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  1. Happy Birthday and St Georges Day Dave have a good one Steve & Elena
  2. North West convoy will take on past years arrangements, Lancashire Area will be meeting at Charnock Richards Services at 7.10am a prompt run down to Knutsford Services with enough time to fuel up and meet up with the rest of the North West Areas, we aim for a prompt 8.00am start, so can cars be topped up with fuel and ready to go A slow down at Sandbach Services, cars usually wait on the exit slip road A drive through at Stafford Services (No Stopping) A drive through at Hilton Services (No Stopping) We will follow the Balsall Common to Kenilworth route missing Gatso alley All welcome Steve
  3. Lancashire Area Meeting on Wednesday 17th April at 7.30pm all welcome, meeting arrangements for the North West Sunday trip down to Stoneleigh will be discussed. Steve
  4. Never claimed to be an expert welder only knocked them up for the Pyrenees trip
  5. Lancashire Area member Andy has made a mould, these are the mk 2 version I have been running for past 6 months on his first version they worked fine but found they needed beefing up, they were a little springy on the bend where they attach to the arch. Big heads bonded with carbon matting to the underside They are half the weight of a steel bracket. Steve
  6. Finished my last winter upgrades, finally fitted my mk 2 version carbon cycle wing brackets First photo before trimming And at long last changed my dash light bulbs to LED LED bulbs fitted Steve
  7. MHR Martin hope you have had a first class day Steve
  8. Lancashire Area Meeting tomorrow night Wednesday 20th March at the Green Man at Inglewhite at around 7.30pm Steve
  9. Lancashire Area Meeting on Wednesday 20th February at the Green Man at Inglewhite, meeting up at 7.30pm, a bit of interest for you Andy is bringing his mk 2 version of his latest project carbon fibre cycle wing brackets. Steve
  10. Lancashire Area Meeting on Wednesday 16th January at Green Man at Inglewhite, we are also having it as a Late Christmas social evening and having a bite to eat, meeting up at 7.15pm so if anybody wants to just come for a natter we will have a beer after the food. Steve
  11. You were lucky you was still in the team..it was nearly a red card for giving the quiz master aggro Paul, always trouble from the Manc's area Steve
  12. Thanks to all for making the evening a success, well done to Paul, Margaret, Jim and Julie for their win, I promise to make the questions easier next time I think a children's quiz next time Steve
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