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  1. phil.mercboy

    Type 9 gearbox

    A quaife type 9 alloy cased straight cut 5 speed dog box.. It belonged to Richard Kerr former wscc speed series winner ..he had it serviced before I bought it off him at SP Components I’ve used it for a year for a little track use and road use and swapped for 6 speed sequential in January this year and is currently getting a full once over with a qualified gearbox repairer ..and I’m almost certain it’s got a short shaft fitted now but will check ..gear ratios are 2.390–1.69–1.21–1.1–0.870 I’m looking for £2000 will post or send pics on request
  2. phil.mercboy

    Ford crossflow dry sump kit/parts

    I have it sorted but will definitely keep you in mind thanks
  3. phil.mercboy

    Ford crossflow dry sump kit/parts

    As in the title I’m after any dry sump parts to fit a 1600cc crossflow..pump ..sump ..tank...lines...remote filter housing anybody got any parts lying around please pm or post replies many thanks
  4. phil.mercboy

    Boot lid for SEIW..

    Pm sent
  5. phil.mercboy

    1980s Kn diamond wheels

  6. phil.mercboy

    CXR 8x13 wanted

    I’ve got a pair of 8s and 9s but don’t know the offset
  7. phil.mercboy

    1980s Kn diamond wheels

    Kn diamond wheels 13x7 6j ford 108 stud pattern wheels x4 for sale in mint condition recent refurbished for sale offers around £500 these are very rare from the last English alloy wheel manufacturer there’s a before and after photo..... would prefer pickup only as I don’t want them damaged from Ne16 Newcastle upon Tyne
  8. phil.mercboy

    Clear out. Last few bits

    I’ll have wing brackets just bent mine
  9. phil.mercboy

    "Kit Style" SEiW Boot Box

    Sorry haven’t been well I’ll send picks to all tomorrow
  10. phil.mercboy

    "Kit Style" SEiW Boot Box

    I’m sorting photos out tomorrow
  11. phil.mercboy

    "Kit Style" SEiW Boot Box

    I need some email addresses forget to say mines in dark navy blue
  12. phil.mercboy

    "Kit Style" SEiW Boot Box

    I might have one of these with cover and lid but no locks send email address and I’ll send you photos thanks...phil
  13. phil.mercboy

    Steel fuel pipes

    Hi I’m a Mercedes specialist and used some old Mercedes estate ones if you want I can get the part numbers and price if you want
  14. phil.mercboy

    CXR 13" Wheels

    Pm sent

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