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  1. Might be useful for seeing how you have plumbed in the cooling if that's ok. Cheers
  2. I'm rebuilding a 7 style car and am fitting a series 1 rst engine to it. I'm after some pictures just to see how people have done things. I've done a search and found quite a few posts but they were years old and all the links dead. Cheers
  3. Is the Lumention ignition for a Pinto? I sold one on ebay at the start of the year for about £50
  4. It wasnt even a marked police car
  5. This is the offending camera.... The 40 sign just after the markings is the start of the speed limit. Apparently there was a bit in the paper on this camera, a lot of people have complained.
  6. Well i'll go and take a couple of pics with both cameras. The other pain is that the car I was driving is a hire car while my company car is being repaired after some dozey cow drove into the back of it. They took a card number so they could pay a speeding fine if it came through.... I'm sure some of these cameras are just set to go off randomly, i've been through the same camera about 4 times at a similar speed and not been flashed once
  7. Down the road from where I live in Peterborough, there are some roadworks on the A47, about 4 speed cameras each side, a 40 limit in the actual road works. I went to get my brother and his girlfriend from east midlands airport last night and I got flashed by one of them last night when I was coming back. Normally i'd say if you've done the crime then just pay up and take the consequences, but I dont think i've done anything wrong.... The camera in question is a gatso and its actually before the road works Its next to the 200 yard sign, its dual carriage way with national speed limit, so 70mph limit. I started slowing down, I knew the camera was actually before the road works so I figured it was set for a higher speed. I passed it about 60mph and it flashed twice Is there anything I can do? I was planning on going and taking a pic with the digi cam of the camera in question, so I can prove it was actually before where the speed limit changes.
  8. BAR have appealed against the decision
  9. The sump is cracked on my 2.0 pinto so i'm going to change it, but am not sure what is the best oil to use. As far as I know it came straight out of a granada so its probably done a fair few miles. Also how easy a job is it? Can you get to all the bolts with gearbox still in place? and do I need anything other than the sump and a new gasket? Thanks
  10. pmc_3


    Good stuff I highly recommend these guys as well, Troy and Steve certainly know there stuff. I took mine there a couple of weeks ago to be setup and the difference is unbelievable. My standard pinto with 38dgas carb made 106bhp and 120lb/ft after a little tweaking. Its now pretty quick and a lot nicer to drive.
  11. I bought some princess 4 pots to use on my car when I do a suspension overhaul. I have now been offered some Willwood Dynalite II's for £120 with some brand new pads. Which are gonna be better?
  12. Is this no good then Blatters? I've just bought them and havent changed anything
  13. I've used greenstuff pads on cars i've had in the past and tbh pagid make the best pads i've had.
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