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  1. Dave.

    Raceline Sump - Zetec Silvertop Fitting

    Make sure the sump is flush with the block face at the bell housing end.
  2. Dave.

    Raceline Sump - Zetec Silvertop Fitting

    I have taken some pictures, Raceline Black top install these may help. http://s110.photobucket.com/user/ragindave/library/WestField Build/Race Line Sump Install
  3. Dave.

    New build faulty alternator ?

    Often the current through the alternator warning lamp is necessary for the alternator to start producing power. If your dash is fitted with a LED charge light it may not pass enough current to start that process without additional resistors or you could fit a bulb inline. Some alternators require 12 volt ignition live feed to power up you could use the front speed sensor ignition live feed as this is very close to the alternator and would offer minimal disruption to your existing wiring.
  4. Dave.

    How do I line the holes up...?

    Blu Tack may work
  5. Dave.

    VDO speed sensor

    Does anyone have a VDO speed sensor they would like to sell before I purchase a new one. Thank you.
  6. Dave.

    Westfield SDV Build

  7. Hello it appears you have a Sierra SDV.

    This is the widest rear track car Westfield have made I am not sure how you have managed to increase the rear track by 20mm by fitting standard rear wishbones?

    The drive shafts are unique to this model as they are unmodified standard width Sierra.

    As far as I am aware they are not interchangeable with any other Westfield configuration of rear wishbones or rear uprights.

    What you have done could be potentially unsafe I would not recommend driving the car like this.

    Are you aware one drive shaft is longer than the other in your picture the drive shaft marked with a L/H sticker appears to be on the wrong side? This could be part of your problem.

    The drive shafts can be modified to accommodate the use of Standard Westfield rear wishbones they can be reduced in length if required.

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    2. frubpato?


      Thanks for the note Dave 

      To put more flesh on it , im doing a mid life refresh and aspart of that I managed to get hold of some wide rear arches and so I got some new wishbones (new to me) from another member as mine were showing the effects of 24years(50kmiles). I didnt realise that there were Westfield wishbones wider than mine  - as you say its a SDV . I'm now left.with the problem that the wide arches will make the car look ridiculous if I cant get the wheels out to the edge of the arches.  The dimensions sent by the seller are below  - it may be that I have to go back to std size arches but thats expensive 

      Not sure there is an obviuos answer 



    3. Dave.


      I am not sure what wishbones you have I will measure mine when I get a chance wheel off set and wheel spacers could be the answer may be?


    4. frubpato?


      That would be great if you could. You maybe right with spacers - not my preferred option but maybe the most practical 

      thanks Dave 

  8. Dave.

    Wanted; Blacktop Raceline sump

    So if you have a raceline sump that you have removed from a Silver top Zetec the ford Windage tray was mounted to the crank/block all you need to do is mount it to the Raceline windage tray I think 20mm spacers 4 cap head bolts rivnut you would just sit the ford windage tray on top of the raceline windage tray the spacers give you something to tighten up against you may be able to use just a nut and bolt and spacer.
  9. Dave.

    Wanted; Blacktop Raceline sump

    The race line sump is the same for silver top or black top it is the windage tray set up that is different so yours will fit a black top
  10. Dave.

    Ford Zetec Blacktop - Flywheel Locking

    The flywheel will only go on one way as far as I can remember as the mounting bolts are off set it is impossible to misalign the fly wheel I used a screw driver against the block to lock , see the attached picture.
  11. Dave.

    Westfield Cake

    The talented cake maker is on Face book and can be found here. https://www.facebook.com/Bourne2Bake-Call-Us-on-07599-255646-686709241365282/ Its going to be eaten Tuesday....its a shame.. I know. I just wish my build had progressed as far.
  12. Dave.

    Westfield Cake

    I thought I would share my cake with you! Its superb!
  13. Dave.

    Lots of goodies! - prices reduced

    Offer sent on indicator pods thx.

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