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  1. A sad day for me but glad it has gone to a good home via the forum. Thanks to Maurici for a smooth sale! .
  2. My Reverie airbox significantly reduced intake noise due to the forward facing snorkel being the only entrance for air into the throttle bodies. My backside dyno hasn't noticed any loss in performance and if anything it feels a bit more lively at the top end in higher gears (may be due to the ram air effect).
  3. Thanks Dom! Good to hear you are still enjoying your projects
  4. Depends on your induction setup. Reverie do versions to match the ITG JC50 and Pipercross PX600 back plates: https://www.reverie.ltd.uk/product_list.php?s=reverie-zolder-150d-air-box-4-cyl&group=A_AIRB&subgroup=A_AIRB_Z15 Or they do their own backplates as well. When you add up the cost of a carbon back plate, the carbon air box and also the insertable air filter it all gets fairly scary £££... It was the easiest method I could find for a hot swappable solution though as I already had the Pipercross PX600 plate. I seem to remember a 10% discount offer as well when I purchased which helped...
  5. I have just taken a deposit on the car so this is provisionally sold.
  6. Thanks, the carbon air box really helped with reducing the induction noise for quieter tracks (e.g. Bedford). I bought it directly from Reverie, not cheap but a quality item: https://www.reverie.ltd.uk/reverie-zolder-150d-carbon-air-box-rh-1275mm-inlet-px600/R01SE0591 Open throttle bodies do sound amazing though!
  7. And a couple more photos showing the aeroscreen fitted, dash etc and also the Reverie carbon airbox to reduce induction noise (easily swappable with the standard Pipercross filter):
  8. Here are some photos, I always get lots of compliments about the colour and looks:
  9. I am selling my well loved Westfield due to lack of time to spend on the car (kids!). This is a well spec’d car with only 7.5k miles that is perfect for both road and track use and is a good base for further development. I have owned the car for >4 years, the previous owner was griffith500user on wscc.co.uk . Spec is as follows: Drivetrain Vauxhall 2.0 redtop c20xe engine, ex Formula Vauxhall Lotus, blueprinted by Swindon Race Engines (standard cams, ARP rod bolts) Formula Vauxhall Lotus dry sump setup Omex throttle bodies, fuel injected with swirl pot setup Omex 600 series ECU fully setup and mapped by Northampton Motorsport producing 185bhp Both Pipercross air filter and Reverie carbon air box provided for noisier / quieter induction options Simpsons bonnet exit exhaust with 2x silencers: - 2.75” noisier made 100db static at ¾ max revs when last checked at Bedford Autodrome - 2” quieter made 94db static at ¾ max revs when last checked at Bedford Autodrome Turbosport lightweight flywheel and Helix uprated clutch and cover Type 9 gearbox stripped/inspected and confirmed all good by Northampton Motorsport 4k miles ago Sierra 3.62 LSD Belts (cambelt, dry sump pump) and new water pump fitted by Northampton Motorsport – Feb 2018 Chassis Siltech front widetrack +35mm with front and rear ARBs installed and setup (full alignment) by Northampton Motorsport - Feb 2018 Protech shocks and springs all round Front Wilwood Dynalite calipers with Mintex 1144s and rear Sierra disk brake setup with braided hoses all round Alloy front hubs and new wheel bearings fitted – Feb 2018 Team Dynamics 13” lightweight wheels with Avon ZZS tyres front and rear with 3k miles on Coolex 55mm radiator and lower temp thermostat Rally Design 2.4 quick rack Bodywork Originally green but now painted in Audi Sprint Blue by the previous owner. There is a minor crack on the nose cone and another behind the exhaust manifold if you look carefully but I have never felt these need sorting as they have not got any worse. Additional Items: Magneti Marelli Lithium Ion MM-ION-14 battery and charger fitted – April 2018 GRP seats with carbon headrests and Titon 4 point harnesses Softbits half hood Side doors and clear wind deflectors (pictured) both provided Carbon aeroscreen also provided MOT just passed with no advisories, expires 4/4/2020 Here is the original advert so you can see the ongoing development I and Northampton Motorsport have made to the car (fuel injection, throttle bodies, brakes, wide track etc): http://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/topic/112303-2002-xe-powered-seiw-very-nicely-finished-car/ Price: £10,995 Contact: 07932 667710 Email: ross_maurer@yahoo.co.uk Please get in contact if you are interested or want any additional information. I am based in Harpenden, Herts. Photos to follow...
  10. My car is running an ex Swindon Race Engine blueprinted c20xe that was on 45s when I bought it. It always had good top end power and was very responsive with a 7.25" skeleton flywheel and AP clutch but I also felt it was a little flat in the midrange. I had NMS install and map the Omex 600 ECU (replacing a locked MBE ECU), throttle body kit (along with associated fuel return, swirl pot etc) and am very happy with the results! The engine is very tractable and can be driven in traffic at 1-2k rpm without issue but is very sensitive on the throttle (sneeze at your peril!) so I am replacing the flywheel and clutch with a more road orientated setup. NMS also managed to locate an inlet manifold that matched the angle of my 45s meaning no bonnet alterations required. After mapping mine produced 195bhp and ~160lbft with a conservative rev limit as I thought the engine had standard rod bolts (just found out ARP are fitted). It has definitely improved torque between 2-4k rpm and is a much smoother power delivery. I have just had a full Simpson manifold and exhaust fitted so probably need to get the map checked/tweaked but I am very happy with this setup. The Omex/Jenvey kits are going to be more expensive than going down the bike throttle bodies route but you are dealing with known components resulting in a faster install and setup time. If you are installing everything yourself then this is obviously less of an issue...
  11. And I would be interested in the brakes if that helps Do you know the disc size they are setup for? 245mm or 260mm?
  12. Yes the problem is the clearance between the bolt edges and hole recess is not sufficient to get a socket into. To further complicate matters the bolt head edges have slightly tapered faces that slope inwards towards the box (if that makes sense...!). On the lower bolts I cannot even get a socket into the round recess between the webbing. I have bought a box spanner set to have a first attempt myself and have sourced some high tensile m12 x 1.5 fine pitch 30mm cap head bolts to replace these with. Now all I need is some time to have a go at these...
  13. I'm tempted to see if one of the gearbox specialists near me can whip these out as I presume they know the tricks and have already adapted tools to fit. I found what look to be the bolts I have on Burton's website so have ordered up some cap head replacements: http://www.burtonpower.com/bellhousing-bolt-m12-x-30-type-9-rocket-type-e-bhb1.html
  14. A box spanner sounds like a good plan! If that doesn't work then I will have a go with my Dremel and see if I can grind down something to fit. Cap head bolts are definitely going to replace these. Thanks!
  15. My family wagon is a Cayenne GTS that I am considering getting a tow bar fitted to so I can take the Westfield to track days. It has a 4.8 V8 with 405hp so sounds good and goes well (although the weight blunts performance a bit). With the air suspension it handles surprisingly well (almost no body roll) and has 295 section tyres all round so plenty of grip. Just depends on whether you want something SUV sized... The only downside is 12-14mpg in town and ~22mpg on the motorway but the AMG is probably similar in that respect. Might be worth a look?
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