the sine tables, and you can read off from that the angle which is the change in camber angle of your wheel resulting from one full (ie 360 degrees) turn of the adjuster. If you want to know the camber change in millimeters rather than degrees, then do the reverse calculation, but this time starting with the known angle calculated as above, and this time using the camber change in millimeters (unknown until you've done the sum) divided by the diameter of the tyre tread measured in millimeters. Simple really!
  14. A separate sports cat can be purchased from Cherry Bomb for about £150 inc. vat, which in the grand scheme of things isn't a big sum in the context of running and competing in a sprint car. Either Maurici was complying with the rules or he wasn't. If he wasn't then bad luck for him and the others involved in this event, but if he was complying with the rules, then he should have appealed to the stewards. Unfortunately he is way out of time for that now, but it needs sorting out sooner rather than later.
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