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  1. Rusty Nuts

    Weather gear for narrow body

    Hello Karl, I have had a look and could only find the hood I don't know where the side screens are or even if i still have any, if you still need the hood please let me know and if you give me an email address i can send some pics over to you. rusty
  2. Rusty Nuts

    Weather gear for narrow body

    sorry I forgot all about this I will check tomorrow afternoon
  3. Rusty Nuts

    Weather gear for narrow body

    I might have what you need i will check over the weekend.
  4. Rusty Nuts


    Hi what will the radiator cost to post to Birmingham and will it fit an SE.
  5. Rusty Nuts

    Which rod ends?

    Also available from the factory.
  6. Rusty Nuts

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

    A Merry Christmas to all.
  7. Rusty Nuts

    Brake bits for a SE live axle car

    Now Sorted thanks to John.
  8. Rusty Nuts

    The Three-Word, Never-Ending Westfield Story

    ears and tail
  9. Rusty Nuts

    WSCC Courrier Services

    Hi I need some parts bringing up from Newbury to Birmingham, or nearer than Newbury if possible, beer tokens can be exchanged, can anyone assist? Thanks for looking.
  10. Hello John,

    Thanks for the reply if could you please give me some information and pictures:

    • what size are the drums
    • are the slave cylinders working
    • do the shoes have much meat on them
    • do you have a master cylinder as well



  11. Rusty Nuts

    Brake bits for a SE live axle car

    HI not yet have you anything?
  12. Rusty Nuts

    Brake bits for a SE live axle car

    Hello AdamR that would be most welcome, please PM me some details and pics. rusty
  13. Rusty Nuts

    Brake bits for a SE live axle car

  14. Rusty Nuts

    automatic gearbox

    Welcome to the forum, I don't have any personal experience of an auto in a westy, but have had a few DSG auto boxes now, fitting one into westy would pose a few issues size, electronic controls as mentioned above fwd, that's not to say it can't be done. People with more experience and better ideas than me will be along - if you decide to build or convert an existing car it would be very interesting to see.
  15. Rusty Nuts

    SOLD Aero fuel filler cap

    Hi Terry I have replied to your message

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