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  1. Sad at the loss of a true hero.
  2. Hi you could get it rebuilt or both if you so wish biggred is a company that will do this for you.
  3. I've got a hood but no doors, based in Birmingham.
  4. Hi Tim, would you be willing to accept £15 for the cables and connectors I can collect at Stoneleigh on Sunday. PS tried to PM you it system returned a message saying that you can't accept messages. Regards Rusty.
  5. Hi I would take all of them, but if your selling the fog and reverse to Paul, then I will take the lights does that mean £5 plus P&P. Please message me your payment details. Rusty
  6. Something to consider is if you are anywhere near an ULEZ or need to travel through one, Birmingham is introducing one and it will affect us, I bought a 63 Tiguan just over a year ago which is not compliant.
  7. Hello Karl, I have had a look and could only find the hood I don't know where the side screens are or even if i still have any, if you still need the hood please let me know and if you give me an email address i can send some pics over to you. rusty
  8. sorry I forgot all about this I will check tomorrow afternoon
  9. I might have what you need i will check over the weekend.
  10. Hi what will the radiator cost to post to Birmingham and will it fit an SE.
  11. Also available from the factory.
  12. Hi I need some parts bringing up from Newbury to Birmingham, or nearer than Newbury if possible, beer tokens can be exchanged, can anyone assist? Thanks for looking.
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