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  1. i was also competing in my 2015 built Megabusa that is non road legal, for which I have a MSA vehicle passport (which clarifies these details) and was competing in Class 3H - Modified Kit, Replica & Spaceframe Car (motorcycle derived engines). Not having been asked/challenged ever before on this I did ask for clarification as to the ruling in the Blue Book, following the post event scrutineering session. This was provided by another scrutineer:- "5.16.7. Exhaust catalytic converters must be fitted to all petrol engined production based saloon, touring and sports cars, including specialist production and kit cars, manufactured after 31/12/99. They may be specified for certain other formulae. Competitors are reminded of their obligation to maintain such equipment on a vehicle used on the highway where government legislation requires it" As mentioned earlier in this post the SSOT are pulling the facts together so they can take it up on our behalf.
  2. I am just starting to remove the sealant from some 3 piece spit rims (as I am altering the sizing). I was going to use some Unibond silicone sealant remover to finish off after scrapping off most of the silicone, then not on the instructions 'do not apply to aluminium'!! Any other ideas?
  3. I think these are a pair of Radical Image 10"rims. The dimensions are 3 1/2" out, 1/2" middle and 6" inner, fitted with a pair of old Dunlop SP Sport 205/570 - 13" £200
  4. as it says in the title, I am tidying up some alloy rims and wondered if anyone has any good ideas how to remove the stick on wheel weights used for balancing the rims without scratching the alloy surface?
  5. I am looking for a pair of the above.Does anyone have any surplus to requirements?
  6. Mandrel, that's the word i was looking for - order placed!
  7. It's a Laser, I will look on the mettex site later when i have some more time available.
  8. I managed to break one of the threaded bits that you use to insert the rivnuts does anyone sell this pieces individually?
  9. Pair of as new springs as per title (code no. 374108C) £20 + P&P
  10. Brand new hayabusa water temperature sender - £7 posted
  11. I have a spare set a springs that I am looking at selling (off a megabusa). They have the following code 3741080 - can anyone confirm what rate they are?
  12. Air box to fit a hayabusa with ducting - useful if you need to reduce induction noise. £45 + P&P, or collected from Wakefield
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