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  1. Thanks John, I was hoping to hear from you as I know you have a live axle. I have had one of mine off to have a look at what I have at the rear and its 13.5" open 10.5" closed with 8" 150lb springs (2.25"). They seem a bit short to me as I can only get 115mm ground clearance at the back (chassis to ground) with the spring preloaded to get the max shocker length, although that is with 185x55x13 ZZS's tyres. Would probabaly suit if I was just competing, but with a wet sump and mostly road miles these days it needs to be a bit higher all round, so the back needs to go up by at least an inch. I will have a chat with Matt anyway, but do you know what length you are running at ? Cheers, Simon
  2. Cheers psycho, I might try a few locally. If not revert to Westfield.
  3. Mmm, Might be easier to get it back to Westfield then.
  4. Cheers Barney, yep definitely going for "road" ground clearance not belly on the ground looks. Just cant get the back end up far enough ! Curious as to whether AVO's are considered any good for Westfield these days, they used to be but don't get mentioned much these days. Simon
  5. Window glaziers or proper automotive gaziers ? None of the former I can find locally give the impression they do laminated windscreens, but I suppose I can but ask. Can RAC Auto Windscreens cut one ? you have to book on line and "computer says no" when you tell it its for a Westfield
  6. Hi, Would you believe it, I have cracked the my windscreen trying to remove the sticky mirror pad , I was using a hair dryer at the time . I'm struggling to find anywhere that can cut a windscreen to suit in the West Country / Bristol area. Getting it to and from Westfield to replace seems either a lot of extra ££ or a lot of travelling to Kings WInford which I dont have the time for. Anyone replaced their windscreen recently and how did you get it done ? Thanks Simon
  7. Hi, Currently running a very old pair of AVO shockers (orange ones) on the back of my SEW. Some questions to live axle owners particularlry if competing (as I intend to again, honest) - Should I have them refurbed at AVO, buy new AVO (The fronts were brand new a few years back and valved for a 7 by AVO so have only done a couple of thousand miles at most), or go for something different and better than AVO's ? Not looking to change a full set though, no budget for that. Another reason I am looking is that I have always struggled to get any rake in the car. When I get the front set up with sufficient sump clearance (with slight angle down to the wheels of the bottom wishbones - but not excessive) I have to wind the rear spring platforms up to pre load the springs and max out the rear ride height, but I only get a very small rake difference (only mm higher), if not flat ride height. It actually looks v.slightyly nose up in fact, but that is not actually the case. This leads me to think the shock length may be to short, my measurements are between 13"-13.5" open - difficult to be acurate on the car, and I have 1.5" - 2" gap to the lower chasis rail. What should the correct length be for a live axle ? Thanks Simon
  8. Sorted thanks to neil @ Aerodynamix.
  9. Hi Barney, its the box I bought from you that I'm putting in.....eventually (don't ask !!) Think I might have one from Neil (NDS), above, he is going to put one in the post for me. I have an alloy bellhousing so seems logical to retain that, but I will be in touch if that doesn't work out. Thanks Simon
  10. Have'nt got one sorted yet although possibilities are bubbling around, and I appreciate the responses so far.. I'll happily give money to the whoever can put one in the post for me. Thanks Simon
  11. Yes could be, but the part numbers look to be 7050 BA which I think are long as I've seen a pic of the right one which has a part number of 7050 AA, but I could be wrong altogether. Could cut down if it is I suppose, but rather not. I'll give them a call as well. Thanks for your help.
  12. Hi, Yep thats right also described as a gearbox front cover / clutch bearing tube. Sounds positive, I was hoping it could be something that someone had hanging around. Let me know if you find it and are happy to part with it. Thanks
  13. Good find. Could be, dont know part no. specifcally as I have'nt got one, not sure if there are many variants or just long and short. In Israel as well, was hoping for something a little more local in case its not right !

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