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  1. Cheers, hoping to go, but working nights. Do the organisers not know my shift pattern!
  2. Hi I should of measured the scuttle before taking it or you should of known it was a wide body scuttle not as i asked for a narrow body scuttle. These things happen in life still a bit p******** off, not with losing £40 and a 400 mile round trip, but I still haven't got a narrow scuttle.

    Allan Giles

  3. If you PM me your email address I will send you some pics cheers.
  4. No, When I get chance going to put it all on Ebay I think. Need to free up space.
  5. For sale is a list of parts, if anyone is interested please contact me I can send you pictures. 1. Aluminium bonnet to suit pre-lit (not cut out for carbs) 2. Twin 40 inlet manifold for ford 1600 crossflow. SOLD 3. Original 7" headlights of a pre-lit. 4. Ford type 3 gearbox bellhousing and clutch. 5. 5 6"x 13" revolution rfx alloys need (refurbing). 6. Original pre-lit rear light covers (both sides). 7. Original radiator. 8. Ford m16 calipers (with pads). 9. twin 40 throttle linkage (twin cable). SOLD
  6. Used to race an FG marder and group c when I was younger, then got into real cars.
  7. My dad has asked me what is the best cleaning / protection product for a soft top roof. It is starting to go green in places, (parked under a tree) any help would be appreciated cheers.
  8. I have tried the driving slower and faster, but got it the wrong way round. which made the video look really really fast and nearly stopped! I am going to try on a different computer to see what happens cheers.
  9. I have got an SJ5000 camera, I am finding that the video playback on my PC is slightly faster than real life and then every now and again it plays at just under real life speed which is slightly annoying is there something that I can change in the settings of my camera or the computer cheers.
  10. Nice day, cheers to all. Even washed it before putting it away.
  11. Battery is now charged, just put a tank of fuel in. First time started in, I don't know how long (sounded great).
  12. Have got to drop my daughters of at dancing for 9:50, so a quick dash home and car swap depending on traffic. I will either make it there or wait along your route cheers.
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