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  1. I’ve got a early widebody tub to get rid of it’s in a bit of poor condition buts it’s free and collection only from Ne119eb Newcastle does anyone want it as it’s to be gone by Wednesday 9th January
  2. Ive got a rough looking tub but no detachable arches free if you or anybody wants it collection only from NE119EB Newcastle upon Tyne
  3. I’ve got a set of 6x13 K&N alloys for sale if you are interested
  4. I’ve got brand new one £50.00 delivered
  5. 1600 Westfield crossflow exhaust 4 into 1 manifold with original silencer in excellent condition £160 plus postage ....now sold
  6. Do you have a part number for the alternator thanks
  7. Just got alternator bracket and adjuster off race line and don’t know what alternator fits light weight or standard with ribbed belt can anybody help ...thanks phil
  8. These are rear uprights and hubs and shafts removed from my 89 wide body fitted with a 7 inch Sierra diff with push in shafts they were in good working order when removed and still are they had Ford calipers fitted at that time I have lost the nuts but would advise new ones to be fitted anyway I’m looking for sensible offers please ..taken off sale
  9. What kind of power do they give you
  10. Can anybody help me as I’m going to use a zetec 2.0 on bike carbs in a widebody but don’t know what manifold and what carbs are best to use and where to source them can any body please advise me thanks ..phil
  11. A quaife type 9 alloy cased straight cut 5 speed dog box.. It belonged to Richard Kerr former wscc speed series winner ..he had it serviced before I bought it off him at SP Components I’ve used it for a year for a little track use and road use and swapped for 6 speed sequential in January this year and is currently getting a full once over with a qualified gearbox repairer ..and I’m almost certain it’s got a short shaft fitted now but will check ..gear ratios are 2.390–1.69–1.21–1.1–0.870 I’m looking for £2000 will post or send pics on request
  12. I have it sorted but will definitely keep you in mind thanks
  13. As in the title I’m after any dry sump parts to fit a 1600cc crossflow..pump ..sump ..tank...lines...remote filter housing anybody got any parts lying around please pm or post replies many thanks
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