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  1. stickymint

    Rivnut Tool - replacement bit

    Mandrel, that's the word i was looking for - order placed!
  2. stickymint

    Rivnut Tool - replacement bit

    It's a Laser, I will look on the mettex site later when i have some more time available.
  3. stickymint

    Megabusa Silencer

    Price reduced to £45
  4. stickymint

    Rivnut Tool - replacement bit

    I managed to break one of the threaded bits that you use to insert the rivnuts does anyone sell this pieces individually?
  5. stickymint

    Pair of 220x8"x1.9" springs

    Pair of as new springs as per title (code no. 374108C) £20 + P&P
  6. Brand new hayabusa water temperature sender - £7 posted
  7. stickymint

    Spring Rate?

    I have a spare set a springs that I am looking at selling (off a megabusa). They have the following code 3741080 - can anyone confirm what rate they are?
  8. Air box to fit a hayabusa with ducting - useful if you need to reduce induction noise. £45 + P&P, or collected from Wakefield
  9. Pair of silver rims, only trail fitted (slight scuff from tyre lever) ET 32 £150 collected from Wakefield (could maybe post at additional cost).
  10. stickymint

    SOLD - 4 x Ford 6J x13 x CH19 Rims

    Reduced to £65
  11. stickymint

    Heavy duty tarpaulin groundsheet REDUCED

    price dropped £30 each
  12. stickymint

    SOLD.............Boot Box

    price reduced to £25
  13. Congratulations to Howard, looks like it was hard fought all the way to the wire.
  14. stickymint

    SOLD.............Boot Box

    Black boot box of a Megabusa (wide body) . £25 collected from Wakefield
  15. Zorstec exhaust of my old Megabusa. Looks good and sounds awesome. 2.5" diameter. £125 collected from Wakefield

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