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  1. Rusty Nuts

    Drivers foot rest

    Please see PM
  2. Rusty Nuts

    Drivers foot rest

    I've got a carbon fibre foot rest panel (FS) that replaces the flat panel its used but in serviceable condition, drop me a pm if you're interested.
  3. I will be travelling up to Stoke on Trent on 11/10/18, from Birmingham but can also get anything from the Westfield factory, as long as it can fit into a VW Tiguan. I will be making this journey occasionally over the next few months so if you need anything transporting either way feel free to ask.
  4. Rusty Nuts

    Heat resistant paint for ally

    You could try some sort of etch primer and then use caliper paint, I wonder how well would caliper paint go on to the bare aluminium.
  5. Rusty Nuts

    Planet Earth, our planet.

    Exactly we're not in the state we are in due to the lazy have nots but due more to the greedy grab all's. I give you prime example Mr Donald John Trump.
  6. Rusty Nuts

    Planet Earth, our planet.

    If we can't sustain life here on this planet given the ideal conditions, what chance have we on another planet?
  7. Rusty Nuts

    Allegro Inner Steering Column

    Hi I've got this (see pic links below), let me know if it's any good to you? Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3
  8. Rusty Nuts

    Warwickshire Area Curborough Track Day September 2018

    Fun day, great food and good weather, a big thankyou to all the organisers.
  9. Rusty Nuts

    Planet Earth, our planet.

    Over 99% of all species ever to have lived have died out (link) I feel we as humans, we are accelerating our little time on the planet, the cause of which are numerous but our greed being the greatest.
  10. Rusty Nuts

    removing glue from ally panels

    I've used the toffee wheel in the link below to remove glue and Sikaflex. link
  11. Rusty Nuts

    Carbon clear out. NOW SOLD

    In that case can I have the cill covers please.
  12. Rusty Nuts

    Carbon clear out. NOW SOLD

    Hi, I'll take the cill covers and the rear bulkhead panel if its for a narrow body (pics not visible). Please advise on payment method via PM. Rusty
  13. As per title I'm thinking of painting the tunnel panels gloss black just wanted to see what it looks like - tunnel side and top panels, or is carbon the only way to go?
  14. Rusty Nuts

    Westfield front rear calipers and more

    Hi are these still available?
  15. Rusty Nuts

    Extra wide FW rear arches

    Hello Roger, If you want I have a pair of standard detachable arches not in the best of condition (one has been repaired in the past) - free - if you want to cut and extend them they would be perfect for that, I'm based in Birmingham due to the awkward size and shape I would prefer collection. Rusty

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